GoBone Dog Toy Buyer’s Guide and Review

gobone smart bone

The GoBone is an interactive dog toy that is the first of its kind. This might be the world’s first smart bone toy to be invented.

The GoBone dog toy helps to keep your dog active and well entertained while you are busy with other things.

Scientific research has shown that dogs who engage and spend time playing with interactive toys tend to be smarter and more intelligent than the ordinary dog.

Features of the GoBone Dog Toy

1. The GoBone dog toy keeps your dog entertained

This interactive dog toy has features that make it a good choice of entertainment for your dog. It has an auto play mode that programs the GoBone dog toy to move for at least 10 minutes and goes to sleep mode for 20 minutes. This interval is meant to allow your dog to rest.

The GoBone has the other mode of play which is the Freestyle mode which can allow you to drive the toy around the house with your dog on his heels.

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2. Designed for dogs who love to play and are food-oriented

The GoBone dog toy is made in such a way that your dog can be able to play with it in whatever manner he wants.

It is made out of material that is chewable and treatable too. It also has inbuilt intelligent software that is able to personalize your dog’s movements.

3. The GoBone is easy to clean and re-charge

This interactive dog toy has a removable exterior that enables you to easily disengage the parts of the toy to allow for easy cleaning.

You are also advised to disinfect the parts and maintain a good hygiene to prevent your dog from interacting with harmful germs.

Gobone reviews

4. The GoBone dog toy has a long life battery

When the GoBone dog toy is in autoplay mode, it can last up to 8 hours. This is enough time to allow your dog to play to his satisfaction.

Simply make sure that you recharge the battery as soon as your dog finishes his playtime with it.

5. You can install the GoBone App

The GoBone dog toy has the GoBone app which you can install on your phone to enable you control the GoBone dog toy from your smartphone.

The app is compatible with iPhones that operate on Ios 9.0 and androids v4.3.

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6. The GoBone dog toy offers your dog personalised entertainment

This interactive dog toy offers your dog his own personalised entertainment. It is programmed in such a way that it can be able to adjust its behaviour depending on the age of the dog.

The GoBone dog toy can also be able to personalize and adjust its settings to match the weight, breed and play style that your dog loves. This feature is meant to make your dog bond faster with the interactive dog toy and also keep him interested in playing with it.

Where can you buy the GoBone Dog Toy?

The GoBone dog toy can easily be found online on Amazon. It is an amazing product that is sold on amazon.com at a very affordable price.

You can go online and check out the world’s first smart bone.

According to the GoBone dog toy reviews, the dog toy is quickly gaining popularity as many clients give it a good rating.

One client, Herman, states that his dog was at first scared of the GoBone dog toy but soon he began to adore the toy.

SK, another satisfied client was happy with the purchase and was impressed by the level of customer service support. He says the only disadvantage with the GoBone dog toy is that it might be a little heavy for the small dogs to grasp, but it is generally the best toy for medium-sized dogs to large ones.

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In conclusion, the GoBone dog toy is a great way to keep your dog occupied and entertained while you are busy with other things.

The smart bone has an app that you can install on your smartphone to enable you control the toy from your phone. It also boasts of having a re-chargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours on auto play mode.

Get your dog the GoBone dog toy and allow him to experience a whole new level of playtime.


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