lab chihuahua mix labrahuahua

What Should We Really Expect From The Seemingly Impossible Lab Chihuahua Mix?

The interesting thing about the domestic dog is that so many breeds can come together and create pups – either naturally or artificially. This leads to common hybrids like the Labradoodle, but also some oddities like the lab Chihuahua mix.

There isn’t much information available on this hybrid, unlike other crosses.

In fact, there are more comments from people that question the validity of the breed than those who celebrate it.

It is weird to think that we can get a lab mixed with Chihuahua. The size difference and issues of natural breeding make it seem impossible. There are also those that question the point of this hybridization. Why does this dog exist?Continue reading

corgi pug mix porgi

Introducing The Family Friendly Corgi Pug Mix

The Welsh Corgi and the Pug are two of the more popular smaller dogs around, although they come from very different backgrounds.

On the one side we have a happy little working dog that has herding genes and has since become a family pet. On the other we have the iconic Pug, which is perhaps the most loved companion dog right now.

In theory, a Corgi Pug mix should balance the best of the two animals. Perhaps a companion dog with a tougher nature. But what do we really get when we breed the two.Continue reading

Best Doormats For Dogs

A Guide to Finding The Best Doormats For Dogs


A doormat is an important tool either before or after stepping through the entrance way to a home. Anyone that has been out in rain and mud appreciates the chance to wipe their feet and get the worst of the mess off.

Our dogs are also in need of a good mat for messy paws, even if they are less particular about staying clean.

The best doormats for dogs differ from those for humans because they have to tackle a lot of wet, muddy paws in an effective manner.

The question is, what constitutes the best doggy doormats?Continue reading


Understanding The Growing Popularity Of The Cavapoo

The Cavapoo is an interesting hybrid for a number of people that have never heard of it before.

First of all, the name doesn’t give much away about the parentage unless they are familiar with the Cavalier Kin Charles Spaniel. This is not a common dog in hybrids, unlike the Poodle. Also many photos are easy to mistake for other poodle hybrids with that golden color, familiar coat and sweet face.

So, what makes this Cavapoo cross so different and why is it such a popular dog in certain parts of the world?Continue reading

Ausippoo Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Understanding The Confusion Of The Aussiepoo, Aussiedoodle and Miniature Aussie-Poodle

The Aussiepoo is an interesting, yet misunderstood little dog.

In this guide to the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix we will look at some of the confusing questions and factors that buyers face with Aussiepoo information. Not only are there good and bad breeders to contend with, they are not always breeding the same types of dogs.

This means we need to look at the difference between the Aussie Poo and the Miniature Aussiepoo. With this confusion sorted out, we can then look at the trait of this hybrid, such as the physical features, temperament, health care and more.

With all of this in mind, prospective owners can make a more informed choice about this dog.Continue reading