DIY: Some Superb Tips And Tricks On How to Train Your Dog to Sit

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

The “Sit” command is among the simplest and yet most effective commands you can teach your dog.

So, why teach your dog sit? At least you’ll enjoy a more refreshing, wonderful way to control your dog whenever you need to keep him calm and set in one place easily at all times.

It also helps establish human leadership, and is a great substitute for dogs jumping anyhow around and a lot of other problems.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Here is a simple guide that provides some brilliant tips and tricks on how to train your dog to sit. These simple tips and tricks are crazy simple to follow — anyone can try them at anytime. [/thrive_text_block] [thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’2′]#1 [/thrive_drop_caps] Show your dog a small, bite-sized of some yummy treat, holding it just a little in front of his eyes – slightly above his head. This will allow your dog to look up and back and automatically sit, and to see whether he will be rewarded.Make sure you throw him a click and treat, every time his bum sits on the floor. This will make him feel like he has done something great that has impressed you.

[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’2′]#2 [/thrive_drop_caps]Lure your dog to sit someplace and say “Sit” as you stretch your hand above his eyes, about 2 inches above his head. More than likely every time your dog looks up at the treat, he’s supposed to automatically sit. Therefore, putting your hand in the right position is very important. Because if your hand is too high, your dog will jump up, and if it’s too low, he won’t sit. So make sure your hand is raised up properly, every time you’re training a dog to sit.

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[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’2′]#3 [/thrive_drop_caps] Every time when your dog sits, give him some treat and pat him to show what a good dog he is. Though you’re supposed to praise him without petting him much, so he can’t get up when you want him to sit the most. If your dog doesn’t respond normally, say “Sit” again and personally place him into a sit position by placing your left hand under his tail, below his knees. Place your other hand on his chest, and tuck him right where he’s supposed to sit. Keep your hands still and count to five before giving him any treat.

[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’2′]#4 [/thrive_drop_caps] Practice making your dog sit 5 times in a row, at least during the first 5 days. Some dogs adapt this idea quickly that they sit in front of their owners seamlessly whenever they need a treat.

[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’2′]#5 [/thrive_drop_caps]Start training using the empty-hand motion. You should do this so that the dog can automatically respond to the verbal hand gesture alone. Use much smaller and smaller empty-hand motion while cueing “sit”. After some time, your dog won’t be waiting for you to move your hand around in order for him to sit.

[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’2′]#6 [/thrive_drop_caps]Finally, instead of holding some treat over the dog’s head, use the same empty-hand motion like last time and say “Sit”. If he does, cheer up. You just hit the Jackpot! Now, you can feed your dog some treats and take a break. You can also pour yourself some wine, for a job well done!

Similarly, for more tips and tricks on how to train your dog to sit like an Expert, this is what you should do:


– Cease rewarding your dog because of sitting when you’ve not yet cue it. This will stop him from fooling you or playing dirty tricks with you, every time he wants to get some treats from you. So be watchful at all times for this behavior, otherwise you fall to your dog’s dirty tricks.

– Practice the “sit” command routine for 5 minutes, twice a day by asking your dog to sit, even in completely odd, distracting situations. Many times, this will allow to your dog to be alert at all times. And whenever you cue him to sit, even in the most distraction situations, he’ll know that you’re in the middle of something really important.

– Beg your dog to sit by saying “please” every time you give him something he really likes, such as allowing him to play outside, enjoy his food bowl, or after some petting etc. By begging your dog to sit after giving him something he really likes, he will always be alarmed that both your time and space is valuable, and he’d better cope with that else he loses the treats some other time. Eventually after your dog reaches this level, everything and tasks around you will become much simpler and refreshing all the time.

Above all else, you should cue your dog to sit whenever people or dogs or other animals are nearby, also when food is on a table nearby, every time you’re at the Vet’s office, or every time you have a guest around to ensure some healthy, pleasant habits are kept in check all the time. And so that your tasks around the house can run smoothly, allowing you to enjoy some peace of mind and some reinvigorating sleep. More so, it’s important to start training your new puppy or dog as soon as you bring it home. If you’re too busy to do this on your own, an Expert can always be hired. Local dog training classes can be found everywhere nowadays.

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All the same, above is a summary that provide some cool tips and tricks, and some takeaways you can use anytime to make your dog sit seamlessly in just a few days! Practice these simple methods consistently, and your dog’s odd behavior will be ripped apart and well groomed in little time. Dogs if not well trained, quite often can cause one to be very embarrassed – especially where a big occasion is taking place. So take charge and let your dog be aware when you really need some impeccable order around. And it only takes a few lessons of dog training, like teaching him to “sit” in order to keep everything in order.

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