Uncovering The Mystery Of The Brindle Pug

brindle pug

There are many dog owners that find the pug to be one of the cutest, most attractive dogs in the world. There are breeders and owners that hone in on either the black or fawn pup and never want anything else. Yet, those that come across brindle pug pictures will see that there is another option here.

The problem is that there is some dispute over the legitimacy of the brindle pug. There are some dog lovers that don’t believe they are true pugs and others that are convinced that their brindle animal is as good as any pure fawn.

In this guide we will look at the reasons behind this confusion and any potential issues in opting for a brindle pup. Are brindle pugs rare, are they expensive and, ultimately, are they worth it compared to other pugs?

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The appeal of a brindle-coated pug dog

The attraction of brindle pug puppies is two-fold. First there is the general attraction in a cute pug with this attractive quality to the coat. The brindle markings are an interesting look in many dogs and they offer a whole new look compared to the deep black or fawn animals.

On top of this, there is the potential rarity of the animal, which increases the appeal for those looking for an exotic animal. It is going to be more difficult to find brindle pugs for sale compared to black or fawn ones, and the reasons for this will soon become clear.

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3 different colors of pugsFawn, Brindle and Black Pugs – Image Source

There are those that say that brindle pugs are not pure pugs at all, but this isn’t necessarily true

There is a common assumption that any pug with a brindle coat must be impure and a designer dog because of the coloration, regardless of their other features.

This is understandable when we look at the issues of mixed breeding. There are so many cross breeds and designer pups these days that there are many cross breeds with pug as part of the genetic package.

These genetic mixes mean that other coat types and color genes can come through from the other side. This is why we often see a brindle pug chihuahua mix or a pug crossed with a Frenchie. As a result, there is that assumption that a brindle pug is not a pure pug. In some cases this will be true. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

There are still pure breed brindle pug dogs out there, even if some dog owners are adamant that there is no such thing. There are owners of brindle pugs that have had their dogs DNA tested to prove their line and found that they are 100% pug with no trace of chihuahua or Frenchie.

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This is important for breeders that may be upset of allegation that their brindle pug is a “lesser” dog. The reason for these results simply comes down to the fact that these pugs have a long history and there is still a small percentage of animals with genetic links to their brindled ancestors. It is a rarity, but it is not a deformity. Despite this, some owners will still face some issues with their brindle pug.

brindle pug dog

Purebred pug or not, there are still some issues with this coat color when it comes to showing these dogs

The American Kennel Club. Along with a number of other organisations, have clear breed standard for all dogs. There are strict rules on the physical features and markings of pugs.

For example, a fawn pug needs to have that mask, the trail on the back and the thumbprint on the forehead.

In fact, it is only fawn and black pugs that are eligible under the AKC guidelines. This means that brindle coated pugs – even if they are pure – are as ineligible as apricot pugs and silver ones.

What to expect from these dogs in terms of physicality

So if a brindle dog coat is significantly different from that of a fawn or a black pug, does that mean that there are any other physical differences to keep in mind?

If you have a brindle pug that is a true pug, there shouldn’t be any other physical issues to worry about. The gene for the color of the coat should have no effect on their size, build or other physical features. There shouldn’t be an impact on health and longevity either.

If a brindle pup happens to be healthier or sicker, bigger or smaller than its siblings. It isn’t likely to be down to the brindling. The difference comes when you have a brindle pug mix instead of a pure pup. As the dog gets older, physical traits of the other breed will begin to develop further and you will need to research the potential health risks associated with that parent. This could also mean a different grooming regime than normal if the fur type is slightly different.

brindle and fawn pugsImage Source: Bruce n Selena/FB

What to expect from these dogs in terms of personality and training

The same rules pretty much apply to the personality and temperament of these brindle dogs compared to the fawns and blacks.

There are always those owners that will insist that one color is calmer, friendlier or smarter than the other, but these reports are often contradictory.

Temperaments are generally pretty similar and personalities alter from dog to dog. The same is therefore true with a pure brindle vs a pure fawn or black.

Again, the difference comes when we have the mixed breeds rather than the pure breeds. The personality traits, behavioral issues and the intelligence could be heavily influenced by the second parent. This means another area of research for new owners. This research is important for those struggling to train a brindle pug that isn’t really a pug. This is where online training resources like Doggy Dan the online trainer are so helpful. this step-by-step video training guide can help owners breakthrough difficult issues.

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Taking care of brindle-coat pugs

These factors with the physicality and personality mean that the considerations for taking care of brindle pugs are pretty much the same.

A true brindle pug is so much like other purebred pugs in terms of its needs that experienced owners have nothing to worry about, they want the same exercise, home environment, pug food and general love and care. If you know how to handle a pug, you can handle a brindle.

Again, mixed breed pug dogs are a different story. The exercise needs, grooming needs, housing requirements and ideal family set-up could be different.

the face of brindle pugImage Source: Pugs of Instagram

Finding brindle pug puppies for sale

Hopefully you can now see why it is more difficult to find a breeder for a brindle dog than a black of fawn one.

The first issue is the rarity of the pure brindle pug because of the genetics and prominence of other coat types. Then there is issue that some of these brindle dogs are not pugs but pug crosses. It is important to remember this when looking for brindle pug breeders because some bad breeders may be out to try and sell a chihuahua/pug cross or other mixed breed as a true brindle pug.

This is why all buyers should visit the home, see the litter and get to know the parents. This is the best way to be sure of the genetics of the pup and the reason for the brindle coat.

The other issue with looking at a pure brindle dog is the brindle pug cost. The rarity of the pure brindle means that breeders are sure to charge a much higher brindle pug price than for a standard coat color.

Those that are looking for a brindle animal but want to avoid the issues with breeder and these high costs may prefer the option of brindle pug adoption.

Adoption through shelters offers the chance for new owners to save the life of an abandoned pet. The fees to do so are considerably lower than the price of a puppy. Here there could be brindle adult pugs in need of a home, perhaps because they were abandoned for being “impure” or not up to breed standard. Also, there could be some brindle cross-breed pups that were left at the shelter once owners learned they weren’t pure pugs.

Uncovering the mystery of the brindle pug puppy

The good news here for those keen on a brindle pug puppy is that there is such a thing as a pure brindle pug pup. There is a small number of dogs born with the rare gene instead of the more typical coat colors.

However, there will still be many brindle dogs for sale that are actually hybrids, so all hopeful buyers need to be vigilant and do their research.

Aside from the issue of the AKC standards for showing, there is no major problem in buying a brindle pug dog if one happens to come up for sale and is from healthy stock and a good home.

At their core, the pure brindle pugs is no different to the others. They have the same needs, personalities and traits and can be lovable, wonderful pets.

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