Are The Apple Head Chihuahua And Deer Head Chihuahua Really All That Different?

Apple Head Chihuahua

The apple head chihuahua is a curious looking dog that you either love or hate. Some think they are cutest things around and carry them like a spoiled child. Others think they are ugly little things and would much prefer a dog that looks and acts like one. Whichever side of the fence you fall upon, there is no denying that apple head chihuahua puppies are popular.

in this guide to applehead chihuahuas we will look at what makes an apple head different to other types of chihuahua, both physically and in terms of their temperament, training, health care and other issues. After comparing these different qualities against the deer head, and looking at purchasing options, you can get a better understanding of the breed type and if they are right for you.

Do you know that there are actually different types of chihuahua out there?

There are some chihuahua breeders that talk about the many different types of chihuahua that you can get. While these terms do not actually refer to sub-breeds that are especially genetically diverse, it does show the range of looks in the breed – as well as the devotion owners show to a particular type.

There are applehead dogs and deer headed chihuahua – the latter also referred to sometimes as the reindeer chihuahua. Then there are those that separate the long-haired, short-haired and teacup chihuahuas are separate types. Will we look more closely at the problems of categorizing a teacup chihuahua later.

The most common differentiations are the deer head chihuahua and applehead chihuahua. Here we will proceed by comparing the apple head with the deer head to get a better idea of similarities and differences.

There are many that suggest that the applehead is the preferred type of chihuahua because it follows the breed standard as stated by the AKC and other institution. The deer head is considered as an undesirable deviation of the apple head physiology, although there are many pet owners that love this type.

This raises an important question. What does a deer head chihuahua look like compared to an apple head?


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The characteristics of a deer head chihuahua vs the characteristics of an apple head chihuahua

The first place to start with apple head chihuahua dogs is with their physical appearance. It is the head of this little toy dog that is the main difference here as they have a distinct domed home and a broad, short muzzle.

The muzzle of the deer head Chihuahua is much longer, like the muzzle of a terrier, and it is said that if you put antler on this dog, it would look like a deer. Other than that, the facial features are similar. They both have big, dark bulging eyes.

Deer head chihuahua ears and apple head chihuahua ears both stand erect and are fairly large. The major physical difference is that the legs and body of the deer head are much longer. Some say this makes them more attractive.

dear head chihuahua physical appearenceImage Source: Pixabay

This leads to an important point about the deer head chihuahua size and weight.

The deer head chihuahua average weight is much higher than that of an apple head because of its longer, larger frame. These dogs can reach up to 12 pounds.

The problem here is that the breed standard for dog shows states that chihuahuas should weigh no more than 6 pounds. As a result, many deer heads are disqualified from showing. The apple head chihuahua weight only exceeds this with a poor diet, which is why they are the number one type for major associations.

On the subject of size, let’s take a moment to look at applehead teacup chihuahua puppies. Teacups dogs are highly desirable for those that want a tiny toy dog. However, there are many problems with opting for this type.

Firstly, this is not a separate breed, so there is no guarantee on how big they will grow when they reach adulthood. You may start with a tiny 3 pound pup that fits in your hand, but it could become a 6 pound adult. There is also the potential that you are being sold a tiny runt under false pretenses. This could lead to health issues in the future.


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What about the fur of these apple heads? Are they long or short in the coat?

As was suggested above, there is no clear sub-breed for long or short coats. You can find a deer head chihuahua long hair as easily as a short haired deer head chihuahua. Similarly, there are both apple head chihuahua short hair and apple head chihuahua long hair pups out there.

This means that grooming regimes for deer head chihuahuas and apple chihuahua can vary depending on length of coat, but not head type. Those with short hair need an occasional brush while long-haired dogs need daily brushing. Both are seen as average shedders.

long haired chihuahua care Image source: Pixabay

Also, both types can come with fur in a range of colors. You can find chocolate applehead chihuahua puppies as easily as fawn, black, red or white. They can also have different patterns.

Important information about apple head chihuahua care and deer head chihuahua care

Heath care is an important concern for new owners that are not used to these little dogs. They do require plenty of care an attention, but perhaps not the level of mollycoddling that some owners go for. There are warning that overly protective “parents” carrying chihuahuas in purses could actually stress out the animal. Furthermore, you would not be allowing them to act like dogs.

This leads to some key points about daily care and exercise. These pups are great for apartment living, as they don’t need too much space and dislike the cold. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require plenty of exercise too.

A good walk with keep them fit and at their appropriate weight. It also provides a time to explore and play, to provide mental stimulation. It is too easy for this little dogs to become neurotic and develop behavioral problems. This is why it is important to treat them like any other dog, not a designer pet/child.

Another important point here regards the lifespan of an apple head chihuahua. There are some that states that this is about 15 or more years, although this can depend on heath issues. Other warn that it can be as low as 10 on average and lower for an unhealthy dog. The deer head chihuahua lifespan should be pretty similar, although there are those that believe they are a little healthier.

apple head chihuahua care

On that note, we need to look at potential deer head chihuahua health problems and apple head chihuahua health problems.

The biggest issue with the apple head is that pronounced dome. This can have two important implications. The first is the fact that all apple head puppies are born with a molera. This is the soft spot in the skull that can remain vulnerable in adulthood. Then there is apple head chihuahua hydrocephalus. The eyes of the apple head can bulge from the sockets at the best of times, but this is more pronounced in pups with hydrocephalus. This leads to concerns about eye infections and injuries.

Then there are the apple head chihuahua breathing problems, such as apple head chihuahua asthma, tracheal collapse, chronic bronchitis and general difficulties. The shorter snout of this type means that they are more likely to snore and wheeze than the deer head.

Another issue to watch out for in this tiny breed is hypoglycemia. Their issue with temperature and blood sugar control can be dangerous if unregulated. This problem is even worse in those so-called teacup puppies that are even smaller. Some responsible breeders will refuse to sell to owners that cannot commit to being with a pup throughout the day to keep on eye on them. Finally, there is the issue of overeating and obesity, which can significantly reduce the lifespan of these dogs.


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What do prospective owners need to watch out for with apple head chihuahua behavior vs deer head chihuahua behavior?

Generally speaking, both types of chihuahua tend to be pretty similar. Chihuahuas are known to be loyal little dogs that will protect their pack, perhaps at the risk of being anti-social with others. Socialization at an early age can correct that. They are brave, active dogs that can be a bit of a handful if they are not trained properly. This attachment to their master can be a bit of a double-edged sword, especially if they are a spoiled pooch that is allowed to lick faces and climb all over the furniture.

There are some interesting comments online about the deer head and apple head chihuahua temperament.

While a minority will talk about deer head chihuahua barking and call the deer head chihuahua aggressive, many disagree. Those that own this sub-type insist that these dogs are very sweet-natured and can even be more obedient than apple heads. The biggest problem with either type comes in ensuring that the dog knows its place.

Spoiled chihuahuas can view themselves as the pack leader, leading to more aggressive tendencies and poor socialization skills. This is where Small Dog Syndrome comes into play. This is one of the worst breeds for that as they are allowed to get away with pretty much anything that larger dogs are not. This can be a bit problem in households with another dog of a larger breed. It is important to deal with these issues from a young age and make sure that pups know their place.

This leads us to the importance of apple head and deer head chihuahua training. There is the warning from chihuahua owners that these dogs can be difficult to train because they are so keen to get their own way and may not respond as fast as other dogs. However, they are smart and do have the capacity to learn new things in the right manner.

Positive reinforcement is vital here. This is where a resource like Doggy Dan online dog trainer can help. This online guide lets you work at your own pace to deal with a range of behavioral issues. A key focus here for Chihuahuas will be housebreaking, as they can struggle there.

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Buying an apple head chihuahua puppy

If you are still keen to give ownership of either chihuahua type a try, it is important to find a responsible breeder. This means one that understands the difference between apple and deer heads and isn’t preoccupied with teacups.

Take the time to learn about the pup, the parents and potential problems that you may have to deal with. The apple head chihuahua price is sure to be higher than that of a deer head – closer to $1000 for good breeding – because of those AKC rules. The deer head chihuahua price is more affordable, but don’t let that sway you if you really want an apple head.

The alternative is to look into apple head chihuahua adoption or deer head chihuahua adoption. There are plenty of rescue dogs in need of a good home. There is probably more chance of finding a deer head because they may have been abandoned for not meeting those show criteria. Then there is fun task of choosing names for apple head chihuahua pups. Ironic names for their size and Mexican inspired names all work.


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What have we learned in this examination of the deer head chihuahua vs applehead

Despite what some people may believe, there really isn’t all that much difference between these two chihuahua types.

The biggest difference is that the deer head has that longer head and body and doesn’t meet breed criteria. There is also the chance that the deer head will be less aggressive and healthier, but there is no guarantee there.

Both an apple head chihuahua and deer head chihuahuas are suited to becoming great pets in the right home. The choice of owning one comes down to the ability to handle the breed’s temperament and health issues than the physical difference. Look at the chihuahua apple head and chihuahua deer head, read up on the issues and make your choice.

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