How Much Do Pugs Cost: The Highs And Lows Of Budgeting For Pugs

how much do pugs cost

Pugs are one of the most popular small breeds across the world, as many dog lovers have fallen for their features and disposition.

There is a clear demand for pug pups, but how much do pugs cost?

Some may assume that these small dogs can’t cost all that much compared to other, stranger breeds. However, there are lots of considerations with the pug price.

The answer to how much is a pug depends as much on the breeder as the choices of the owner.

In this guide to pug prices we will look at some of the issues behind the question of how much does a pug puppy cost.

We will start with different prices from breeders, such as the issue of how much is a black pug compared to a brindle one.

From there we will also look at some other other monthly and yearly costs to contend with. At the end, you should have a better idea on the likely costs and whether you still want a baby pug.

how much do baby pugs cost

How much do baby pugs cost?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer here when looking at the average price for a pug.

The pug price range really can vary depending on location, the quality of the animal and the motives of the breeder.

You may well find people in the neighborhood selling them for a couple of hundred simply because their dogs bred and they need to find homes for the litter. They may not be the best quality dogs, but they could still be healthy, pure pug.

Then there are those high-end breeders that will sell pups for thousands because of their pedigree.

Also don’t forget that there is a difference when asking how much does a purebred pug cost compared to a mixed breed.

Depending on the parentage, the pug dog breed price can vary wildly. Some designer hybrids can be more expensive than the “real” thing. It all come down to supply and demand and what the new fad is.

The price range often comes down to the question of how much are pugs worth, rather than how much they cost

Different pups have different qualities. The more “worth” that a dog has as pure-bred dog of a high standard, the more it will cost.

The high cost dogs are the show dogs with the good lines and features that meet all of the right breed standards. AKC standards are important when considering how much do pugs cost to buy. They are the deal-breaker between a good-looking dog and one that can win prizes and make money.

However, there will be some breeders trying to dupe dog owners with animals that are different through genetic faults. They are sold as specialist sub-breeds that may actually be less healthy. One example of this is the Chinese Pug with the flatter face and breathing problems.

Then there are the different prices for different colors. This is important for all those asking how much do black pugs cost.

black pug vs fawn pug shedding
There are some colors of pugs that are more acceptable than others. The AKC will only accept dogs with fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn and black coats. Therefore, the black pug price and the price of these fawn colored dogs should be higher due to their quality.

The problem is that not all breeder play by this rule. They may see the unacceptable colors as “exotic” and desirable and charge more for the privilege. This is important when trying to find out the answer to how much do brindle pugs cost? Generally speaking, all brindle, white and other non-standard colors should be cheaper, but there is no guarantee.

Of course, you can always cut down the pug dog price with adoption

There are many people looking to find out how much are pug puppies. This is understandable for those wanting to raise a cute pup.

However, there is the alternative of adoption in the conundrum of how much does a pug dog cost.

There are adult dogs in shelters that are in need of a good home and the adoption fees really are minimal compared to the costs of buying a pure pug pup.

average price of pug

What about the general costs of owning a pug

It is easy to get caught up in the different issues of buying a pug puppy from a dealer and concentrate on that big one-off cost.

The problem here is that new owners need to look at the bigger picture. What are the ongoing costs of pug ownership? How much do pugs cost a year?

One of the biggest concerns for all new owners looking in-depth at the pug cost is pug food. The average price for pug puppies over a year, or in fact a month, has to have a strong diet of nutritious food factored in. Your pug puppy will need the right food to support their growth and development.

The better quality the food, the more expensive it will be. Then the needs and portions will change as the dog gets older.

Again, there is choice here between the high-end dog food with the enriched formulas and the more economic food.

There are some pug owners that prefer to create home-cooked meals for their pug to keep them healthy. This could cut down on costs with the right recipes and approach.

Another important factor in the average cost of pug puppy care is healthcare

Some dogs need more medical attention than others and pug vet bills can get quite high with certain individuals.

There are some dogs that will only go in for their general check-ups, but there are many more dealing with emergency issues and ongoing complaints that may require regular treatment or operations. This can all add up over time.

One of the biggest concerns is with pug breathing problems. Their health of their airways needs to be checked regularly and there is the risk of issues like a collapsed trachea.

Then there are the issues with their joints, eyes, ears and obesity.

How much does a pug cost to insure? Pug dog insurance costs will vary depending on the provider, so it is important to look around. Yet, the rates are sure to be high.

black pug training

The next issue with the question of how much do pug puppies cost is pug training

Like all little companion dogs. These pugs need to be obedient, house broken, socialised and able to live as part of the family unit.

This all means a strong training program from an early age.

Socialization training allows them to get on well with other animals and children. A strong hand and consistent approach limits the chance of them developing small dog syndrome. Good leash control means you aren’t pulling them back and risking damage.

With so much to consider here, many owners will want some guidance.

The costs of training can vary depending on the approach. There are some owners that will prefer to bring their little pug into puppy classes where it can meet other dogs. The prices will vary depending on the tutor.

Alternatively, there are online guides at a good rate that can help you train a dog at home in simple steps. Doggy Dan the online dog trainer is a highly recommended option.

300 x 250

Further Reading: How to train your pug puppy

Other items to consider with how much do pugs cost on average

The costs of owning and raising a pug puppy don’t end there. There are lots of important purchases to consider for everyday life, such as dog beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, healthcare products, grooming tools, pens and toys.

All of these items will cost money, especially if you want a high quality item, and they will all wear out and need to be replaced as the dog grows.

It is difficult to budget how much you will need to spend on bedding and grooming products over a year. Do you factor in for breakages and loss? Also, it is easy to underestimate the costs that go into providing treats every month.

pug dog breed average cost

The average cost of a pug puppy is more complicated than you may think

When we ask the question of how much do pugs cost, we are really asking a lot of questions here.

There are the one-time costs of buying or adopting a pug, but there are also lots of ongoing costs in their general care and medical bills.

There is no definite monetary amount to place on the price of a pug. The initial costs will depend upon the pedigree of the dog, the breeder and perhaps even the color.

Healthcare costs will depend upon the health of the individual dog. Some may need basic check-ups and others may develop serious issues.

Then there are all the different options in food, toys, training aids and other products.

How much are pugs? Ultimately, the answer here depends upon the amount you are willing to spend on either a show dog of high pedigree or a “normal” pup. It also depends upon the amount your are willing to spend on the other elements of their care.

These dogs are not cheap. Budget well, treat them well and enjoy their companionship if you can afford it.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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