A Dog Rocks Review: Does This Natural Solution To Yellow Grass Really Work?

dog rocks review

There are sacrifices that we all have to make when it comes to owning dogs.

One of the first that will come to mind for keen gardeners is the lawn. Some will be happy to let it go for the pleasure of having a family pet playing in the outdoor space. Others would prefer to find some balance with the best of both worlds – a happy dog with good toilet habits and a lush, green lawn. This may sound impossible to some dog owners, but there is a product that is designed to help.

In fact the makers of Dog Rocks proudly state that their natural product means that “your dog can save your lawn”. This is an eye-catching tag line, but few will believe that this is true without further details and testimonials.

This is where this Dog Rocks review comes in.

In this dog urine rocks review we aim to take a closer look at this product to see whether it really can benefit users, and their lawns, or whether it is actually best to keep away from this approach.

We will look at the science behind the system, in terms of its effect on the water supply and effect on the grass, as well as its efficiency as a lawn repair solution. This issue of efficiency is important as there are potential issues with the result, the time frame and the quantities of rocks to water.

We will also make sure to take the time to look at the safety of these rocks for dogs, as they are ingesting the treated water, and ask what are Dog Rocks made of.

We will finish with a brief buying guide to the product types and a final recommendation on which dog owners – if any – should use these rocks.

Before all of that, let’s look closer at the issue that these dog rocks aim to fix.

The problem of dog urine and grass

Many dog owners will find that they have issues with dog urine burning grass in their garden.

This won’t be a big problem for all those that just have a rough area of grass at the front of the house. However, those with prized lawns will be less than happy.

Dog urine can turn the grass yellow as chemicals and other elements change the pH of the lawn. It starts with some uneven color but ends with some stark, bare patches. This is no good for those that want a pristine, green area.

Once dogs are used to peeing in their favorite spots on the lawn, many owners find that they have to sacrifice that area as a dog toilet.

These rocks to stop dog wee killing grass are therefore an appealing alternative – if they work.

Can they really make a difference and, if so, how does it all work?

pee rocks for dogs

How do these pee rocks for dogs work?

There is a common comment in user reviews for these Dog Rocks that Prevent Grass Burn Marks where users says something like the following:

“I have no idea how they work, but they are doing a pretty good job!”.

So, let’s try and dig a little deeper into the science of these clever rocks.

According to the official explanation from Dog Rocks online, it is all about removing the nitrates, tin and ammonia in the water that the dogs drink, rather than changing the content of the urine or messing around with the animals’ systems.

The basic idea here is that if it doesn’t go into the system from the start, it can’t come back out again within the urine. This makes sense and seems like a logical approach. We don’t want to medicate the dog, and we know that traditional lawn treatment solutions are problematic as the damage has already occurred. Therefore, treating the water does seem like the best idea.

The rocks come from an Australian paramagnetic igneous rock. As this is an all natural product, there are also warning that the product may vary in size and properties.

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Dog Rocks Dog Pee Grass Neutralizer for Green Grass in 3-5 Weeks | Dog...
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This all sounds great, but do Dog Rocks work as well as users hope

There are sure to be some skeptical dog owners that aren’t completely convinced that a product like this will actually make a big difference.

However, there are some strong positive testimonials in favor of this approach as well as some negative ones.

There are many that see some impressive changes to the quality of the lawn after a short period of time and decide to continue with the method to maintain the look of the grass.

The company insist that users will notice some results after 5 weeks of use. This can vary from home to home, but many agree that it is effective.

The company claim that their product works for 9 out of 10 of all households, with the recognition that some lawns and water supplies will vary. Also, some rocks may be more potent than others. This is part of the risk of a natural solution.

Part of the issue for those that struggle may be down to the formula and quantities of these dog pee rocks. The solution requires 1 pack of 200g per 2 liters of water for effective neutralization.

Therefore, it makes sense to add the pack to a 2 liter bottle of water, give them time to work and use this water to top of the water bowl. This may be confusing for owners because of the more simplistic directions on the packets and website. Here it says to add the rocks directly to the bowl, but it is more difficult to get the ratio right here.

Are Dog Rocks safe for my dog

Are Dog Rocks safe for my dog?

Naturally, there are always going to be some concerns when placing a product like this in a water bowl or anywhere near a pet’s food source.

The promise of natural materials is encouraging, as this clearly means that there are no nasty chemicals treating the water. It also means that we are not trying to medicate the dog in any way.

However, then there are all the comments about this product affecting the pH of the dog’s urine. This is the primary concern here as there are major fears over Dog Rocks side effects for animals new to this approach.

Official sales pages for Dog Rocks insist that this is the only solution that is “proven to have no change to the pH balance of your pet’s urine”.

However, there are some pet owners that have tested their dogs after a long period of use and found that this isn’t the case.

The good news here is that these reports are rare and the majority of users don’t have any problem with the health of their animals. We have to consider the possibility that this imbalance could have occurred through some other influence or dietary issue, but many feel that the rocks are to blame because they were a new addition and there was that lack of trust from the start.

The secondary concern here is that this change in pH level and urine content could lead to urinary and bladder infections, which could have a knock on effect on the health of the animal with long-term use. Again, such reports are rare and the safety rating appears to be pretty good.

grass before after using dog rocks

What else do owners need to know about these Dog Rocks?

There are some other considerations for use that users should be aware of here.

We mentioned above about the need to have the water and rocks in a container, to then use to top of the bowl.

The other benefit here is that it keeps the rocks and dogs separate with less risk of disruption or confusion to their routine. There is no risk of eating, chewing on the rocks or refusing to drink the water because something is different. With this method, nothing is different as far as they are concerned.

Some dogs also don’t like having things in the water bowl and are set in their ways. In fact, there are some cases of the dogs removing the rocks, making them useless.

how to use dog rocks

What is the alternative here?

There are some that will be unconvinced by this approach because they are adding products to the water supply for their beloved animals.

Others simply wont get the results that they want on their lawn.

The question is, what is the alternative to a product like this? It might be worth looking into another brand or product that works in a similar way, although there will always be some concerns here about the chemicals and ingredients used and the efficiency of the product.

There are sprays and solutions to add to the lawn, but there is the sense that the damage has already been done at this point and anything that happens from here is just cosmetic.

The only other solutions are to increase your training of your dog to ensure that they only pee in an area that is suitable. Make sure that they go somewhere away from the prized lawn in their own private patch of the garden.

Good toilet training from an early age should already instill this idea of a personal outdoor toilet area, rather than allowing them to go wherever they choose. You may find it difficult to train dogs out of their traits later in life just because the lawn is going a bit yellow.

The other solution is to treat the lawn, water it more often and sod it whenever it starts to go yellow and bare. Some plant it with other plants, like clover. This can be costly over time with repeated maintenance.

australian dog rocks review

Where to buy Dog Rocks?

If you decide that these Dog Rocks are the best possible option for the issue of a yellow, burnt-out lawn, you need to find the right product.

Ideally, you want a legitimate product from the source to be sure of this special Australian mineral and its properties. This may be more expensive than a cheaper knock-off, but it should be worth the cost.

There are online suppliers in the US, UK and Australia and links on buying sites like Amazon.

Remember that there are different quantities and options within the range. The best option here is to opt for one of the Dog Rocks Lawn Burn Prevention 600 g 6 month supply cases to be sure of plenty of rocks at a fair price.

Dog Rocks Dog Pee Grass Neutralizer for Green Grass in 3-5 Weeks | Dog...
2,646 Reviews
Dog Rocks Dog Pee Grass Neutralizer for Green Grass in 3-5 Weeks | Dog...
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So, what have we learned about this Dog Rocks grass stain solution?

There are clear pros and cons with this which means that this solution wont be suitable for everyone.

Concerns over the safety of the treated water are understandable. Still, there are plenty of people that turn to these rocks, use the correct ratio of rocks to water and enjoy some impressive results – all with a happy, healthy pup.

It is clear that the best results require the right quantities and some clearer directions from Dog Rocks themselves.

Despite all of this, this is a simple, natural solution that has a lot of potential.

dog rocks natural solution for yellow grass

Is this Dog Rocks really the best option for your lawn?

Those that are comfortable with the idea of the natural rocks in the water and that get the right results will have nothing bad to say against them.

However, some are understandably wary of this sort of invasive approach, just to keep the lawn looking pretty.

There are three options for dog owners with lawns: treat the urine to save the lawn, treat the lawn because of the urine, or leave things as they are.

It all depends on how much you prize the lawn and how the dogs take to the system.

If you have any concerns or the dog shows signs of distress, try another approach highlighted in this Dog Rocks review. If not, enjoy the green grass and simple process.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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