A Guide To Choosing The Best Multivitamin For Dogs

Best Multivitamin For Dogs

Multivitamins are a great tool for better health and fitness. These small pills and capsules provide daily doses of key vitamins, minerals and other components to ward off illness, fatigue and other issues.

The same is true with pet multivitamins. However, there is a lot to consider when choosing the best multivitamin for dogs.

Before you chose any new vitamin supplements for your dog, consider their diet

Most healthy dogs should be able to get the nutrients they need from their food. Those that show deficiencies may be in need of a multivitamin or a specific supplement to help them out.

Then there are those that have health issues and genetic conditions where “normal” pet food might not be good enough.

Whatever the issue, and the proposed solution, you must make sure to balance their diet accordingly when adding a multivitamin.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]For example, you don’t want to give them a multivitamin with calcium, then provide a calcium rich diet. This could lead to health problems in the long run. Always pay attention to ingredients and RDAs (recommended daily allowances). [/thrive_text_block]

What is the best multivitamin for dogs in terms of the ingredients offered?

The best doggy multivitamin products will be those with a strong formula of different, helpful ingredients.

Ideally, you want as full a formula as possible to cover all needs. However, be careful with quantities and any filler ingredients. A natural, simple formula is sure to be healthier.

It should focus on beneficial components and nothing else. This means that owners should look for the following in multivitamin brands:

1) Basic vitamins for general health, such as A, B, C and D. Vitamin supplementation in dogs is much like supplementation in humans.

We all need the optimal intake of these key vitamins for healthy bones, growth and organs, as well as energy levels. They keep us in top condition for our daily routines. The least that we can do is offer the same to our pets.

2) Calcium for bone health, but only where there is not enough calcium in their diet.

A good dose of calcium means stronger bones, teeth and joints. This is important for dogs that want to enjoy a more active lifestyle and varied diet.

3) Glucosamine is a popular supplement for the health of the dog’s joints.

This allows for greater flexibility and strength. It is often used in more specialist supplements for older dogs with joint problems, as it keeps dogs more active for longer. Some multivitamin options may add some due to its popularity.

4) Iron, as with humans, helps with blood counts and strength. An ongoing iron deficiency could eventually lead to anaemia.

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The style of these best dog vitamins can also make a big difference

As human owners, we are pretty used to the process and taste of taking multivitamins. We can swallow a little capsule with some water first thing in the morning and think little of it.

The same is not true for are canine pals. We all know how difficult it can be to get our pet to take their medications. We resort to mixing capsule contents with water and disguising pills in food – and that doesn’t always work.

This means that it could also be difficult to get them to take multivitamins if they are not in the right form.

Ideally, you want a chewable form that poses no risk, is easy to handle and doesn’t have too bad a taste.

dog multivitamin guide

This is why pet bounce vitamins offer one of the best options for a reliable pet multivitamin

We say pet multivitamin here because while we are mostly concerned with dog multivitamins here, this pet bounce option is actually suitable for both dogs and cats.

This top brand uses an advanced, specialist formula that works with both animals, and all kinds of breeds, for improved health. This means all the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to compliment their diet and keep them fit and strong.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]One of the major benefits to this option is the fact that they come as chewable wafers. This means a manageable, helpful solution to more problematic tablets and capsules. [/thrive_text_block]

The other major benefit with this option is the fact that it contains resveratrol.

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Why is resveratrol such an appealing addition to a good multivitamin for dogs?

Resveratrol is something that many owners will be aware of in their own quests for better health and fitness.

This is an important antioxidant that is linked to wine and other superfoods. This is why we are told that the odd glass of red wine is actually good for our health.

Obviously we can’t start adding red wine to the dog bowl, as that would be irresponsible. But, we can add these important antioxidants to their diet with the right supplementation.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]This can help to reduce the pet’s blood pressure and perhaps even slow down the ageing process a little. This could help in the diets of older dogs. [/thrive_text_block]

Then there is the fact that it may also offer some help with fat burning and weight loss. This is good news for all those pooches on a poor diet and at risk of obesity.

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Listen to your vet when choosing a dog multivitamin

Obviously it is important that owners always seek the advice of their vet before turning to multivitamins.

Personally, we can only provide a rough estimation of what our pets need based on their dietary intakes and age.

Veterinary advice takes this to another level. A vet can uncover other potential health issues and deficiencies where specific vitamin supplementation may help.

They can also point out any issues with incorrect supplementations, where dogs may have too much of a substance in their diet, and face potential side-effects.

Always choose the most appropriate dog vitamins based on their needs, not your wallet.

Whatever your dogs needs in their diet, whether it is a simple form of supplementation for one substance or an all-round multivitamin, get it right.

Take the time to make sure that they have the best option for their needs.

Pet Bounce showcases an interesting new approach with resveratrol and chewable wafers. But, if you have any concerns about the best multivitamin for dogs, seek professional help where appropriate.

Remember to always listen to your dog if they are unhappy or show side effects, and always put their health before any other need.


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