Understanding The Highs And Lows Of High Fiber Dog Food

High Fiber Dog Food

It is crucial that all responsible dog owners provide the right diet for their pets. That is why there are so many different products, supplements and other dietary aids out there to ensure that your pets are getting everything that they could possibly need.

Choice is great, but only when you know precisely what it is you are looking for. A high fiber dog food may be recommended by a vet for certain conditions, but there are plenty of considerations to make before you change your pet’s diet. Dog food with fiber can mean lots of different things and it is important that you know precisely what to feed you pet.

What does this guide on fiber foods for dogs aim to show?

In this guide we will look at some of the different issues and problems affecting dog owners that are looking into a high fibre dog diet. We will start with the importance of fibre in a dog’s diet before looking at some of the different products and whole foods that can be used to supplement a deficient diet.

There are lots of different high fiber dog food recipes to choose from as well as a number of issues and concerns.

This guide will look at the issues affecting dogs of different ages, the problem of over-consumption of fibre and other tips for safely bringing fiber into your dog’s diet.

How can dog owners know if they are providing a good high fiber diet for dogs?

The first thing that all owners need to do is check the ingredients list on the back of their dog’s pet food.
This should tell you just how much fibre is currently available in their diet. Vets say that 5% is fine while others would argue that 3% is safer. It could all depend on how poorly your pet is and the amount that needs to be replenished.

Cheaper foods and brands may not have quite so much, with some being as low as 1%. If this is the case, you may decide that you want to add some additional fiber to the diet to balance it out.

Why are high fiber dog foods so important for our pets?

Fiber is crucial for maintaining a healthy digestive system, immune system and regular bowel movements. It is as true for our dogs and cats as it is for ourselves. The right amount of fiber for dogs can prevent constipation, bloating and weight gain.

A high fiber diet is also important for dealing with problems with anal glands. Impacted, smelly anal glands are a big problem for all concerned but dog food high in fiber can really help.

Observe the health and behaviour of your dog to see if there are any potential health problems that there are exhibiting signs of. This is likely to be stomach conditions, poor bowel movements and other related issues. If these symptoms persist, there could be a medical problem or a dietary issue. Either way, it is important to get your pet checked out. Vets can carry out a rectal exam and talk with you about any dietary issues.

Another important health issue is finding a high fibre dog food for colitis. Colitis is often treated with a good source of brown rice and good carbs. Finding the best dog food for colitis can be a little bit tricky, however, because of the other dietary implications that are involved. The problem is that colitis is often associated with grain allergies. This means that grain-free high fiber foods for dogs is a must.

Grain-free is just one of the specialist foods that dog owners can buy for their pets. A diabetic dog food list is also helpful for those that struggle with blood sugar levels as well as fiber consumption. Some dog owners often assume that grains and related carbs are great for fibre, but this is not necessarily a good idea. Grains and empty carbs can actually be quite damaging.

A high fiber grain free dog food is essentially for all pets with colitis. However, many dog owners would automatically suggest that this is the best way forward for all pets. Grains are simply not worth the hassle of potential allergies and stomach complaints when there are much better, safer options out there.

Buying the best high fiber dry dog food brands.

There are many high fiber dog food brands that could provide a great alternative meal for suffering dogs.. There are products with added sweet potatoes, carrots and brown rice, among other options.

Taste of the Wild has a 5% fiber base which is higher than many others. This has always been a highly revered brand for its natural ingredients. They offer a range of meat and tend to be good for digestion. Then there are all the brands of high fiber dog treats for those that only need a little bit of help.

There are many “complete health” options with high fibre but it is important to read the labels and understand precisely what you need.

High fibre can be too much for dogs with a good diet but it is great for those with problems There are lots of blogs and guides with their own high fiber dog food brands list. Additionally, you can always ask your vet for guidance.

Finding a good high fibre diet can be problematic

There is a lot to consider when picking out a high fiber diet option for your pet. The level of their deficiency and the condition they are suffering from is a start, but we have to also consider other issues that might have an impact on their health. Grain allergies and diabetes have their problems, but there is also the simpler issue of age.

If you have a puppy that is struggling with digestive issues or deficiencies, a high fiber puppy food may be in order. The problem here is that puppy’s are so sensitive and growing so fast that it can be difficult to find the ideal balance. As always, ask your vet for the best option for your pup’s specific issue. Older dogs, meanwhile, require high fire diets to improve intestinal health. Where possible, search for a high fiber senior dog food that has the best ingredients and quantities for these older dogs.

Then there is the issue of finding the best high fiber dog food for small dogs. It is difficult for small dogs because of the high protein and calorie contents of many high-fiber foods.

There are some specialist foods but not many. If you can find a brand that offers low calorie high fiber dog food that is specifically for small dogs then you could be onto a winner. The only problem is that this is so specialist, you may have to pay a little extra for the privilege.

Cost is a tricky subject with this issue the best dog food with fiber. Some owners are keen to get the very best option to treat their pet’s problems, no matter the extra cost, but this isn’t always practical for families on a tight budget. Again it is best to shop around, talk to other dog owners in a similar position and seek the advice of vets.

Is it possible to add too much fibre to a dog’s diet?

Dogs don’t need as much fibre in their diet as we first suspect. Too much can also lead to stomach upsets and diarrhoea. It can be difficult for some dog owners to find the right balance. The impulse for some is to go completely overboard and add lots of fibre all at once to make up for their mistakes.

While this path is clearly paved with good intentions, it can be just as damaging as a dog’s digestive system struggles to adjust. The trick is to change their diet slowly.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””] Don’t go from a poor-quality dog food with low fiber to high quality high fiber dog food over night. One way of preventing against this dangerous change is to add real food in increasing quantities. Rather than change a formula entirely, you can simply supplement what is already there.[/thrive_text_block]

Adding whole foods with high fibre to a current diet

There are many dog owners that prefer to use real ingredients in their dog food, rather than rely on a formula created by someone else. This can often lead to a greater source of nutrients, flavors and textures for a dog to enjoy.

[thrive_text_block color=”orange” headline=””]If a dog is suffering from a fiber deficiency, it could be easier to add some fibrous foods to a regular meal to compensate. Not only could this end up being cheaper and more accessible than opting for an expensive, specialist brand, it could be easier on the dog. [/thrive_text_block]

Some dogs don’t appreciate a change in their food if they are fussy. Adding one element to a tried and tested recipe could be more tolerable than a whole new product.

There are lots of different options out there that dog owners can try to add some fiber to a dog’s diet. One that is mentioned a lot on guides and blogs is pumpkin and sweet potato. Sweet potato has become popular in alternative brands of food as a safe carbohydrate source.

The real thing is also tasty and moist enough to soften up protein meals and dry food. Canned pumpkin can work here too. It may be a seasonal thing, but it is a nice treat for dogs.

Be careful with products and avoid canned pudding or pie mix because of the sugar and additives. Other vegetables like carrots and green beans can also help. Cooked is better here because they are easier to eat and digest.

Finally, some dog owners like to add crunched up bran flakes on top of food for texture and a quick fix.

These real fibre sources, when cooked and moist, help dog owner get around the issue of overly dry food. Many of the products that are available on the market are dry and this simply doesn’t suit all tastes.

Many owners like to add a bit of water or a chicken broth to specialised high-fibre food to soften it up. This liquid also helps with our final suggestion for adding fiber to a dog’s diet.

Fiber supplements for treating fiber deficiencies in dogs

The use of fiber supplements for dogs is something that many dog owners probably would not have considered before. It makes sense to try different foods to improve a diet first, but supplementation may be a good option in difficult cases. Essentially, it is just like adding some extra vitamins or minerals to our own diet. It is easy to get some fibre tablets and related products from vets. They will be able to guide you on the most recommended brands with the right dosage.

There are lots of options available. Some supplements use natural ingredients like pumpkin seeds and additional probiotics. Metamucil powder is an option too, but only for those that are really careful. You only needs a small amount in water as this soluble powder needs to be heavily diluted. Supplements could be great for those that have trouble adding real food to a diet or those that have dogs with real problems.

What have we learned about the issues of finding dog food with fiber?

The idea of supplementing a dog’s diet with additional fiber sounds simple at first, but there are actually a lot of different factors to consider. Creating a high fibre doggy diet is not as simple as switching to a new product with a higher content. You need to be aware of the different brands that are available for dogs of different ages and health needs. An older dog with colitis will need something different than a young dog with diarrhoea. Also, you need to take things slow and add the fibre gradually so that the dog’s digestive system can adjust.

As you can see, there are plenty of great high fiber foods for dogs. It is up to you whether you chose to opt for a known brand with a specialised formula, put whole ingredients into a current diet or go for supplements. There is a high fibre dog food out there that will suit your pet’s needs. Talk to your vet, consider your options and take your time.


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