white pitbull

Is The White Pitbull A Problematic Varient Or Just A Pretty Pup?

Pitbulls are a love them or hate them breed. There are some people that think they are brilliant, sweet and misunderstood dogs full of potential. Others are put off by stories from the news or the muscular shape.

One factor that divides opinion, in regard to their looks, is the “best” color.

There are some people that argue over the merits of red and blue Pitbulls. Others are drawn to the idea of the white Pitbull.

In this guide we will look at the possibility of owning a white pit, and the potential issues that come with this variant.Continue reading

red nose pitbull

Is The Red Nose Pitbull Really Any Different To The Blue Nose Pitbull?

Lovers of Pitbulls will often talk about the different types and varieties that are available, as well as the lines and stock that created their own pure-bred pup.

This information is important to breeders for a number of reasons, depending on their intentions with the animals and desire to raise and sell more pups. One of the main distinctions here is that of the red nose Pitbull.

So, is there really a difference between red nose and blue nose Pitbulls? If so, is this the more desirable option?Continue reading

Pitbull Rottweiler Mix

The Pitbull Rottweiler Mix (Pitweiler): The Ultimate Guide

It is easy to breed dogs of all kinds of traits and mixes. All forms of the domesticated dog has the pleasure, or perhaps the added risk, of being able to breed with one another.

There are times when this works to our advantage and brings us beneficial new mixes.

The Labradoodle is one that immediately comes to mind. But then there are those mixes that seem like they might not be such a good idea.

The Pitbull Rottweiler mix sound like one of those bad ideas, there are expectations and concerns with both parent breeds that suggests we should not be breeding them. After all, there are those that want to see the Pitbull destroyed entirely.

Is this cross breed a good alternative to the pure Pitbull, or something that should be avoided?Continue reading

white pug

Are White Pugs Really All That Special?

Designer dogs are always going to be a controversial topic as more breeders try to create something adorable and unique that dog lovers will pay thousands for.

There are cases where specialist breeding can help, as they can allow for the best qualities of two breeds to come together or for hypoallergenic dog. But then there are those dogs that become must have items for a short period of time because they are fashionable, cute and would finish off a set of colors.

The white pug is a great example of the latter. There is no real health or behavioral benefit in trying to create white pug pups, but many see white pug images online and fall in love. The worst case scenario is over breeding and increasingly poor standards to meet demand.

Therefore, we need to know precisely what we are getting with a white pug. Are they all that special?Continue reading

Do Dogs Get Headaches

Do Dogs Get Headaches: The Potential Causes, Symptoms And Solutions With The Doggy Headache


Our pet dogs are our pride and joy.

They are loving, considerate creatures that shower us with affection and we only ever want the best for them. Therefore, the idea of these creatures being ill or in pain is distressing.

There is every chance that our pets will get sick or injured in some form across their lives. It is part of the ups and downs of family life and the risk that comes with running around in the great outdoors.

There are some risk factors that vets and other experts are keen to talk about – especially some of the genetic predispositions of the breed, pest control or other dangers in food or toys.

One issue that they are less open to is that of the dog headache. There is uncertainty here and a sense that we are placing human qualities onto our pets. The problem with this approach is that there is no proof either way, and there is weight to the argument that dogs do suffer with headaches too.

So, do dogs get headaches and what can we do about them?Continue reading