Understanding The Growing Popularity Of The Cavapoo


The Cavapoo is an interesting hybrid for a number of people that have never heard of it before.

First of all, the name doesn’t give much away about the parentage unless they are familiar with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is not a common dog in hybrids, unlike the Poodle. Also many photos are easy to mistake for other poodle hybrids with that golden color, familiar coat and sweet face.

So, what makes this Cavapoo cross so different and why is it such a popular dog in certain parts of the world?

In this guide to these Cavapoo dogs will will look at some of the best important Cavapoo information and facts to help you gain a better understanding of these animals.

We will start with the origin and the breeding that goes into these hybrids, such as the confusion of the name and the issue of using Toy Poodles. This will lead into a section on the best places to get Cavapoo puppies.

Then will look at some of the key physical traits of these dogs, paying close attention to the size and the coats of these animals. Then we will look at the care needs, such as exercise and health care issues.

Finally we will look at the personality and intelligence of these dogs, including a look at their role as a family dog and the ease of training them.

cavoodleCavoodle – Image Source

So what is a Cavapoo and is this even the right name?

There is some confusion over the name of this dog and it often depends which side of the pacific you reside in.

In the US, the common name is the Cavapoo, and this has translated into other cultures. There are now Cavapoo breeders and owners in the UK with stock that apparently originated in the US.

In Australia, where the breed is said to have originated, many refer to it as the Cavoodle. The name Cavalier Poodle is also occasionally seen, which is a clearer distinction of the two breeds in play here. They are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.

Which Poodle is used for this hybrid dog?

There is some disagreement between breeders over the best way to get a healthy Cavapoo pup in a responsible manner.

Understandably, there is no way to breed this small spaniel lapdog with a large Standard Poodle. This would be impossible naturally and would not make a lot of sense when there are smaller Poodles.

The debate lies with the Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. Some are happy to breed both, with the Toy Dog providing a smaller version of the typical Cavapoo dog. Others feel that there are too many health risks with the Toy Poodle’s genetics and will only breed with the Miniature Poodle.

We will discuss breeding and health risks a little more later.

This means that there are some Cavapoo breeders that are better than others

One of the easiest ways to get one of these dogs is to look for breeders with mini Cavapoo puppies for sale.

Some are more responsible than others. Some are dedicated to creating healthy pups with strong genetic lines and a wider gene pool in the hope of establishing this as a breed. They care for the hybrid and the pups.

Then there are those that want to make a quick buck and heard that the Cavalier Poodle hybrid was a good bet.

Always visit the homes, take a good look at the pups and parents and learn as much as possible about what you are buying into.

white cavapoo dogWhite Cavapoo – Image Source

Alternatively, you could also look into Cavapoo adoption

This is a great way to find a Cavapoo full grown if you don’t want the hassle of raising a puppy. The temperament of this dog, as you will see below, shouldn’t work against this animal and lead to too many being abandoned.

They are not difficult to live with. Yet, there will always be circumstances where owners have to give up a loved dog for the greater good, or instances of neglect. These shelters provide the chance to save a life.

How much is a Cavapoo puppy?

There are clearly many breeders in the US and Australia, the latter taking this cross breed to its heart, but some areas will have more than others. This can have an impact on the price of one of these dogs.

The Cavapoo price range can vary depending on the breeding and the claims of the breeder. Beware of those with “rare colors” and “cheap pups”. We will look at this issue of color more below.

Naturally, there are reduced costs in adoption, but any new dog like this has its price, particularly when think about healthcare and finding the best dog food for Cavapoo pups.

The physical features and size of a Cavapoo

This ability to choose between the Toy and the Miniature Poodle, and the subsequent decision to stick with the Miniature, means that there are some implications on the size of the Cavapoo.

So how big do Cavapoos get?

There are some that will have a smaller animal from the Toy. In some cases they will be aware of this, but others may wonder why their Cavapoo puppy isn’t growing as big as expected. The Cavapoo height will vary with a shoulder height between 9-14 inches. As for the Cavapoo average weight, they can weigh anywhere between 7-18 lbs depending on the genetic mix.

As you can see, a Cavalier/Mini Poodle cross could be a lot taller and stockier than a Cavalier/Toy Poodle cross.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

The size and weight of the dog is not the only consideration when thinking about the physical features of these animals. There are plenty of Cavapoo pictures that show that while there are variations in some features, such as the face shape and build, there are elements that tend to stay the same.

Most of their faces are round, with many breeders and owners referring to them as expressive. This is what immediately draws many people to this breed. They instantly seem sweet, happy and loveable.

Another key facial feature is the ears. All Cavapoo ears are long and droop down. They also have quite a long tail held proudly behind like a spaniel.

The other thing that you will see from typical Cavapoo images is that they often share the same coat colors and style. There are many breeders that will proudly see that a Cavapoo comes in a variety of colors.

However, the common Cavapoo colors are that warm, golden color seen in many photos. Alternative colorations include black, white, of the Cavapoo white and brown variety known as Blenheim. There are also occasional tricolor dogs that take after the Cavalier more than the poodle.

This coat, whichever the color, is usually known for its soft with the curls of the Poodle, but there are those that take on the longer coat of the Cavalier. As always, it all depends on the genetic mix.

toy cavapooImage Source: hudson_the_cavapoo

This all leads to some important questions about Cavapoo shedding and grooming

The dominance of the Poodle genes means that prospective buyers are sure to ask a familiar question that comes with Poodle hybrids.

Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic and do Cavapoos shed?

The strength of the Poodle genetics means that the majority of these dogs will have a hypoallergenic coat that barely sheds at all. This is one of the key reasons why this hybrid is so popular.

However, there are still grooming considerations here. The style of the coat means that it requires regular grooming in order to prevent matting. This is especially true with these longer, silkier coats. A regular clip from a groomer will keep the coat under control.

There are few other major care needs with these dogs. They are pretty well suited to apartment living, as they have a low exercise need, but they need to stay active and are in need of plenty of mental stimulation and games. One small walk, a game of fetch and some playtime at home should be more than enough here.

Then there is all the important Cavapoo information regarding Cavapoo health care risks. There are questions over Cavapoo ear problems because of those long droopy ears and they do need to be cleaned and checked regularly.

Some of the other major conditions of the parents breeds are most bred out, such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy, heart problems and Luxating Patelllas.

It is also worth noting that the Cavapoo lifespan is pretty long for a small breed, at around 10-14 years, and it is said that some have reached the age of 20.

cavapoo temperamentImage Source – sommerthecockapoo

The Cavapoo temperament explains why this is seen as such a good family dog

The popularity of this dog across the continents has a lot to do with its attitude to its family members and its willingness to please all those it shares its life with. The terms affectionate, loyal and friendly are thrown about a lot with sweet little companion dogs. However, this couldn’t be more true of these hybrids, with a puppy or an adult Cavapoo.

There is no doubt that they are good natured, playful and social, to the point where they can also get along with other pets.

Naturally, there are always going to be questions over the potential for behavioral issues with any cross breed animal.

The fact that this is such a sweet, family focused dog doesn’t mean that there aren’t any Cavapoo behavior problems to contend with. In fact, they can be a little to attached to their family and in too much need for attention. This is great in an environment where there is always someone there to make a fuss and give them company.

However, they will not do so well in homes where owners need to leave the dog for long periods. Crate training isn’t for them. Separation anxiety training could help for some with this Cavapoo personality trait, but not.

How to train a Cavapoo puppy

With this in mind, it is clear that Cavapoo training is important, as it is with any small pup that is brought into a family home.

The good news here is that the intelligence of the Poodle comes through pretty well with these sweet little dogs. This means that the best Cavapoos learn a large repotire of tricks and commands that they want to get right. They can even be used in agility and obidience events – despite their small size.

However, the youngest pups are often inquisitive little animals with a short attention span. This is where online guides like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer are so helpful. This step by step guide helps users through difficult areas of training so that they can adapt the process to their dog and work in their own time.

300 x 250

Is this Cavalier and Poodle crossbreed right for you?

What we have learned about this hybrid in this Cavapoo 101 guide should help to clear up any confusion about this cross.

While it is possible to have a smaller version with a Toy instead of a Miniature poodle, the Miniature is the preferable parent due to size and health considerations. This mix leads to an intelligent, family-oriented dog with some great traits, a gorgeous look and few care issues.

It is always important to find a good breeder, or better yet a shelter dog in need, but there are lots of people keen to celebrate this interesting hybrid with healthy stock.

cavapoo 101Image Source – lenny_the_cavoodle

When these Cavapoos were first bred in Australia by ACA Breeders, the aim was simple. They wanted to create a small, outgoing dog that was a great family pet with none of the shedding issues. This is precisely what they got, and it is why there are so many happy owners across the two continents.

However, responsible new owners need to consider the potential health issues, the grooming needs, the possible problems with training due to their attention span and the risk of separation anxiety. Owner that can handle this level of attention should get along with the Cavapoo just fine.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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