Do Dobermans Shed: The Potential Causes And Solutions Of Excessive Doberman Shedding

Do Dobermans Shed

Pet hair can be a problem for many dog owners, especially in long haired pets that seem to be constantly shedding all over the furniture.

With its short, simple coat, the Doberman seems like it should be a great companion that doesn’t leave as much hair around the house.

Is this really the case and how much do Dobermans shed?

In this guide we will look at the nature of the Doberman coat, normal shedding behavior and the potential causes of excessive shedding.

By taking care of your pet’s health, diet and grooming regime with these tips and solutions, you can keep Doberman shedding under control.

What is a Doberman coat like and how much do they shed?

Doberman are seen as a great choice for pet owners that don’t want to deal with a lot of shed hair because there is no long-haired Doberman.

A Doberman generally has a short coat with no thick undercoat to deal with. The hairs are small and coarse, almost like little eyelashes, and while this means that they can easily show up on floors, furnishing or anywhere else around the house, there isn’t an excessive amount of long, fine hair or dander to deal with.

doberman-siting-in-fieldImage Source

This is great news for anyone with allergies because while their coat is not hypoallergenic, it is kinder on those that are sensitive.

Like all dogs, a Doberman will shed its coat. There is no dog breed that won’t because all pets need to shed their hair as a new coat grows. If we can put up with our own hair shedding with normal growth, we can put up with some natural hair loss from our dogs.

The question asked by many prospective Doberman owners, however, is will a Doberman shed a lot.

Will you see excessive shedding and what constitutes normal shedding?

The pattern of shedding can vary from dog to dog, and some will appear to lose more than others. For the most part, a Doberman will not lose much hair. This can change, however, during seasonal moults and during their development as puppies.

Whenever your dog needs to get rid of its summer or winter coat to grow one that is more suitable, you will find you are dealing with a lot more pet hair.

As you will know, if you are a keen Doberman owner or breeder, there are plenty of variations between colours.

The more common and most recognisable of the Dobermans is the black and tan variety, but there are also red, fawn, blue and white Dobermans.

While results can clearly vary between individuals, it has been said that black and tan Doberman Pinschers lose more hair per square inch than any other variant. From there, the next candidate for problem shedding is the red Doberman.

Blue and fawn Dobermans shed much less because they have the smallest amount of hair per square inch.

This does not mean that excessive shedding in black and tan dogs should be ignored or that owners of blue dogs should panic at hair loss.

Look at the potential cause of why your Doberman may be shedding and isolate any problems.

Is your Doberman losing hair or showing signs of poor coat quality?

If your pet is showing sign of a poor quality coat or seems to be shedding more than normal, it may be worth checking for certain health conditions or other factors that might inhibit the healthy growth of a Doberman coat.

The climate of the house can play its part, as can undue stress, and there are skin conditions and dietary issues to keep in mind as well.

It should also be noted that certain variations of the Doberman breed have different needs and some of the rarer colours seem to experience these hair and skin complaints more than the “standard” black and tan Dobermans.

Health problems that may made a Doberman Pinscher shed

Skin conditions can affect the quality of a coat and the amount of shedding that is experienced.

doberman at vetImage Source

Some dogs may have dry, itchy skin brought on by a poor diet or grooming regime and this may manifest itself through a thinner, duller coat and dandruff.

A more serious problem to watch out for is that of Demodectic Mange. This condition is caused by a reaction to a red mite and leads to patchy hair loss, usually around the fact, chest and front legs.

As a short-haired breed, Dobermans are more susceptible to this condition and puppies in particular can be sensitive to the mite. Thankfully, hair loss appears to be the only negative effect.

It should also be noted that a Doberman hair loss can also be a sign of a hereditary disposition. There is a chance that you can feed him, or her, all the right nutrients and provide the right grooming regime, but you will still find patches of bare skin.

Pattern baldness can occur in some dogs and this is characterised by patches of skin on the throat, chest or belly when the skin simply does not grow back.

This is little cause for alarm if your pet isn’t exhibiting any signs of discomfort, like itching and scratching.

Another potential health issue for Doberman owners to watch out for is a blown coat brought on by stress.

Blown coats are a common part of grooming and dog care for many owners of breeds with thick undercoats. The seasonal shed is often referred to as the coat blowing out, and it is when the soft hairs beneath the top layer are shed in quick succession. This can be easily dealt with when it is expected.

Do Doberman Pinschers blown out their coat? Most healthy dogs will not show this sort of excessive moulting because of the type of coat, but those under stress may lose a lot of their top coat in one go.

This is often seen in bitches that have recently given birth. The strain of the experience and the loss of nutrients leads to quick, extreme shedding, but this can be quickly rectified.

Diet and Doberman shedding

The final health issue that needs to be considered when determining the cause of excess shedding in this breed is their diet.

If a Doberman is not receiving the right nutrients in their food, they can develop skin and hair problems and lose conditioning.

The correct diet should be able to help owners prevent against this but, if the problem persists or the dog is losing a lot of hair, it may be worth trying a different approach.

There are lots of different formulas out there that are tailored to certain issues and conditions and your vet will be more than happy to help you with dietary changes or supplementation.

It always pays to seek medical advice before making any drastic changes with a diet, just in case there are potential knock-on effects that might harm your pet.

Another dietary solution that could help prevent Doberman Pinscher excessive shedding is fish oil supplementation.

Fish oil supplements are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and these oils can prove to be an essential part of a dog’s diet. Not only are fish oils great for cognitive development, they had help to improve the condition of skin and hair.

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This means that dogs with skin issue and dandruff may be see an improvement in the condition and a better quality coat, while other animals simply stop shedding so much.

The other great thing about using fish oil is that it helps to add a shine to dull, lifeless coat. The breed is famed for the sleek shape and glossy finish and this helps owners achieve this without resorting to too many products.

The only potential problem with using fish oil – either as a liquid or a capsule – is that the taste can be difficult to disguise and some dogs may turn up their noses. Some suggest substituting this with olive oil if it becomes a problem, but this may not be as effective.

Doberman hair loss can be prevented in some cases with a good grooming regime

If you have gone through all the potential health risks and are sure that the amount of fur your Doberman Pinscher sheds is healthy, the only thing you can really do to combat the issue is to stay on top of it.

It can be annoying when the amount increases, but you cannot stop your dog from shedding its fur.

The trick is to try and remove as much hair in one go as possible and to contain it, rather than allow it to fall here and there across the home. One potential solution is grooming.

A solid grooming regime may not be your pet’s favourite thing in the world but, with regular treatment, the right tools and a controlled environment, it can mean that a lot of the shed fur is captured in one spot.

The other benefit is that it can also promote the growth of a healthy coat, which means that grooming is also advisable in Doberman shedding cases where the coat has lost a little conditioning.

Grooming can promote circulation in the skin, which stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles. This can then lead to the distribution of those important nutrients and oils that keep the fur healthy and shiny.

Top grooming tips to help when Dobermans shed their fur

Its pays to choose your tools wisely when finding the best grooming devices to stop Doberman Pinschers shedding.

Not all brushes are suited for all coat types and if you buy something that is too rough, you may end up causing some serious damage.

The Furminator, for example, may be a much-loved tool in difficult grooming situations, but it is no good here.

A stiff brush or a standard grooming mitt can be more than enough on these short coats to remove dead hair.

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Many Doberman owners recommend some of the rubber tools that attract the hair but do not have any sort of abrasive surface or sharp edge that might cause harm.

The short coat means that the tools get close to the skin and misuse can lead to scratches that might become inflamed or infected.

One of the great things about owning a Doberman is that they don’t require a lot of time and attention when it comes to bathing.

Some owners go as far as saying that they only require a proper bath every couple of months and can make do with a wash with a wet cloth once a week.

This may be fine for dogs with a healthy coat, but if you are looking to stop your dog shedding fur in an excessive manner, you may want to bathe them more often and use an appropriate shampoo.

A good rinse with some soapy water can wash out lots of hair in one go, which is ideal if your pet is going through a seasonal moult, but be sure to use the right products and to rinse them out thoroughly.

Don’t use any human products on your Doberman and expect a good result. If in doubt, consult with your vet.

When your Doberman is all clean and his coat has been shampooed and treated to prevent further shedding, it is time to dry him off.

There are two methods that can help here:

Gently towelling them dry will soak up the majority of the water in a fast manner and allow you to get rid of any excess fur and debris that may still be trapped in the coat.

From there you have the choice of either letting them air dry naturally by running around or by using a cool air system to finish the job.

A cool setting from a fan or a hairdryer can be great at blowing away any stray hairs. Just be careful not to use a higher heat as this may cause more problems and harm the coat.

How to deal with the issue of Doberman losing fur in the house

Now that you have learnt how to deal with the fur during the grooming regime, and how to prevent potential hair loss and excessive shedding through health checks, there is one other issue to contend with.

No matter how much your Doberman sheds – whether it is a healthy amount from a healthy coat or a blow out – you are going to have pet hair to deal with in the household.

The first thing to do is not to stress about it. If you know that this is a temporary issue, the increased cleaning efforts won’t seem so bad. Put throws over the sofa during these problem periods and invest in a good pet hair vacuum to take most of the strain.

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vacuuming pet hair

A great tip from Doberman owners is to groom your pets outdoors, especially during any blow outs.

This can not only stop the fur from getting inside the house and into the carpets, it can help with the air drying process.

Some like to take a brush with them to the park so that they can groom their dog far away from the home and reward them for their patience with some play time.

If Doberman shedding is a serious concern, it is always worth consulting a vet.

If you find that Doberman hair loss or excessive shedding is still an issue in your house, it may be time to consult a vet.

The need for veterinarian advice has been highlighted through this guide and that is because it never hurts to have an expert opinion, even if it turns out that nothing is wrong. If you are concerned about rapid hair loss or potential skin conditions, a vet can take a closer look and diagnose any potential problems.

If you are unsure about dietary changes or supplementation, a vet can point you in the right direction for maintaining a healthy diet.

If you need advice on the best shampoo to use or the right grooming techniques, your vet will happily lend a hand. In the end, it is all about the health and well-being of your pet.

Summary: The causes and solutions of excessive Doberman shedding

There have been plenty of important questions that have been answered in this guide.

Do Doberman Pinschers shed a lot? They can at certain times of the year, but they are generally viewed as a manageable breed with very little hair loss.

There are, however, occasions when owners find themselves dealing with more shed fur.

What causes a Doberman to shed excessively? Seasonal moults, health issues and dietary problems can all lead to hair loss and poor coat conditioning.

What can be done to deal with Doberman Pinscher shedding? Look into dietary changes, grooming regimes, regular cleaning and consultations with your vet.

By following these guidelines and keeping an eye on the condition of your Doberman’s coat, it is possible to keep excessive shedding at bay and ensure that your dog remains healthy and looking at his best.

Doberman shedding should not be a problem in a healthy dog and those seasonal moults are something that you are just going to have to put up with.

A few extra baths and some extra cleaning is still worth it for the companionship and loyalty of these beautiful animals. Spend less time worrying about the question of do Dobermans shed and enjoy the time spent grooming and playing with them.

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