A Closer Look At The Beautiful Harlequin Great Dane

Harlequin Great Dane

The Harlequin Great Dane is a striking looking dog.

Most Great Danes make a great first impression anyway, but this one is especially prized for its good looks.

In this quick guide we will look at the most important Harlequin Great Dane information.

We will start by looking at the key Harlequin Great Dane characteristics – especially compared to other colors – as well as breed standards. From there we will discuss some of the issues with finding Harlequin Great Dane puppies, as well as the cost.

Then we will look at some other important information on their health, care and temperament.

By the end, you should have a better idea of what to look for with this Dane, and its pros and cons.

There is often some confusion about the look of this Harlequin Dane

There are some dog lovers that assume that this Harlequin dog is simply a Great Dane with spots.

However, some of the best Harlequin Great Dane images show that this isn’t the case at all. There is a torn effect to the patches that goes beyond the look of a spotted Great Dane.

Ideally, the AKC want a white Harlequin Great Dane with just the right amount of these patches on the body.

This means a pure white neck with large black patches on the body, but not too many of them. They should be an appropriate size too. Not large enough to cover a vast area, but not tiny enough to look like dappling.


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Then there is the confusion over other Harlequin Great Dane colors

Every breeder and show dog owner will talk about the presence of black patches on a white coat.

Yet, there are other colors with these torn markings. This is where we end up with what is known by some breeders as a porcelaine dog.

This basically means any Harlequin color other than black. This is how you get some blue Harlequin Great Dane dogs and grey Harlequin Great Dane dogs. Beautiful as they are, these colors are not recognized by the AKC.

Don’t be alarmed by those that talk about a Harlequin Merle Great Dane. There are black Harlequins with some Merle coloration within the coat, but it is mostly black. This is down to the genes from the dogs in their linage.

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What about any other Harlequin characteristics, such as the Harlequin Great Dane eye color?

The other physical features of these dogs are pretty familiar.

This is still the same large giant with the strong muzzle, muscular build and erect ear. There is a pink nose in pups that darkens with age.

As for the eyes, it is possible to find a Harlequin Great Dane with blue eyes, which is a popular look with dog owners. Also, it isn’t uncommon to find dogs with different colored eyes.

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Finding a Harlequin Great Dane for sale

There are two problems with finding a Harlequin pup to buy.

The first is accessibility:

There are some breeding issues with these Harlequin Danes. There is no guarantee of creating a litter of breed standard Harlequin pups from two well-bred Harlequins.

Many will use a mix of Harlequins, Merles and mismarked black dogs. This means a mixed litter where maybe just one or two have the markings that buyers want.

This means supply and demand issues, which can increase the cost.

The Harlequin Great Dane price is the second issue:

Beware of those that try and ask too much for these well-bred “rare” Harlequins. They aren’t as rare as some might think.

Alternatively, you might want to try looking into Harlequin Great Dane adoption

There are sure to be many Great Danes in need of a good home in shelter. They will come in a range of colors and there is no reason why a Harlequin won’t be among them. This is a great way to save a life and cut some costs.


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What about the Harlequin Great Dane temperament and healthcare?

Now that we know a little more about the look and breeding issues of this Harlequin Dane puppy, we need to look at how to care for them.

The look is the only really difference here in terms of their personality. There shouldn’t be much difference to other Great Danes and litter mates of different colors, like fawns or brindles.

The temperament is gentle, affectionate and pretty tolerant. They make good family pets, but do need good socialization training from an early age. This is due to their size and because of their initial fear of strangers.

If you have trouble training your European Harlequin Great Dane, you could turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer for advice.

This online guide has lots of accessible step by step guides for all sorts of problems.

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Harlequin Great Dane health issues

Exercise needs are obviously just as high as with other Danes because of the Harlequin Great Dane size.

This size means that owners also need to watch out for joint problems and a slow metabolism. The latter can lead to bloat and other digestive issues.

Unfortunately, this also means that the Harlequin Great Dane lifespan is also pretty short. Neither color tends to live very long. The average here is 6-8 year, although some have been known to reach 10.

There is also the risk of Harlequin Great Dane skin problems like dermatitis.

Finally, it is worth considering the risks of deafness, blindness and other Harlequin Great Dane eye problems. This is important with pups from Merle stock like the Harlequin. Responsible breeders will work to prevent this risk in their litters. Less knowledgeable ones will not.

Anyone with concerns over the health care of this dog should check out the Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. It offers great advice on a range of subjects, with accessible information for new owners.

What have we learned about these beautiful Harlequin Great Danes?

Remember that this should be more than a spotted Great Dane if the breeders are truthful about their litter.

Instead there should be distinct torn black patches in all the right places. These strict AKC standards mean that it might be difficult to find Harlequin Great Dane puppies for sale that meet the rules, and at a fair price.

Make sure to read up on the Harlequin Great Dane facts and research local breeders before committing to this specific color.

There are pros and cons to this type, so buy with caution.

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