Best Brush For Shedding Dogs

What Is The Best Brush For Shedding Dogs? (Top 15)


Every dog, no matter their breed type or lifestyle, needs a strong grooming regime.

Some first time owners may think that grooming is reserved for the show dogs that need the perfect cut for the ring, or those animals with difficult coats that require a lot of maintenance.

However, every dog needs some attention on their coat to keep it looking at its best and to keep their fur and skin healthy.

In order to do this, owners need to understand grooming and shedding a little better and know where to find the best brush for shedding dogs.Continue reading

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Is The Golden Retriever Husky Mix As Perfect As Dog Lovers Imagine?

There are many dog lovers that wish they had a magic machine that could create the perfect blend of their favorite breeds.

For many, this would mean some form of Golden Retriever Husky mix that blends beauty, brains, loyalty and playfulness in one big, loving family dog.

The interesting thing about the domestic dog is that we can put any two breeds together – so with better results and less ethical concerns than others. Therefore, this Goldie Husky cross does exist and there are many breeders ready to sell.

The question is, is this really as good a mix as we hope?Continue reading

How Much Does A Havanese Dog Cost

How Much Does A Havanese Dog Cost? (Is it Worth the Price Tag?)

The Havanese breed is one that is not that popular or common, which immediately suggests that it will cost a lot initially, but those that love this little companion dog and want to show it are prepared to pay top dollar for this dog.

Anyone that wants to buy or show one of these dogs needs to understand the financial implications of choosing this breed.

So, how much does a Havanese cost and what do keen owners need to consider here?Continue reading

Golden Cocker Retriever

Is The Golden Cocker Retriever Really A Good Hybrid?

The Golden Retriever is a dog that many dog lovers immediately think of when looking for one of the more popular breeds. The puppies are some of the cutest around and the adults are gentle, loving family members that want to share their life with you.

The problem is that these dogs often grow to be bigger than some expect. They are good-sized dog, with the diet and exercise needs to match, and are certainly no good in a small apartment home.

That is why we often find breeders that take the Goldie and breed it with smaller dogs for a similar breed, but a smaller build.

One such mix is the Golden Cocker Retriever – (Golden Retriever mix with the Cocker Spaniel). This may be hard to imagine at first, but there are many fans of this alternative Retriever cross.Continue reading

can dogs eat pickles

Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

Pickles are an odd little treat in the canine world. There are some pups that won’t go anywhere near them because of the sour taste and the strange flavors. Then there are others than can’t get enough of them.

In some ways, they aren’t too dissimilar from humans with this “love it or hate it” relationship. However, we all know that the nicest treats aren’t always good for us.

Pickles are something of a great area for many owners that aren’t too sure about the healthiest diet for their dog. On the one hand, they are a vegetable. On the other, they are processed. So, can dogs eat pickles in a healthy manner?Continue reading