6 Fun Facts About Poodles

Fun Facts About Poodles

You would not overlook a poodle on the street. This cute, smart breed of dog is known not only for its distinct features but also for its intelligence and loyalty.

Let’s go through a few fun facts about this gorgeous animal!

1. They Are Very Smart

Poodles are not merely adored for their distinct look – they are also among the smartest breeds. They rank as the second smartest dog, as they have high cognitive and emotional intelligence.

Poodles’s history includes being employed during wars. Their task would be to bring supplies to soldiers. This type of task could only be entrusted to a smart, intelligent breed like the poodle.

Poodles also act smart in social activities. They display playful behaviour, and love getting attention.

2. They Are Easy to Train

As poodles are naturally so smart, it is no wonder that they are also very easy to train. A poodle can learn a new command faster than other dogs and will obey it more often. This is why they made such great hunters in the past, and make brilliant, smart companions today.

3. They Do Not Shed as Much

Although poodles’ fur is not technically hypoallergenic, it produces less dander than other dogs. That is great for those who suffer from allergies as they do not produce as much dander as other breeds of dogs do.

Because poodles have a lot of furs, they may also frequently go to the groomer, which washes allergens off their skin. The largest type of poodle has the most hypoallergenic fur, while the smallest, toy poodle, will shed the least dander.

Standard Poodle in the Summer

4. They Used to Be Hunters

Poodles used to hunt before any firearms were available. They would often retrieve birds as a hunting dog in Germany. This is where poodles got their name.

Originally, the poodle was called ‘pudeling’, which in German means, ‘splashing in water’. This required a hardy dog with good swimming skills, which is why poodles were first used for hunting before they were domesticated.

Nowadays, they are known for being great companion dogs, ideal for families, but also often employed as service dogs, guide dogs, and more.

5. Their Hair Is Not Just a Fashion Statement

The theory is that the poodles’ iconic haircut is not just a stylish fashion statement – it originally also served as a functional trait. It is said that poodles used to retrieve ducks in the water, and the reason the poodles’ bodies would be shaved would have been to make it easier for the dogs to swim. Their heads and upper bodies would stay untrimmed to keep them warm.

6. They Are Very Active

Poodles are active dogs with loads of energy. It is no wonder that poodles love activities after their history of hunting and physically demanding activities.

Poodles love both a swim and a nice walk. So, if you’re seeking a fitness companion as well as a cuddle buddy, then a poodle might be a good fit for you. But that brings us to the next point.

Should You Get a Poodle?

After reading all these fun facts about the poodle breed, you might also be wondering whether a poodle is right for you.

A poodle can be a great companion for people who have active lifestyles and are looking for an active, smart, loving breed. However, keep in mind that there will still be a lot of training you will need to put in with a poodle, as well as costs such as grooming, food, vet bills, and possibly dog insurance.

Before adopting a poodle, be sure to do your research and understand what owning a poodle entails.


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