Is The Golden Retriever Husky Mix As Perfect As Dog Lovers Imagine?

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

There are many dog lovers that wish they had a magic machine that could create the perfect blend of their favorite breeds.

For many, this would mean some form of Golden Retriever Husky mix that blends beauty, brains, loyalty and playfulness in one big, loving family dog.

The interesting thing about the domestic dog is that we can put any two breeds together – so with better results and less ethical concerns than others. Therefore, this Goldie Husky cross does exist and there are many breeders ready to sell.

The question is, is this really as good a mix as we hope?

In this guide we will look at all the important Golden Retriever Husky mix info that you need to know about this dog before you take the plunge and decide to either buy or adopt one.

This means looking at the breeding involved in this dog and the different traits we can expect with this cross. There are all of the physical traits to consider, such as the size of the dog, trademark physical features in the face and build and pros and cons with the coat.

Then there are all the traits with the personality, from the positive aspects of behavior and training to the potential bad points.

Along the way we will also consider elements of care, such as the health and exercise needs of the dog.

Then we will look at breeders and shelters as a means of obtaining one of these pups, before offering a final verdict on the breed.

husky golden retriever mixHusky Golden Retriever mix – Image Source

What do you call a Golden Retriever Husky mix?

This is an important question because we need to know what to call these dogs when looking for a breeder, or other helpful information.

Most hybrid dogs have some kind of special name given to them as breeders try and create their own legitimate breed.

While the AKA and other associations are yet to see this cross breed as a breed in its own right, there are those that appreciate the Goberian, Golden Husky or Siberian Retriever as its own animal – whatever they choose to call it.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]The term Goberian is perhaps the most common of all the names found in the online blogs, guides and listings. This appears to be the most official name so far, but it is not quite as appealing as the Golden Husky and doesn’t immediately tell us what is in store. Perhaps that is part of the charm, to create the impression of a truly original breed? [/thrive_text_block]

Creating a Golden Retriever and Husky mix

Of course there is no strange mix of genetics or weird breeds to be found with these Goberian pups. Instead, we have a simple cross breed between two of the worlds most popular working and family dogs.

Both of these parent breeds – the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky – are quite different in many ways, but share the same amount of adoration due to their positive quirks and looks.

The Golden Retriever was once a keen gun dog, eager to sniff out the fallen game and fetch it for their master. They have since become one of the world’s favorite family pets due to their looks and loving nature. They are one of the more gentle dogs around.

The Husky is entirely different in this regard, as it’s more high-spirited, playful and mischievous. Still, it is seen as one of the more beautiful breeds around and is adored for its coat and canid leanings. It is build for speed and endurance in the snowy tundra, and still works well as a sled dog in its pack.

Golden HuskyImage Source

How big will a Golden Retriever Husky mix get?

This is an important question for anyone that looks at online Husky Golden Retriever mix pictures and sees these cute little bundles of fluff.

Some people forget just how big a Goldie can get at the best of times, and the cross with these Husky genes isn’t going to make them any smaller.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]The general rule with the size of these dogs is that the Golden Retriever Husky mix weight is approximately 35 – 80 pounds.

This is quite a broad estimate and this is down to the different factors at play – are their built more lie the Husky or the Retriever? Are they male or female? There will be some male dogs with a larger muscle tone that are much bigger than the leaner females. [/thrive_text_block]

This issue of size raises some interesting questions about the home life and exercise regime of this Golden Husky.

As this is a big, lean dog with plenty of energy, it will require an active lifestyle, a large home and a yard for regular playtime. This means more exercise than a pure Goldie might expect and plenty of games of fetch to keep up their instincts. Retrieving competitions are a great way to bond, as is sled pulling and other sports.

What can we expect from the physical features of a Golden Retriever mixed with Husky?

These dogs offer an interesting mix of features that can vary depending on the genetic mix and dominant genes at play.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]As you can see from some of the photos that are available online, there are some pups that inherit those piercing blue eyes that many dog lovers adore in the Husky. Others will have the brown eyes of the Retriever. Some will have ears that hang down like a Retriever, while others will hold them a little more erect. It isn’t uncommon to find that these dogs have the muzzle and body of a Retriever and tail and legs of a Husky. [/thrive_text_block]

Then there are the coat colors in a Golden Husky mix. This is where this alternative name for the hybrid is actually pretty apt. There are many of these Husky crosses with a Golden coat in a rich tone. However, there are those that maintain the whites and grey of the Siberian Husky markings.

Golden Retriever mixed with HuskyImage Source

Husky and Golden Retriever mix Grooming/Shedding

Grooming is an issue with the Golden Retriever because of its long fur, while shedding is an issue with the Husky because of the fluffy double coat and seasonal blow out.

So what does it mean for the offspring of this cross? Do the issues double up or cancel each other out?

There is a little confusion here due to the likely hood of the double coat and longer fur and the fact that many owners still say that grooming and maintenance isn’t an issue.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]Don’t get complacent here. Make sure to keep the dog in good condition and brush them regularly to keep the hair under control and looking at its best. [/thrive_text_block]

Golden Retriever Husky mix health problems

It is important that new owners pay attention to health risks and keep up with regular checks for these dogs.

One of the biggest concerns here is overeating and obesity, which places even more stress on that idea of an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise. Then there are other concerns regarding heart problems, epilepsy, OCD and joint and eye issues.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]Another aspect to consider with the health of this dog is the Golden Retriever Husky mix lifespan. The top end of the estimate is around 15 years and the bottom end 10 years. It will all depend on the conditions they inherit, their lifestyle and other factors that we, unfortunately, cannot prepare for. [/thrive_text_block]

What do owners need to know about the Husky Golden Retriever mix temperament?

The personality and behavioral issues with these dogs are interesting as we have two very different parent breeds.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]There is always the hope with a hybrid that you will get the best 50/50 split of genes and traits. Naturally, this is also true when we have a Husky mixed with Golden retriever. In this case, owners want the fun, bright nature of the gorgeous Husky with the gentle spirit and easy-to-please style of the Goldie. [/thrive_text_block]

There are hopes that all the high-spirited, mischievous aspects of the Husky are diluted and soften a little via the Goldie mix.

However, the likelihood of this depends on the dogs bred and the lines of that the breeders have created. Just as we saw with the health care issues, the best, most experienced breeders with generations of animals will have the best stock to work with – these are the ones that don’t have the worst of the personality traits or the worst primal instincts of the Husky. Less experienced breeders may work purely on looks and wont think about the personality at all.

husky retriever mixImage Source

Why is the Husky mix a potential behavioral issue here?

We have to remember that the Husky is one of the most primal dogs with genes closer to its wolf ancestors than some other domesticated dogs. It is not uncommon to hear of Huskies chasing livestock, barking at other animals and strangers, generally being quite vocal with howling and testing the boundaries of a home.

The last thing that you want is a pup that will keep the neighbors up at night, wander off and cant be trusted off the leash in the countryside.

The Goldie, on the other hand, is a more gentle, loving animal that simply wants to be a part of the pack and please its family. There are not the sort for barking or chasing issues, and they are one of the better behaved dogs.

Training a Golden Husky puppy

There are always going to be some concerns about training these dogs because of some of those known traits of the Husky.

While there is every chance that you will end up with a dog that is as bright as the Husky and as eager to please as the Golden Retriever, there is also a chance that the stubborn side of the Husky may come through as well. This can be a bit of an issue when it comes to getting the best out of these dogs.

It is important that these pups receive a strong regime of consistent training, with plenty of positive reinforcement, from an early age. The earlier you start, the easier is to socialize these dogs and make sure that they are fit to be around the rest of the family unit and other animals.

The last thing that you want is a young child coming up to your cute looking Golden cross in the park and finding out that the Husky side doesn’t want to play.

Any owner of this Siberian Husky Golden Retriever mix that is having a little trouble with their new pup should turn to doggy dan the online dog trainer. This course has been a savior for many dog owners of different breeds, including these primal, tricky Huskies. The guide talks newcomers through issues in an easy-to-follow plan for some great results.

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Finding the right breeders

We have to remember that there are good and bad Husky Golden Retriever mix breeders out there when looking for a Husky Golden Retriever mix for sale.

It pays to research breeders by more than location alone. A breeder in the local area is convenient, but they may not a be reputable operation. Instead, take the time to research breeders that are experienced with this cross and have enough generations and lines for a desirable, healthy pup.

The best breeders will carefully work to breed out bad traits in personality and health issues. The worst breeders will overbreed the dogs they have and create a bad gene pool of potentially undesirable pups.

Find the breeders that will take the time to show you around, introduce the pups and their parents and provide all the information that you need.

retriever husky mixImage Source

What does this all mean for the Husky Golden Retriever mix price?

All of this talk of the best and worst of the different breeders that are around leads us to the issue of price. Is this a particularly expensive cross or not?

As with all hybrids, the cost of these pups often depends on the availability and the breeder. A high-end breeder with strong lines and a good reputation will charge more, especially if they are the only people in the area to provide such a cross. If there are lots of breeders of this dog, due to local popularity, you may find that the costs are a little more competitive.

Either way, beware of all of those that promise to provide “cheap pups” or “discount dogs” because you don’t know what problems they have for them to be worth discounting. Also, this suggests a low-end breeder with poor practices.

Husky Retriever CrossImage Source

The alternative to the breeder is of course to look into finding a Golden Retriever Husky mix for adoption

Adoption is one of the best ways to find a Golden Retriever Husky mix full grown, rather than a puppy from uncertain sources.

While many Goberian owners love their dogs and get along with them brilliantly, there are also those that struggle to handle them. Also, there are those unfortunate situations where owners just can’t keep them any more. These poor pets end up in shelters awaiting a new home and a lot of love.

Some of these dogs may have behavioral issues that will require a strong hand, consistent training and an experienced owner, so make sure to talk to the handlers first.

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So what have we learned about this Husky Retriever mix?

This dog may not be the dog that you first anticipate when you look at those cute pictures.

The mix of genes in a Husky x Retriever isn’t always going to create the perfect balance of traits. There are some dogs that are gentle, playful bundles of fun that get along with everyone and have piercing blue eyes and perfect Golden hair. Then there are those that are more mischievous, harder to train, shed everywhere and have an entirely different look. It is the luck of the draw when it comes to these animals.

The reality here is that there are potential issues in behavior, home life and health that new owners don’t immediately consider, but there are is clear a lot to love here. Those that work to overcome potential obstacles early on can find that these dogs are loving, wonderful pets.

Is this Golden Retriever Husky mix right for you and your family?

There is no doubt that these Golden Retriever Husky mix puppies are adorable and insight feelings of love at first sight.

However, prospective owners have to look beyond the cute faces to the true natures of the adult dogs. The stubborn nature, high activity requirement and other factors means that a lot of time and effort goes into raising the perfect Goberian pup. It is high effort, and not for the newcomer with minimal experience, but also high reward for those that can handle it.

Take your time when reading about these animals and the commitment involved. Consider the place of this dog within the family and if it will suit the home environment. Finally, compare breeders and shelters carefully for the happiest, healthiest pup with the best start in life.

Featured Image: Instagram/yukonsara


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