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Category Archives for Dog Care

Do Pugs Shed

Do Pugs Shed: How To Deal With The Issue Of Pugs Consistently Shedding


Pugs are considered one of worst breeds for shedding and this immediately cause concerns for new owners.

Do pugs shed a lot? The simple answer to this is yes, and there is little to do to stop it.

The trick to embracing the seemingly endless shedding of pug fur is to stay in control and make sure that it does not become excessive.

In this guide, we will look at some of the key questions that prospective pug owners are worried about. Continue reading

Do Dobermans Shed

Do Dobermans Shed: The Potential Causes And Solutions Of Excessive Doberman Shedding


Pet hair can be a problem for many dog owners, especially in long haired pets that seem to be constantly shedding all over the furniture.

With its short, simple coat, the Doberman seems like it should be a great companion that doesn’t leave as much hair around the house.

Is this really the case and how much do Dobermans shed?

In this guide we will look at the nature of the Doberman coat, normal shedding behaviour and the potential causes of excessive shedding.
By taking care of your pet’s health, diet and grooming regime with these tips and solutions, you can keep Doberman shedding under control.Continue reading

do beagles shed

Do Beagles Shed? What you need to know about beagles shedding


Beagles are medium sized dogs that are easy to groom and also friendly to other people and pets as well.

Their natural look and behavior make them adorable to many people ; thus, you will find them in many households.

However, beagles may have some weird behaviors time to time since they were developed as hunting dogs thus they have the hunting dogs character traits.

Many people who are not well conversant with beagles are usually looking for answers to satisfy their need of knowing what are they like? The most posed question about beagles is; do beagles shed?Continue reading

Calming Essential Oils for Dogs

The Top 10 Calming Essential Oils for Dogs


More than a solution to health issues, essential oils are a simple, safe and respectful way to keep your pet dog happy and emotionally healthy.

These all-natural extracts render your dog with the right level of support to fight off infections, deal with anxiety and stay de-stressed when emergency comes calling!Continue reading

Best Chew Toys For Destructive Dogs

The Top Ten Best Chew Toys For Destructive Dogs


There are so many great toys out there in the marketplace nowadays for dog lovers and pet lovers.

The greatest toys are very adaptable to the needs of the pets especially for those pets who have destructive tendencies when it comes to chewing items in the household.

The very best chew toys for destructive dogs are those that are really fun and motivating for the dog to play with for hours and hours. They are also colorful, and enjoyable to look at and feel.

The toys need to be durable as well as dogs will usually like to play with them and chew on them for a long long time.Continue reading