Interesting Facts About The Brindle French Bulldog

brindle french bulldog guide

There is no better feeling than adopting a new puppy, especially when it is a brindle French bulldog.

The brindle color leaves most people awing with adoration because of the striking appearance that the fur coat of this dog has.

You will definitely recognize a brindle French bulldog because of the beautiful coat characterized by the alternating light and dark stripes.

Brindle colors are particularly common in breeds like the boxers, bulldogs and greyhounds.

Here’s your ultimate guide to the brindle French bulldog.

What is the brindle French Bulldog?

The brindle French bulldog is of course just an ordinary breed but has a unique brindle coat. Brindle frenchies are adorable and cute because of their unique coat color and pattern.

Apart from the dark and light stripes forming the brindle pattern, this breed is just like any other dog breed. It is due to their unique coat that they tend to be rare and stand out from the other normal breeds.

Some dog owners tend to be skeptical of the notion that the brindle color might be as a result of health issues but this breed is perfectly fine.


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Where does the brindle color come from?

The brindle color is derived from the genetic composition of your French bulldog.

The genome responsible for this particular coloration is called the K-locus. For your French bulldog puppy to have the brindle coloration, it must have the recessive k gene that is inherited from both its parents.

There are certain breeds that you can easily find the brindle color but in others it can be quite rare because this recessive gene is rare as well.

There are some breeders who deliberately avoid breeding brindled frenchies because the brindle trait has been disregarded since time immemorial.

Most people associated brindled puppies with certain health complications hence finding a brindled French bulldog is very rare. The common French bulldog colors include fawn, cream and various shades of brindle.

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What are some of the health problems of the brindle French bulldog?

As already mentioned, most pet owners are skeptical about adopting some of these rare colored frenchies.

The good news is that the brindle French bulldog puppy is perfectly normal just like the ordinary French bulldog. However, one of the most common conditions that the brindle French bulldog is likely to suffer from is the Blue.

The blue brindle French bulldog has been the concern of many breeders and owners. Blue Frenchies were blacklisted and not kept by most dog owners because of their vulnerability to suffer from Color Dilution Alopecia.

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This is a genetic disorder that affects how the color pigment is distributed in the fur coat of your furry friend. This caused the pigment to be abnormally and unevenly distributed on the brindle French bulldog hence causing the coloration of the breed.

The hair affected by the uneven distribution of the color pigment was then subjected to breakage and damage, causing stunted hair growth and hair loss.

There is however no known cure for this but the available treatments are simply to make sure that your adorable little puppy does not get skin infection. Also take caution not to use harsh grooming products on your brindle French bulldog.

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How to look for a reputable breeder?

When you are looking to buy a brindle French bulldog, you need to find reputable breeder who will give you a healthy breed at a good price.

The price of a brindle frenchies will definitely vary from breeder to breeder. This is because of the fact that finding a brindle French bulldog is very rare. The unique brindle fur coat of the brindle French bulldog makes this breed rare and very expensive.


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In order for you to find a reputable breeder for your brindle French bulldog, you can go online and do a little homework by yourself.Try asking your family or friends for referrals and recommendations on the best breeder in your local area. Online is also a great place to go and search because, just from the customer reviews you are able to know what kind of a breeder you are dealing with.

If you are thinking about buying a brindle French bulldog, you should be more concerned about the health of the dog rather than the color of his coat.

A good breeder will screen the dog first in order to find out what are some of the health issues he is likely to face judging from the breed. The integrity and reputation of the breeder is key and will determine whether you get yourself a good brindle French bulldog.

As a pet owner, don’t get offended if your breeder asks you to sign a contract to ensure you both adhere to certain conditions of the sale. This is actually a good sign that you are dealing with a reputable breeder.

Once you identify a good and reputable breeder you can go ahead and purchase your brindle frenchies with confidence that you have actually landed a good deal.

The price of a brindle French bulldog may actually vary from breeder to breeder. You have to be very careful and settle for quality. Insist on a home site visit to your breeder’s kennels so that you get to see for yourself how the dogs are kept and bred.


In a nutshell, a brindle French bulldog puppy is an adorable little thing to have in the house. This particular breed is very rare and unique because of the brindle on its coat.

The brindle French bulldog will leave you struck with awe. Make sure that you take good care of your puppy. Give him enough exercise, take him for walks and feed him high quality dog food to also increase his lifespan.

The average lifespan of a brindle French bulldog is between 10-14 years. This is a long period of time for you to make memories with your puppy..

The brindle Frenchies are dogs that are fun to have around. They can be very playful and get along well with the children.


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