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Do Dogs Get Headaches

Do Dogs Get Headaches: The Potential Causes, Symptoms And Solutions With The Doggy Headache


Our pet dogs are our pride and joy. They are loving, considerate creatures that shower us with affection and we only ever want the best for them. Therefore, the idea of these creatures being ill or in pain is distressing.

There is every chance that our pets will get sick or injured in some form across their lives. It is part of the ups and downs of family life and the risk that comes with running around in the great outdoors.

There are some risk factors that vets and other experts are keen to talk about – especially some of the genetic predispositions of the breed, pest control or other dangers in food or toys.

One issue that they are less open to is that of the dog headache. There is uncertainty here and a sense that we are placing human qualities onto our pets. The problem with this approach is that there is no proof either way, and there is weight to the argument that dogs do suffer with headaches too.

So, do dogs get headaches and what can we do about them?Continue reading

Best Brush For Shedding Dogs

What Is The Best Brush For Shedding Dogs? (Top 15)


Every dog, no matter their breed type or lifestyle, needs a strong grooming regime.

Some first time owners may think that grooming is reserved for the show dogs that need the perfect cut for the ring, or those animals with difficult coats that require a lot of maintenance.

However, every dog needs some attention on their coat to keep it looking at its best and to keep their fur and skin healthy.

In order to do this, owners need to understand grooming and shedding a little better and know where to find the best brush for shedding dogs.Continue reading

Best Doormats For Dogs

A Guide to Finding The Best Doormats For Dogs


A doormat is an important tool either before or after stepping through the entrance way to a home. Anyone that has been out in rain and mud appreciates the chance to wipe their feet and get the worst of the mess off.

Our dogs are also in need of a good mat for messy paws, even if they are less particular about staying clean.

The best doormats for dogs differ from those for humans because they have to tackle a lot of wet, muddy paws in an effective manner.

The question is, what constitutes the best doggy doormats?Continue reading

Best Dog Houses For Large Dogs

A Guide To Finding The Best Dog Houses For Large Dogs


The problem of finding the best dog houses for large dogs is one that many dog owners have to deal with.

There are many dog houses, both indoor and outdoor models, that claim to be ideal for all kinds of pets. They talk about the spacious, comfortable interiors and the great protection from the elements. Yet, some will find that they just aren’t quite right for their dog’s needs. Large breeds need a secure space to call their own too, it can just take a little time to find the best options on the market.

The good news is that there are plenty of options out there for these dogs, with a range of different styles, materials and feature to keep them happy all year round.Continue reading

border collie shedding

Is Border Collie Shedding Really That Big A Problem?


Prospective owners of dogs, especially those with longer hair, always have one major concern in mind – that is shedding.

This is also true of Border Collies. They have plenty of long hair, but there aren’t the same stories of bad Border Collie shedding as there are associated with GSDs and fluffy dogs like huskies.

So, do Border Collies shed and if so, is this really that big an issue?

Below we will look at the coat and the frequency of sheds, causes of both shedding and hair loss and the solutions to make life easier.Continue reading

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