12 Interesting Boxer Dog Facts You Need to Know

Interesting Facts About Boxer Dogs

With its droopy jowls, wrinkly expressive face, fierce loyalty, and attachment to people, who wouldn’t fall in love with a Boxer?

These traits are only a few reasons why Boxers are one of America’s most beloved and popular breeds. As pets, boxers are intelligent, friendly, and have – in fact – been initially bred to be guard dogs. But even so, they mostly fit right in as perfect family companions, with high energy levels and a constant need for exercise.

There are many things to adore about Boxers, especially its sweetness and clownish sense of humor. If you have a pet Boxer at home, here are some interesting facts you might not know yet about this loving breed!

1. 2000-year long history

Boxers’ ancestors can go as far back as 2000 B.C., their ancestors being the ancient Assyrians. These were brave and powerful dogs often used in war and were later named after the ancient city of Molossis – now referred to as Albania.

Moreover, its recent antecedent, the Bullenbeisser, was also used as a hunting dog for wild boar and deer. Experts agree that the Bullenbeiser is the Boxer’s direct ancestor.

2. Versatile dog breed

One can say that Boxers are work dogs, especially since they have been used for a wide array of jobs due to their versatility and intelligence. Some of these include being therapy dogs, police dogs, service dogs, and herding sheep or cattle.

3. Lovers, not fighters

Despite their history of being powerful hunters, one of the most appealing characteristics of the modern Boxer breed is their immense love and attachment to humans. Boxers tend to desire companionship and are usually happiest with their family.

Facts About Boxer Dogs

4. A movie star’s choice

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were dog lovers and received Harvey – their first Boxer – as a wedding gift. Harvey then appeared in plenty of their photos. They also went on to get two more boxers: George and Baby.

5. Excellent service dogs

Boxers’ innate intelligence and attachment to humans made them ideal as alert dogs for those who have epilepsy, warning them in case of seizures. They also make excellent guide dogs for the blind.

6. Cute and (sometimes) annoying antics

This breed can be overly eager, especially when greeting their humans. They tend to jump and leap about in exuberance when welcoming you at the door, so you may need to teach them some basic commands.

7. Timeless-looking coat

Many Boxers have fawn-colored short coats with white markings – a distinct breed trait. This short coat means that they won’t require extensive grooming.

8. Fierce loyalty

Boxers are ultimately known around the world for being loyal. This breed is also popular for being a fierce protector and a good companion of the family.

Brindle Boxer Dog

9. Brachycephalic

These dogs are also brachycephalic, meaning that they have a short skull. Such a characteristic is the result of generations of selective breeding. Even so, being brachycephalic puts them at risk of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway syndrome and respiratory illness.

10. Puppies at heart

Boxer puppies are quite humorous and clownish, which is behavior they carry with them even as they reach adult years. They are playful and are lovers of attention.

11. Great for teaching various tricks

As playful dogs, Boxers can be easily taught new tricks since they’re always motivated to learn, even more so if you turn the whole thing into an entertaining game with tasty treats.

12. Their name

Their name isn’t a coincidence. Boxers often like to play by standing on their hind legs and then moving their paws into a boxing position. Their name, “Boxer,” comes from this specific behavior.

Boxer Dog Looking At The Camera

And those were the top 12 most interesting facts about boxer dogs

If you already have a boxer dog share your experience with us in the comments below.

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