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french bulldog cost

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost And Why Are They So Expensive?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dog right now. Many dog lovers are won over by their looks and personality and want to bring one into the family.

The problem is that many go searching online for these dogs and get a bit of a shock when they see the prices many breeders are asking for.

We all know that a pure bred dog from a good breeder isn’t going to be cheap, but there are some price tags on these dogs that can seem a little bit excessive.

So how much do French Bulldogs cost and what is it about these animals that means that they warrant this high price tag?Continue reading

black pitbull

The Truth About The All Black Pitbull

The color spectrum of pitbulls is broad, with all kinds of beautiful variants in coat and skin color thanks to years of mixed up different gene types.

At the very end of that spectrum is the all-black pitbull. He is a striking, handsome dog with all the same features as his more colorful cousins.

This short guide aims to provide some important black pitbull information regarding the true rarity, heritage and beauty of this black pitbull.

There are some that turn away from this animal in favor of other colors. Here we question why that is the case. Why shouldn’t we love a black pitbull puppy just as much as any other animal in this breed?Continue reading

brindle pitbull

Is The Brindle Pitbull Much Different From Its Cousins Of Different Colors?

Pitbull lovers will be aware that this popular pet dog comes in a vast range of colors and coat types. This range is so broad that many animals can look incredibly distinctive from each other.

The brindle pitbull is a great example. It is a striking dog that looks very different to more common colors, so much so that some wonder if it is a sub or cross breed.

So is a brindle Pitbull puppy really any more desirable than its litter mates? Are there that many differences between the colors?

Here we will look at the meaning behind the coat, its origins and the true similarities and differences between the brindle and other colored Pitbulls.Continue reading

white pitbull

Is The White Pitbull A Problematic Varient Or Just A Pretty Pup?

Pitbulls are a love them or hate them breed. There are some people that think they are brilliant, sweet and misunderstood dogs full of potential. Others are put off by stories from the news or the muscular shape.

One factor that divides opinion, in regard to their looks, is the “best” color.

There are some people that argue over the merits of red and blue Pitbulls. Others are drawn to the idea of the white Pitbull.

In this guide we will look at the possibility of owning a white pit, and the potential issues that come with this variant.Continue reading

red nose pitbull

Is The Red Nose Pitbull Really Any Different To The Blue Nose Pitbull?

Lovers of Pitbulls will often talk about the different types and varieties that are available, as well as the lines and stock that created their own pure-bred pup.

This information is important to breeders for a number of reasons, depending on their intentions with the animals and desire to raise and sell more pups. One of the main distinctions here is that of the red nose Pitbull.

So, is there really a difference between red nose and blue nose Pitbulls? If so, is this the more desirable option?Continue reading

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