Miniature Goldendoodle Guide

What Is The Miniature Goldendoodle And Is It Any More Desirable Than The More Recognizable Dog?

There are some hybrid breeds of dog that sound adorable from the moment you hear them. One such breed is the miniature Goldendoodle.

The first question for some here is simple: is the idea of this mini Goldendoodle dog wishful thinking, or do they really exist?

A quick search for pictures of mini Goldendoodles will show that they do.

There are loads of potential benefits to a mini version of the Goldendoodle for a lot of people, especially those that like the idea of the full-sized dog but don’t have the space.

But, is the mini Goldendoodle puppy all that buyers expect it to be, and are there any hidden surprises from this alternative breeding?

Just because we know the Goldendoodle doesn’t mean that we know its little cousin just as well.Continue reading

Golden Retriever Vs German Shepherd

Golden Retriever Vs German Shepherd: Which Is The Best Family Pet For You?

There are two dogs that often come out on top when it comes to the more popular breeds that are available as family pets. They are the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd.

While they are quite different dogs in terms of their origin, appearance and some of their traits, they are both popular choices as family pets because of their reliability, reputation and personality.

There are some dog lovers that are firmly on one side of the fence or the other with the debate of Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd.

Some are in love with the Golden Retriever for it’s nature and appearance, and would not want any other dog. Then there are German Shepherd owners that would say the exact same thing. It doesn’t hurt that these dogs are both adorable as puppies and quickly steal peoples hearts.

So what about those with no experience of these dogs? How should they choose the right dog for them?Continue reading

Best Dog Water Dispenser

Choosing The Best Dog Water Dispenser To Keep Your Dogs Hydrated


All dogs need plenty of water in order to stay healthy and hydrated through the day.

For some owners, it is more than enough to put out a bowl of water beside the food dish and leave it at that. As far as they are concerned, as long as the water is topped up and accessible, there is no issue with the dog getting enough to drink.

However, there are those that are not keen on the idea of too much standing water left in the home because of the risk of contamination, dust and other irritants. This is where a dog water dispenser is preferable, as they can provide a clean supply of filtered water as the dog requires it.

The question for newcomers is simple – which is the best dog water dispenser?Continue reading

blue german shepherd

Are There Any Risks In Choosing A Blue German Shepherd?

There are some breeds of dog that have been with us for a very long time and have a classic recognizable look. The German Shepherd is one of those, with the trademark top line, strong muzzle, pointed ear and black and brown coat.

However, not all GSDs come in this color form, and it is also possible to find a blue German Shepherd in some litters. Dog lovers are quickly won over by blue German Shepherd pictures because of the attractive look of these animals. Continue reading

Bernedoodle Guide

All About The Bernedoodle: The Intriguing New Hybrid

There are some dogs that sound like a very odd mix when written down on paper, but are actually incredibly attractive and interesting dogs when seen in the flesh. The Bernedoodle is definitely one of those dogs.

As the name suggests, this is a Bernese Poodle mix – a curious hybrid behind one of the dog-world’s most gentle and beautiful giants and the comical, intelligent Poodle. Essentially a mountain dog and a circus dog. The result is an interesting 50/50 split with some of the best characteristics of both parent dogs shining through.Continue reading

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