Corgi German Shepherd Mix: A Guide To The Strange, High-Spirited Hybrid

german shepherd corgi mix

A Corgi German shepherd mix is one of those curious crossbreeds that sounds like it shouldn’t exist. This means a hybrid of the GSD, a large working dog seen in the police and military, with a Welsh Corgi, a breed that is now most commonly associated with the British Royal family. There is a Lady and the Tramp style romance at play to get a natural breeding here.

In reality, there are many breeders looking to create this cross, which is also known as a corman shepherd. There are buyers keen on this mix because of its temperament, intelligence and look.

In this guide to the German shepherd corgi mix, we will look at some of the key issues surrounding this hybrid to further uncover the reason for their popularity.

We will start by looking at the physical features of the hybrid – most notably their size.

Then we will look at issues of care, from the basic needs to the health issues that could be experienced. Then we will look at the temperament and behavioral issues at play, as well as training before ending with a section on purchasing.

With these corgi German shepherd mix facts, hopefully you can decide if this mix is right for you.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix CharacteristicsSource

What are some of the key physical characteristics of the corgi shepherd mix

There are a number of physical traits that stand out with this cross. These include the flatter head, long erect ears, and the quality of the coat.

This coat is similar to that of the GSD, even in regard to the color. There are a lot of black, brown and golden colored coats here, many of which will mimic the dark back and light chest of a GSD parent. There are also some that will be white, but you are unlikely to see the red of the corgi.

This all leads to the important question of how big does a corgi German shepherd mix get?

This is sure to be one of the questions that come to mind first for prospective owners of corman puppy. What sort of dog do you get when such a large animal mates with such a small one.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]This is a good looking dog with a mixture of the frame of the GSD and the short stature of the corgi, It is usually a pretty short dog, sort of like a GSD on tiny legs with a corgi head. However, these traits can vary depending on the dominant genes at work. They can reach a height between 12 and 15 inches and the corgi German shepherd mix weight is anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds. [/thrive_text_block]

German Shepherd Corgi Mix size weightSource

General care issues with a German shepherd corgi mix

The size of the dogs leads to important questions over healthcare. So what sort of dietary and exercise guidelines should you follow with a corgi German shepherd?

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””] It is important to note here that there is a small risk of obesity in these dogs, due to the corgi’s ability to gain weight quickly and its love of treats.

A strict, healthy diet is therefore essential for a healthy dog, with the recommendation of 1 to 3 cups of high quality dry food divided into two meals. Good activity levels are also needed to keep them fit and entertained. This is a high energy breed that requires two long walks and plenty of playtime. It also helps to provide toys and puzzles at home to keep the brains working. [/thrive_text_block]

They like food treats, so a food puzzle is ideal. This also means that they are not well suited to apartment living.

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What about corgi shepherd grooming issues?

Shedding may be an issue with this pup, but not in a severe way.

Most owners will experience moderate shedding due to their dense short coat, an inherited trait from the GSD. This is not a hypoallergenic dog because of this.

Light, regular brushing should be enough on a daily basis to deal with the amount of fur that is lost. This could help to form a bond with your dog and limit the hair left on the furniture. Bathing can help too, with the right approach and products.

It is also important to remember to carry out ear checks on a regular basis because of their size and shape. There is a risk of infection.

This leads us nicely onto important corgi German shepherd mix health problems that owners need to be aware of

A happy, health corman can live for between 12 and 15 years, which isn’t bad for its size.

However, there are health issues that can limit longevity and quality of life. The biggest health concern with this dog is bloat as this can be life threatening. Dietary care and vigilance are important here.

Other german shepherd and corgi mix dogs may experience joint dysplasia, eye problems, back problems, allergies. The former comes from the GSD line, as this is a common problem in this breed. Generally, these hybrids will lessen the chance of developing such breed-specific problems, but there is still a chance depending on their line.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix TemperamentSource

What is the corgi German shepherd mix temperament like?

A corgi mixed with German shepherd is seen as a loyal, friendly family pet that is great with children, although early socialization can play its part here. It can also be pretty good with other animals with the right approach.

Some owners appreciate them because they are good watch dogs that want to look after their family and will react to danger.

They are generally loving, good natured and a joy to be around, but that doesn’t mean that behavioral issues don’t occur.

Corgi german shepherd mix behavioral issues are minimal in number, but can be an issue of they are not dealt with in early puppyhood.

The first issue is the fact that he German shepherd corgi has been bred from two herding dogs, this instinct can kick in with dogs that aren’t trained properly. The issue here is less with other animals and more with you, as these dogs will try and heard family members in the right place.

They need to be taught that you are in control, not them, with early training measures in pack awareness and obedience. The additional problem here is that there is an independent nature in the corgi that might come out in the offspring. Stay on your guard and in charge. There are also reports of destructive behavior from bored dogs that have been left alone too long.

Corgi German Shepherd Mix TrainingSource

What does this all mean for Corgi German Shepherd training issues?

The corgi and German shepherd mix is a highly intelligent hybrid from two highly intelligent parent breeds.

The good news here is that that this means that they are generally pretty easy to train. That independent streak can lead to a stubborn nature, but a firm hand can consistency can get great results.

Herding issues, destructive behaviour and socialisation are the issues that many owners can struggle with here. The good news for owners is that there are online resources that can be brought in when the nature of the corman proves too difficult to handle.

Step-by-step web-based guides like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer are ideal for learning about a range of issues that can affect the German shepherd corgi. There is also the chance to work at your own speed, which is essential for this stubborn hybrid.

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How to get hold of corgi German shepherd mix puppies if you feel that this cross breed is a good fit?

The first place to start is with breeders advertising a corgi German shepherd mix for sale. Take the time to visit the pups to ensure they are healthy and from a reputable source. A chance to meet the parent dogs also offers a chance to learn more about health issues and other traits, such as that likelihood for joint issues.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]The corgi German shepherd mix price can vary depending on the breeder and linage of the dog. Some can fetch as low as $250 while others are nearer $700 or $800. [/thrive_text_block]

The alternative option here is to look for a corgi German shepherd mix for adoption. The odd pairing of a German shepherd mixed with corgi could prove to be unappealing and hard to handle for some owners. This means that there could well be hybrids at a local shelter. These rescue dogs may be more difficult to train, but it is rewarding.

Is the corgi German shepherd mix the right option for you?

There are some issues to getting a corgi German shepherd mix puppy. There are still health concerns that are diluted from the parent breeds. More importantly, there is a strong chance that these stubborn, intelligent dogs could exhibit some behavioural issues that are hard to train out of them.

On the other hand, there is a strong charm to these oddball dogs in their appearance, quirky personality and energetic nature. If you can keep up with them, train them out of herding behaviour and give them the care they need, you should be rewarded with a sweet, loyal family pet.

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