How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy: General Guidelines and Easy Tricks

How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy

Pet owners, particularly those who have puppies, will attest to the fact that they are an incredible source of joy within their homes. However, they will also verify that dealing with their puppy’s little accidents around the home is one of the most annoying aspects of having a French bulldog puppy as a pet.

Learning how to train a French bulldog puppy should be an owner’s top priority.

How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy- What you need to know before getting started:

Dogs tend to be creatures of habit- Dogs commonly pick a specific spot where they will continuously go to take care of their poo or pee needs.

Young puppies are physically incapable of holding it in for long periods of time- Puppies typically have to go every half an hour or 45 minutes.

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House Training vs. Potty Training a French bulldog Puppy

It is worth noting that there is a difference between a house-trained puppy and a potty-trained puppy.

A house-trained puppy refers to a puppy that has been taught to pee or poop outside of the home whereas a potty-trained puppy refers to a puppy that has been taught to poop or pee in a specific area of one’s home.

Paper training is the most commonly used method of potty training a puppy but is not always the best puppy toilet training method/technique.

What most pet owners do not realize is that paper training teaches a young pup that it is acceptable to ‘do their business’ in the house.

Regardless of whether or not you have set aside a designated area for paper toilet training, the process of cleaning up after your puppy will soon wear you out.

Moreover, you will also have to deal with the constant off-putting smell of poop that will always hit you or your guests once you get past your front door. Sooner or later, most pet owners who used the paper training method to potty train their puppy will want to change to a more reasonable elimination practice for their puppy. Unfortunately, this will be a hard and frustrating process for both you as well as your puppy. As such, French bulldog puppy owners should learn how to house train a French bulldog puppy rather than how to potty train a French bulldog puppy.

How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy

All these points considered, there are some general rules that you must follow during the process of French bulldog puppy training. These are:

  • Always offer rewards rather than punishments during the process.
  • Make your puppy’s toilet area easily accessible at all times.
  • Create a timely and regular feeding schedule for your puppy.
  • Keep a detailed journal on your puppy’s elimination habits, that is, the number of times, when and where he/she opts to go.

The Benefits of using the Crate Training Technique:

A crate acts as a substitute for a den in which puppies can easily rest and sleep in. In terms of effectiveness, numerous online puppy training reviews recommend the crate or puppy playpen method as the most effective puppy toilet training method.
Through using this method, puppies learn how to wait at a specific area (which works at a signal to you) before they are taken outdoors to poop.
This method is effective because dogs readily adapt to a crate due to their in-born den instinct.

It is noted that the best crate for French bulldog puppies are those made out of wire as they allow the puppy to visually interact with their surroundings, an aspect which lessens separation anxiety. Obviously, the main benefit of using a crate during house training is that your puppy is less likely to soil their resting or sleeping area. It is of noteworthy importance to mention that in order for the crate method to work, you need to be patient, consistent, observant, and ready to reward the proper use of the specific toilet area.

As such, you must take your puppy out to poop or pee when:

  • The puppy wakes up.
  • The puppy begins to move around the house after resting.
  • Your puppy has just finished exercising or playing.
  • You notice your puppy circling or sniffing a particular spot in your home.
  • You notice your puppy getting excited, for instance, when your kids arrive home from school or when you have guests over.
  • After every half hour.

Here is a step by step video tutorial by Sean Savage, a professional dog trainer and dog behavior consultant on how to introduce french bulldog puppy to a crate:


Steps in Crate Potty Training:

Step 1:
Create a timely and regular feeding schedule: The first step in creating a timely and regular feeding schedule is to understand your puppy’s dietary needs to know what to feed French bulldog puppy.
All dog food brands that contain soy, grain, or corn are unhealthy for French bulldogs and should be avoided. This is due to the fact that French bulldogs tend to have a lot of health problems and allergies that can be triggered by these specific ingredients.
The best brand of dog food is Fromm, which is loaded with nutrients and comes in grain-free varieties.

That being noted, the key purpose of keeping a detailed diary and creating a regular feeding schedule for your puppy is to help you understand and also allow you to predict when your puppy is likely to poop or pee what they last ate or drank. However, it is worth mentioning that each puppy is different and some may poop/pee immediately after a meal whereas others may take up to 45 minutes.
This is the main reason why you need to keep a journal.

Step 2:
Take your puppy out to your preferred pooping area immediately you notice any of the above-mentioned activities and signs.
If your puppy does not go ahead and do his/her ‘business’ then, simply ignore the puppy and let him/her into the house.
The best collar for French bulldog puppy potty training is one with a flat buckle collar and leash. Collars from the Lupine brand tend to be extremely durable and also have provisions for making adjustments as your puppy grows.

Step 3:
Always reward proper and timely elimination. Rewards can come in the form of play, praise or treats.
TIP: Online puppy training reviews mention that the best form of reward for puppies is using a doggy treat because they are better appreciated by the puppy and provide a great incentive to continue their good toilet related behaviour.

Step 4:
Start using commands. As the final step in crate toilet training for puppies, the moment you notice that your puppy is getting the idea of pooping outdoors and has developed a better physical tolerance for ‘holding it in’, you can start using commands.
Short commands such as ‘go now’ tell your puppy that it is okay to take a poop at that particular moment.

Sooner or later, your frenchie puppy is bound to start coming out of his/her crate and give you the signal that it’s time to let them go outside.

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