8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Away from Fish Tanks

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Away from Fish Tanks

Owners of dogs who also like keeping fish tanks know how difficult it can be to keep their pets away from the captivating underwater environment. Dogs are inherently curious animals, and the sight and sound of swimming fish may be too alluring for them to resist.

Nevertheless, if they decide to inspect the tank or, worse yet, tip it over out of curiosity, they might get into trouble. To guarantee the safety of both your pet and your aquatic companions, it is imperative that you take precautions to keep your dog away from your fish tank.

This post will go over eight practical steps for keeping your dog away from fish tanks in order to avoid mishaps or property damage.

1. Set up a Barrier

Putting up a physical barrier is one of the best ways to keep your dog away from the fish tank. Baby gates, transparent acrylic shields, and stands are a few examples of the obstacles you might put in the way of access to the tank.

Baby gates are an excellent option if you want to completely confine your dog to one room. Clear acrylic shields can be used to shield the tank, and supports can elevate the tank off the ground and away from any danger.

Remember that dogs are intelligent and could be able to overcome some obstacles. To keep your dog away from the fish tank, install a strong, tall barrier.

2. Train Your Dog

To prevent them from getting into your fish tank, you must train your dog. You can teach your dog to obey you using simple obedience training, which will make it simpler to keep them away from the tank.

Teach your dog the fundamental obedience commands, such as “sit,” “remain,” and “leave it,” to keep them away from the fish tank. It is easier to prevent your dog from approaching the tank if they have received proper training and are obedient to these orders.

When your dog wants to approach the tank, the command “leave it” is really beneficial. Placing a reward on the ground and asking your dog to “Leave it” every time he attempts to take it can help you teach him to comply with this command.

Be careful to compliment or give your dog a treat as they follow the command. You must be consistent when teaching your dog. Practice with patience and diligence. With enough repetitions, your dog will ultimately learn to link the command with the intended behavior and steer clear of the tank.

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3. Distract Your Dog

Distracting your dog is a good strategy to keep them away from the fish tank. If you provide your dog with toys and treats, they will be entertained and distracted from the tank. Moreover, you may put up a doggie play area separate from the fish tank.

Interactive dog toys, such as chew toys and puzzle feeders, may entertain and mentally stimulate dogs, causing them to lose interest in the fish tank. The dog could become tired of the fish tank if you don’t give it enough exercise and play.

4. Monitor your Dog

Keeping your dog away from your fish tank requires constant supervision. Dogs are by nature inquisitive and interested creatures, and they often find the sight and sound of fish moving about in a tank interesting. But if left unattended, your dog can attempt to approach the tank too closely, which might cause an accident or even endanger your fish.

Keeping your dog in the same room as the fish tank and keeping a careful eye on them is one of the easiest methods to monitor them around the tank. While you’re gone from home, watch your dog to see if they show any interest in the aquarium. If they begin to paw at the glass or smell around the tank, divert their interest with a toy or another activity.

Make sure your dog is safely contained in a different part of the house so it can’t get to the fish tank. The breed and temperament of your dog should also be taken into consideration. It is much more crucial to keep an eye on your dog near the fish tank and refocus their attention as necessary if they have a high prey drive.

5. Make Sure Your Tank is Always Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of your fish tank is crucial for their health as well as for keeping your dog away from it. Dogs could be attracted to filthy tanks and try to drink the water or even jump in.

To prevent your dog from accessing the tank, keep it clean and the water level appropriate. Frequent upkeep, including filter cleaning and water changes, may help to avoid any unpleasant aromas that can attract your dog. Moreover, take care to keep your dog away from any fish tank accessories like nets and scrubbers.

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6. Install an Alarm System for Your Fish Tank

Adding an alarm system will enable you to monitor your fish tank and receive notifications when your dog is getting too close for comfort. Motion sensors or sirens may be fitted to keep an eye on any movement or activity close to the tank.

When the alarm goes off, you’ll be immediately alerted, giving you time to take appropriate action and distract your dog from the tank. You may be able to monitor the activity of the tank even while you’re not at home thanks to alarm systems that may be connected to your smartphone.

You can have rest of mind as a result because this will make it easier for you to respond fast in the case of an emergency.

7. Keep Fish Food Sealed

Your fish food should always be stored in a sealed container. Because some types of fish food can be toxic and damaging to dogs, they should be stored, sealed, and out of the reach of your pets in order to stifle their interest and stop them from attempting to ingest the fish food.

Feed the fish when your dog isn’t around, and put the tank up high or in another secure spot your dog can’t get to.

8. Keep Your Fish Tank Out of Reach

One of the simplest methods to keep your dog away from the aquarium is to place it out of the dog’s reach. Select a room that the dog cannot enter, and position the aquarium tank on a surface that your dog cannot scale.

Place a baby gate made of furniture in front of the tank, this can be a physical obstacle to the dog. Do not place electrical cables close to the tank, dogs may be enticed to chew them.


To protect both your dog’s safety and the safety of your aquatic friends, there are a number of techniques to keep them away from fish tanks. Some of the tactics you might use include creating a physical barrier, teaching your dog, and giving them toys and distractions.

Furthermore, regular monitoring is vital, as is making sure the tank is kept clean, and the fish food is sealed. Installing an alarm system for your fish tank may also give you security and warn you of potential risks.

By using these techniques, you may enjoy your fish tank and your dog’s companionship without worrying about any accidents.

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