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Category Archives for Breeds & Health

Catahoula Bulldog info

Introducing The Catahoula Bulldog – Pride Of The Southern Ranch

There is a good chance that many dog lovers outside of the Southern US states wont have heard of the Catahoula Bulldog.

The English and American bulldogs are well known, but this one is more of a local favorite.

This is not a pure breed, but rather a form of American bulldog Catahoula mix where two prized breeds were mixed for the best of both worlds. Continue reading

Swedish Elkhound

What Is The Swedish Elkhound And Is It A Good Family Pet?

There are many dog lovers that like what they would call a “real” dog.

This is something that still has a look of its canine ancestors and a purpose as a working animal. In other words, not a small companion dog over-bred to extreme standards.

The Spitz dogs of Scandinavia and Russian regions are a great example. They have the look, build, coat and work ethic that many dog lovers are after.

The Swedish Elkhound is a prime example of a tough, attractive breed with a strong heritage. The question here is simple: do the character and genes of this dog translate into a good family pet?Continue reading

rotterman guide

Important Rotterman Information For New Owners (Doberman Rottweiler Mix)

The Rotterman is a “designer” dog with a bit of a difference. Some breeders put two dogs together to create something cuter or smaller for wider appeal, or perhaps focus on the unusual coat color or features of a strange mix.

Here we have an understandable cross between two working dogs. As the name suggests, we have pups that are half Rottweiler half Dobermans.

This means one muscular, strong and potentially stubborn working dog, with another leaner, intelligent one. But what does this mean for the look and behavior of the offspring.

Is it really a good idea to have a Rottweiler mix with Doberman? Is this a great hybrid for the police and military only, or should family reconsider this pup?Continue reading

blue chihuahua

Is The Blue Chihuahua Worth The Higher Price Tag?

The Chihuahua is a bit of a divisive breed. There are some that think that they are annoying little dogs that are too highly strung, and others that love them as if they were their little babies.

Chihuahua lovers adore these tiny dogs in all their colors. However, some are drawn to the idea of a blue chihuahua as something a little different.

Here we want to provide a quick guide on this interesting little sub-breed with all the important blue chihuahua info.

This means a closer look at the physical features and coat colors of this dog, as well as the potential impact of the gene on health and behavior. We will also look at where to get one, and the blue chihuahua price.Continue reading


Understanding The Cute Little Havapoo (Havanese Poodle Mix)

There are many different small companion dogs in the world, some with plenty of positive traits and some that have been overbred a little.

Therefore, there is a desire with breeders to create the perfect hybrid, where small breeds are “improved” with other traits.

One such dog is the Havapoo – a cross between the Havanese and the Poodle.

There is plenty of interest in this hybrid based on the name. However, there are also plenty of questions about the breeding, as well as the physical characteristics and personality traits that come through.

Instant preconceptions arise about the size, intelligence, coat and personality of these crosses. But, are these preconceptions accurate?Continue reading

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