Can Dogs Eat Salmon? Is Salmon Good For Dogs?

can dogs eat salmon?

There’s no denying the fact that fish is one of the most favorite foods for dogs.

Just like humans, our canine friends find fish to be incredibly delicious. But the yummy taste isn’t the only great thing to love about fish.

Most types of fish also come with many health and nutritional benefits that your pooch can benefit from.

However, fish remains one of the trickiest foods to deal with, not only for dogs but also for humans. It’s worth noting that fish comes in different kinds. But unfortunately, not all types of fish are safe for consumption by both humans and dogs.

Take a case of salmon, and you may be wondering, can my dog eat salmon?

Well, the real question to settle is not whether your canine friend can eat salmon, but whether it should. So, is salmon good for dogs?

The short answer is yes, salmon is perfectly safe and highly nutritious for dogs, provided it’s prepared properly and served in moderation.

Salmon provides a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids that your pooch can immensely benefit from. Some of the functions of these fatty acids include reducing inflammation and boosting your dog’s overall immunity.

As a matter of fact, salmon is a common ingredient that appears in most high-quality dog foods out there. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s one of the foods that professional vets recommend for dogs.

So, is it safe to feed my dog salmon?

Yes, considering how nutritious salmon is, it’s perfectly safe to feed your dog salmon. Of course, there are a few caveats to take note of, as shall be explained later on in the post.

Is Salmon Ok For Dogs? A Look at the Benefits

Can dogs have salmon?

Yes, we’ve already pointed out that salmon is both safe and nutritious, which makes it okay for dogs.

is salmon good for dogs?

But to fully understand how great salmon is for your canine friend, we’ll begin by investigating some of the possible health and nutritional benefits of the fish.

The fundamental reason why you should consider supplementing your dog’s diet with salmon regularly is that the fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids promote the health of your dog’s skin, coat, and heart, while also boosting its overall immune system.

By increasing the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in your dog’s body, salmon consequently lowers the levels of triglycerides in the dog’s blood. That helps to keep the dog’s heart and cardiovascular system in a perfect condition.

The following is a breakdown of several other ways that your dog can benefit by occasionally snacking on salmon.

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1. Rich in Antioxidants

Salmon boasts several antioxidant compounds, such as astaxanthins that belong to the carotenoid family of antioxidants. It’s astaxanthins that give the fish its red pigment.

Now, astaxanthins play numerous roles as far as boosting your dog’s immunity is concerned. Most notably, they lower the risks of developing heart and cardiovascular disease by reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol while boosting the levels of good cholesterol.

Also, astaxanthins work synergistically with the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon to inhibit inflammation in your dog’s brain and nervous system.

can dogs eat cooked salmon?

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, salmon can keep your dog from most chronic conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and cancer.

And the fact that salmon’s anti-inflammatory effects are more expressed around the brain might help to lower the risks of mental and neurological disorders like separation anxiety and age-related memory loss.

So, can dogs with kidney disease eat salmon? What of diabetic dogs, can diabetic dogs eat salmon?

As we’ve just highlighted, salmon can prevent kidney disease and diabetes from occurring. That makes it just as efficient in managing these conditions.

Astaxanthins have also been shown to prevent skin damage, thereby making your dog’s coat look younger and more radiant.

2. Great Source of Protein

Dogs rely heavily on animal protein to thrive, and it’s reassuring to note that salmon is abundant in those very proteins.

Protein performs several key functions in your dog’s body, including forming the building blocks for muscles and tissues, preventing pre-mature aging, and escalating the healing of wounds.

3. Encourages Metabolism

Salmon is also loaded with B vitamins, which are known to promote energy production.

As a matter of fact, salmon is one of the few foods that contain all the B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12).

Besides encouraging metabolism, all of the B vitamins play a role in maintaining brain and neurological functions. They also prevent inflammation and play a role in repairing DNA.

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4. Helps With Weight Loss

There’s a common misconception that all seafood are rich in fats, and can therefore lead to obesity. But with salmon, research appears to suggest otherwise.

Like most high-protein foods, salmon increases the secretion and activity of hormones that control appetite. It also boosts metabolic rate and increases sensitivity to insulin.

Therefore, giving salmon to your dog will cause it to feel fuller for longer, which may help to manage obesity and other weight-related conditions.

Besides, salmon is incredibly low in calories, with a 3.5-ounce serving of wild salmon having just about 182 calories. Whichever way you look at it, salmon will not cause your pooch to pack on extra pounds.

fresh salmon for dogs

Salmon also contains;

✔ Potassium which controls blood pressure, lowers the incidences of stroke, and prevents excess water retention, and

✔ Selenium which promotes the health of your dog’s bones and prevents autoimmune diseases.

✔ Needless to mention, salmon is also a highly-delicious treat. That makes it an excellent addition to your dog’s regular food, especially if you’re dealing with a fussy eater.

Which Salmon Is The Best?

Are dogs allowed to eat salmon?

Again, dogs can eat salmon. Unfortunately, not all salmon is recommended for dogs. So, you might be wondering, which salmon is best for my pooch?

Now, there are essentially three types of salmon, namely Chinook (farmed and wild), Sockeye, and Coho. All of these salmons pack significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

But if you must choose from among these three, opt for Chinook salmon, as it contains the greatest content of the n-3 and n-6 fatty acids. Sockeye salmon and Coho salmon follow in that order.

And while you’re at it, insist on farm-grown as opposed to wild-caught Chinook salmon. By choosing farm-grown, organic salmon, you can determine the safety of the fish, depending on the conditions in which it was reared.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Salmon? Cooked VS Raw Salmon for Dogs

When it comes to feeding any seafood to pets, there’s always the dilemma of serving the food raw or cooked.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most dog owners often experience challenges deciding which, between raw and cooked salmon, is ideal for their canine friends.

But can dogs eat cooked salmon? Really, is cooked salmon good for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat cooked salmon. In fact, experts recommend cooked salmon for dogs and highly discourage giving your dog raw salmon.

And that begs another question, can dogs eat fresh salmon?

Yes, any salmon that you feed your dog must be fresh. But in this case, fresh doesn’t imply raw. Rather, it means that the salmon should be safe for consumption by your pooch even before cooking it.

Another best practice is to serve your dog boneless salmon. Giving your dog any bony fish can lead to choking, as the bones tend to get trapped in the dog’s gums. So, can dogs eat salmon bones? The answer is – not recommended.

Basset Hound Looking Up Licking Lips

But why can’t dogs eat raw salmon?

Raw or under-cooked salmon contains plenty of harmful bacteria and parasites, which might lead to salmon poisoning disease (SPD).

What is salmon poisoning in dogs?

This is a severe condition that occurs when dogs ingest the harmful toxins that are present in raw salmon.

Raw salmon contains a parasite known as Nanophyetus salmincola (NS). On its own, this parasite is somewhat harmless. However, it may offer a breeding ground for an organism known as Neorickettsia helminthoeca, which leads to salmon poisoning disease.

If not treated with the urgency it deserves, salmon poisoning disease could be fatal. Much on that later on.

Thankfully, cooking salmon kills Neorickettsia helminthoeca. And now, you might be wondering, how should I prepare salmon for my dog?

There are numerous ways to prepare salmon for dogs. Let’s briefly examine which preparation methods are recommended.

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Can dogs eat grilled salmon?

Yes, provided you don’t add any onions, garlic, salt, or other seasoning. And this applies to any form of salmon that you give to your dog.

Can dogs eat boiled salmon?

Boiling is one of the most recommended methods of cooking salmon for dogs.

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Can dogs eat steamed salmon?

Steamed salmon is nearly as great as boiled salmon, as both cooking methods retain many of the ingredients in the fish.

Can dogs eat baked salmon?

Though not as recommended as steamed and boiled salmon, baked salmon is still safe for dogs.

Can dogs eat freeze-dried salmon?

This option isn’t recommended. Freeze-dried salmon is essentially uncooked salmon and as we’ve seen, dogs shouldn’t eat raw salmon.

Can dogs eat dehydrated salmon?

Not recommended either. Dehydrating salmon removes the moisture from fish and keeps all the nutritional elements intact.

However, the fact that the fish isn’t cooked means your dog might still be exposed to a level of risk form the harmful bacteria and parasites in it.

Can dogs eat marinated salmon?

No, marinated salmon usually contains spices that dogs shouldn’t eat.

is salmon skin good for dogs?

Can dogs eat smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon is normally cured using salt and preservatives, which makes it potentially toxic to dogs.

Can dogs eat salmon sashimi?

No, the soy sauce and other spices in salmon sashimi make it potentially harmful to dogs.

Can dogs eat canned salmon?

Most dog owners who buy readymade salmon usually wonder, can I feed my dog canned salmon? But is canned salmon good for dogs?

Yes, canned salmon usually contains high amounts of water, which makes it recommended for dogs. However, ensure that you go for the low-sodium and low-fat options.

Remember, excess sodium content might lead to sodium ion poisoning in dogs. The condition causes seizures, trembling, and may be fatal. Fat directly leads to obesity and various weight-related diseases.

Can dogs eat pink salmon?

Like red salmon, pink salmon owes its color to its abundance in carotenoids astaxanthin, which makes it perfectly fine for dogs to eat.

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Can dogs eat salmon patties?

Unfortunately, salmon patties usually contain hot sauce and other spices, and is therefore unhealthy for dogs.

There’s also the question of salmon skin and you may be wondering, is salmon skin good for dogs and if it is, can dogs eat salmon skin?

Yes, dogs can eat salmon skin, provided that you cook it thoroughly and don’t garnish it in any way. So, can dogs eat cooked salmon skin? Yes they can.

However, when it comes to salmon skin for dogs, moderation is key. That’s because the skin is high in fat. So, you must know how to cook salmon skin for dogs to prevent exposing your pooch to high amounts of fat.

The good news is, there are plenty of safe salmon recipes out there that you can try to prepare salmon skin safely for your pooch.

Better yet, you can buy salmon skin dog treats like The Honest Kitchen Beams Fish Skin Treat. This product is incredibly low in fat but high in Omega-3 fatty acids, making it a healthier substitute for ordinary salmon skin.

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Is Salmon Bad for Dogs?

We’ve gone through numerous salmon benefits for dogs. But maybe you’re still having some nagging questions, such as can I feed my dog salmon?

We still maintain that you can. However, this section will highlight some of the things that could go wrong.

As we already mentioned, the greatest risk when it comes to salmon for dogs is offering your pooch raw salmon. Raw salmon contains harmful bacteria and parasites that could lead to a severe and fatal condition known as salmon poisoning disease.

And the fact that it could take weeks for the first onset of symptoms makes salmon poisoning all the more deadly. Worse yet, dogs with salmon poisoning disease can easily spread it through their feces.

How do I Avoid Salmon Poisoning?

The common symptoms of SPD include;

✔ Gastrointestinal complications like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and abdominal pains,
✔ Dehydration symptoms like dry gums and nose, sunken eyes, and loss of skin elasticity,
✔ Fever,
✔ Nasal and eye discharge,
✔ Rapid weight loss,
✔ Swollen lymph nodes,
✔ Lethargy, and
✔ Death (in about two weeks if not treated).

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Does salmon give dogs diarrhea?

Yes, diarrhea is one of the symptoms of salmon poisoning disease, so salmon can give dogs diarrhea.

How do I avoid salmon poisoning?

You can avoid salmon poisoning by ensuring that you cook the fish thoroughly before offering it to your dog.

Also, you should understand what to do in the event of salmon poisoning. As soon as you notice any suggestive symptoms, schedule a visit to the vet immediately.

In addition to the risks of salmon poisoning, there’s also the possibility that your dog is allergic to salmon. This especially happens if the dog is allergic to other varieties of meat like poultry and pork. In such cases, you should avoid giving the dog salmon.

border collie laughing

How Much Salmon Can A Dog Eat?

If you’ve decided to supplement your dog’s diet with salmon, you must give your pooch salmon only in moderation. So, how much salmon to feed your dog, and can dogs eat salmon every day?

First, dogs shouldn’t eat salmon every day. In terms of the quantity, that will depend on the size and age of your dog, as well as its nutritional needs.

That begs another question, can all dogs eat salmon? For instance, can Yorkies eat salmon? And can Chihuahuas eat salmon? What about Maltese dogs, can Maltese dogs eat salmon?

Salmon is safe for dogs of all breeds. You only have to ensure that the smaller breeds get lower portions compared to their larger counterparts. Similarly, younger dogs should eat lower amounts of salmon compared to adult dogs. 

If you prefer offering your pooch salmon oil, you can try the Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs, which is both tasty and nutritious.

This salmon oil will help to improve your dog’s coat, while also keeping it safe from various chronic conditions.

You might also like this Salmon Jerky Treats, which is especially formulated for dogs with skin rashes as well as hip and joint problems.

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So, Can Dogs Eat Salmon Fish?

Absolutely. Just ensure you cook the fish thoroughly and serve it to the dog plain, without adding onions, garlic, salt, or other condiments.

Do not feed any raw salmon to your dog.

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