Do French Bulldogs Shed And How To Keep Shedding Under Control

Do French Bulldogs Shed

French bulldogs are one of the most popular little dogs around right now. They are comical, attractive and good natured.

There are plenty of positives to the breed, but there are also questions on the minds of prospective owners. One of the most common is simple: do French Bulldogs shed?

There is a concern over how much do French Bulldogs shed for those that don’t want to spent ages grooming and tidying up after their dogs.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””] In this guide we will look at the coat of this pup, the general grooming needs and any issues that might result in excessive shedding to create a clearer picture of the issue.

The aim is to educate and provide a French Bulldog shedding solution for those in need. [/thrive_text_block]

French Bulldogs are loved by breeders for their looks. A lot of this comes down to the colors of the coats from the creams and browns to the blues and blacks.

It is a breed that many want to look it’s best at all times. For some, this means the ideal grooming regime and coat maintenance. As you will see throughout this guide, there really isn’t all that much too it. In fact, the more fuss you make, the more damage you could impose.

black French Bulldog shedding

What is the French Bulldog coat like and do frenchies shed?

Frenchies are like any dog in that they have to shed some hair. It is natural for animals to lose dead hair and grow new ones and those hairs have to go somewhere.

No matter what you do, there are going to be some of those little blue, black, cream or brown hairs on the furniture. You can stop your pup from being a couch dog, but this won’t do much for these loving, cuddly dogs.

do Frenchies shed

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]However, there is just a simple, short, single coat on these dogs and no undercoat. This means no thick coat to lose in blowout and minimal loss in general shedding. It is also important to remember that this short coat means that these dogs can struggle in hot climates. [/thrive_text_block]

Most owners will find that French Bulldog shed throughout the year, but there will be some that see some fluctuations. With this in mind, those asking do French Bulldogs moult do not have to worry about the sorts of big seasonal changes seen in dogs with double coats, like those from colder climates.

If you are now reading this saying, but I have a long haired French Bulldog that is shedding a lot and needs a lot more care, there is a good chance that it isn’t a pure Frenchie. In this case, you need to understand the grooming needs of the other parent dog.

As a moderate shedder with few major issues, there should be little concern here about the French Bulldog shedding season and any major problems. Yet, there are some that disagree.

do frenchies shed

Why is my French Bulldog shedding a lot?

With all this talk of the single coat and the minimal to moderate shedding that is seen with French Bulldog, there are sure to be some owners that contest this viewpoint.

For every Frenchie owner that doesn’t see much of a French Bulldog shedding problem, there are sure to be those asking why is my French Bulldog shedding so much.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””] There are some medical reasons for excessive shedding with these dogs. Parasites and fleas could be partially to blame here.

Fleas could cause irritation and rashes. Resulting scratching and biting could damage skin and hair follicles. There is a chance that the coat is not in peak condition, causing the hair to be brittle and prone to breakage or loss. [/thrive_text_block]

The answer to this does not lie in conditioners and products, but rather in massage and fish oil supplements. You need the natural production of oils to return to the hair follicles to add strength to the strands.

Massaging skin can help too. Fish oils with Omega 3 and 6 could also give a quick boost. With this in mind, it may be time to change up the grooming regime.

french bulldog grooming guide

How to groom a French Bulldog

With the coat under control, it is important to get into the habit of a good French Bulldog grooming regime. There really isn’t much to grooming a Frenchie because of this simple, short coat.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””] Any dog that seems to shed too much is often faced with deshedding apparatus such as the FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs. This really isn’t a good idea with these little dogs.

The FURminatior is designed to deal with the troublesome undercoat of dogs that go through big moults. The last thing that you want to do is rake out the top coat of a dog that has problems with temperature regulation. [/thrive_text_block]

Instead, the best approach here is to look for the ideal brush for French Bulldog pups. A simple brush with rubber bristles will attract the dead hair and collect them all up for easy disposal.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B010GK2LIW” locale=”US” tag=”howtotrainy03-20″]

Some of the best models are also designed to massage the skin for better circulation and oil production. As we saw above, this is important because this is turn helps to improve the quality of the coat.

There really isn’t too much that owners need here to groom these dogs other than this French Bulldog brush and a gentle hand.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””] The positive side here is that regular bathing is not recommended because it can damage the coat and skin and products can strip out those oils. The negative side is that brushing needs to be pretty regular. [/thrive_text_block]

Do French Bulldogs shed a lot and should we really worry about it?

As with many dogs, the answer to the question of do French Bulldogs shed is not a straightforward yes or no.

There are many owners that have no problems with French Bulldogs shedding hair and can keep on top of it with ease. On the other hand, there are those that buck the trend and find too much French Bulldog hair around the home.

With the right healthcare, grooming and a good sense of what the Frenchie coat should be like, it isn’t too hard to keep French Bulldog shedding under control.


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