Everything you need to know about the Beagle Husky mix

husky beagle mix

The beagle husky hybrid, also known as the Beaski is a dog that is a cross breed between a Siberian Husky and a Beagle.

The mix is quite unique and rare therefore, it might be hard to know how exactly the beaski will be. The traits, personality, behaviour etc. of this hybrid mix can be predicted from the study of both parent breeds.

Here is everything that you need to know about the beaski its origin, characteristics, like weight, size, adoption, price and other relevant details.

Origin of the Beaski puppy

The origins of the beaski remains unknown. However, we can trace its roots by following the origin of the Siberian Husky and the Beagle.

The Beagle is believed to have existed since the ancient Roman times. Beagles were commonly bred in England in the 1700s and it wasn’t until early 18th century that Beagles came to be found America. Mostly the Beagles were used for hunting and as watchdogs.

beagle originBeagle

The Siberian husky dog, as the name suggests originates from Siberia. They used to be sled dogs that the Chukchi natives used for transportation.

The dog used to spend time with the women and children when they were not leading sleds. Later on the breed came to be adopted by the US military to help in the rescue missions in the Arctic region as well as in sled dog competitions.

husky originSiberian Husk

Characteristics of the Beaski puppy

a) Appearance

The Beaski is a medium sized dog that usually has floppy ears and some have the markings of a Siberian husky. The Beaski looks very adorable with its dark nose and almond shaped eyes that make it have a very alert look.

The Beaski’s coat can vary in length since it is a hybrid of the Siberian husky which has a double coat that is quite thick while a Beagle has a short coat that is dense.

The color of the Beaski may vary as well, some may have a combination of three colors, white, red and black, and some are black with white patches, copper and white, grey and white or simply pure white.

beagle husky mix dogBeaski – Image Source

b) Temperament

The beaski is a dog that is quite energetic. Some would be quite chill and like to spend time on their own while others may be quite demanding.

Generally, the beaski has a low level of aggression and can be very friendly and gentle. The beagle husky hybrid might however not be too accommodative of the younger kids who are chaotic or cuddle a lot.

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c) Weight and size

You might perhaps be wondering how big a beaski puppy can get?

The beagle is ordinarily a medium sized dog. Beagles normally weigh approximately 30 pounds or even less, while the Siberian Husky might range between 35 to 60 pounds.

This means that a beaski can be expected to weigh anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds on average. In terms of height, a Beaski may range between 13 to 24 inches.

husky beagle mix appearanceHusky Beagle Mix – Image Source

d) Lifespan

The Beaski has a lifespan of around 11-15 years. This will be pegged on many factors like the absence of illness and disease, the diet, general hygiene and grooming too.

The life expectancy can significantly be affected by these factors. However 11-15 years is a long period to enjoy with your Beaski, so make every moment count.

Grooming and Care for a Beagle Husky Mix

a) Shedding

The Beaski does not shed too much hence might not require any special maintenance.

The hybrid is also not hypoallergenic but just as a precautionary measure, you can avoid interactions if you are allergic to dogs and fur generally.

b) Diet and Exercise

These two go hand in hand. The beaski needs high quality dry dog food and plenty of fresh water to stay healthy and hydrated.

These are quite active dogs, hence you need to let them stay active so that they are healthy and happy. You can take them out for swimming, running and just allow them to jump around to release their energy.

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c) Training and socialisation of a Beaski puppy

The Beaski puppy is quite the energetic one that seems to never get tired.

Training is an essential requirement in the Beaski puppy’s life. This will teach the puppy to have good mannerisms and how to interact with your family members.

Get a good professional dog trainer or engage doggy Dan the online trainer to help you with your cute Beagle Husky mix.

You need to also inform your family the Beaski might not like to be cuddled erratically lest they get aggressive. Good training will make the dog to be a good protector of your family and home because the beaski is a good watchdog since ancient times.

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e) Health problems

The beagle husky mix is generally quite a healthy breed. It is still recommended to take your Beaski puppy to the vet for routine check-up just like any other dog or you can use the Embark Breed Identification to see whether the dog has any health problems.

When the husky beagle mix dogs get older, they might have eye problem, but this is common in almost all dogs.

The beaski can be affected by conditions like Hepatitis, cataracts, anemia, ear infections among others.

You can avoid all these by simply ensuring that you take good care of your puppy by giving him a good balanced diet, preferably high quality dog food, lots of fresh water and plenty of exercise.

In conclusion, the beaski is an adorable dog to own. It is energetic, social and very friendly.

In the event you want to get one and you are not sure whether it is a Beaski puppy, you can use the Embark Breed Identification to identify the breed of the dog.

The price of a good healthy beagle husky mix depends on the breeder and the region from which you are buying the Beaski puppy, Before making your purchase, make sure that you choose a husky beagle mix puppy that is healthy with no sign of infection or disease.


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