How to Stop Your Dog from Barking (5 Simple Ways)

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

While dogs bark as a means of communication, it is sometimes very annoying.

As the dog owner, it is your responsibility to control too much barking.

Here are 5 simple ways to stop your dog from barking….

1- Determine the reason why your dog is barking

This is one of the best deterrent tips to stop dog barking.

The first step to preventing barking is determining the reason behind the habit, and then tackling the problems with a tailored training method.

Once you establish the reason for your dog’s barking behavior, you can now start to stop it.

The best way to control dog barking is to try and eradicate any possible cause of the behavior. It is also important to ensure you are not unknowingly encouraging the behavior.

If your dog barks when he hears or sees something outside, it is a good idea to block his access to hearing or seeing that source.

If he looks through the window and starts barking, it is advisable to erect blinds or curtains so he doesn’t see passersby or other animals.

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2- Ignore your dog’s barking

Ignore your dogs barking until he finally stops.

In other words, stop giving him the attention he craves. Giving him attention will be like rewarding him for his barking behavior.

Avoid touching, talking or even looking at your dog while he is barking. Once he keeps quiet, you can now reward him with his favorite treat.

For this method to be effective, you need to wait until he stops barking. In case he barks for a long period of time, you may get annoyed and shout at him. However, doing this will teach him that when he barks, he gets your attention.

When you put him in a closed room or a crate and he starts barking, ignore him. Whenever he stops barking, be sure to praise him and offer him his favorite treat.

As he learns that keeping quiet is rewarding, increase the time he should remain calm before getting another treat. Make sure you start small and give him a treat for just a few moments before increasing the time he must remain quiet.

It is also advisable to alter the amount of time. For example, you can reward him after 10 seconds, then 15 seconds, then 5 seconds, then 10 seconds, etc.

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3- Use the “quiet” command

Another way to stop dog barking is to use the ‘quiet’ command.

Allow your dog to bark a few times, and then put his favorite treat near his nose.

Once he stops barking in order to smell the treat, offer him the treat and praise him to reinforce good behavior. Repeat this until he learns to bark when you say “bark”.

Once he can constantly bark when commanded to do so, you can now teach him to keep quiet.

In a serene place without any distractions, command him to bark. Once he starts barking, shout “quiet” and put his favorite treat near his nose. Once he stops barking in order to smell the treat, offer him the treat and praise him.

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4- Tire your dog out

All dogs need both physical and mental exercises. With a good workout, your dog will be less likely to bark or be on the alert for supposed trespassers.

Take the time to tire your dog out on a daily basis with a physically demanding game of tug or fetch and stimulate his mind by adding mind teasers, like hide and seek.

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5- Introduce busy toys

Both separation anxiety barkers and boredom barkers need a job to do when they are at home, all alone.

Introducing treat-dispensing toys can be a great way to keep your dog busy and entertained while at home alone. They are also ideal for attention-seeking dogs.

Here is a great video on how to teach your dog the “Bark” and “Quiet” Commands:

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