All About The Portuguese Water Dog Poodle Mix: Facts/Information

Portuguese Water Dog Poodle Mix

The Portuguese Water Dog Poodle Mix is an interesting mix breed because there are actually a lot of similarities between the parents.

In fact, there are some people that rescue what they think are Poodles from shelters, and later find out that they are actually Water Dogs.

The similarities are clear from the build, coat and origin of these dogs.

In this short guide to this Poodle Portuguese Water Dog mix we will look at these similarities and differences, as well as some of the other issues to consider with training, health and breeding.

By the end, you should have a better idea if this cross is right for you.

The origin of these parent breeds is much more similar than many would expect

There are misconception about the Poodle because its status as a fashionable dog – once upon a time. Yet, this was a retrieving animal right at home in the water too.

The difference is that they retrieved ducks and waterfowl in Germany, while the Portuguese Water Dog originated in Portugal.

This origin leads to similarities in their athletic build and the quality of their coat. They are lean, energetic dogs with dense coats.

The Poodle’s is curlier, but both have thick fur with water-repellent properties.

This has two implications for the Portuguese Water dog and Poodle mix – their grooming needs and activity levels

These Portuguese Poodle mix pups should have that same thick, dense coat – either tightly curled like the Poodle or a little looser like the Water Dog.

This means that they need lots of regular brushing and grooming in order to keep this coat in the best condition.

Be careful which tools and products that you use because of the quality of the coat.

However, there is also the fact that these cross bred pups are sure to be hypoallergenic.

Both parents are, with the most minimal of shedding and no dander. Therefore, these mixes are a great choice if there are family members with allergies.

As for the exercise needs, this active dog will require plenty of walks and a good diet to stay lean and strong. These dogs will average around 20 inches high and 40-60 pounds, so aren’t small.

Water Poodle trainingPortuguese Water Dog / Poodle Mix – Image Source

The temperament of this Poodle/Portuguese Water Dog mix

On that note of family, it is also important to know that these puppies are also likely to be great in a family home.

They share the affectionate, loving and playful tendencies of both the parents.

However, this is best achieved with the right training and socialization. This is because of their tendency to be a little more sensitive than some other breeds.

Most families will love playing with this loyal cross breed. This is important because of the intelligence of the dog, as well as that need to bond with the family pack.

Problem solving games and agility are a great option here.

This strong intelligence means that Water Poodle training shouldn’t be too difficult

The Standard Poodle is said to be smarter than the Portuguese Water Dog, but both are pretty intelligent.

This should mean that training sessions aren’t too difficult and these cross bred pups learn commands quite quickly. This is important when dealing with that sensitivity and socialization, as well as obedience, barking issues and any other problems that arise.

Those that continue to struggle to get results should turn to an online guide for help.

Both Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training provide helpful step-by-step instruction for a range of issues.

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Other important information about these Poodle Water Dog crosses

Training, exercise and a good diet are all important for a happy, healthy pup.

On that note, there are some health issues to remember when taking care of this cross. There is a chance that these dogs could develop some of the more common conditions of their parents. This means Addison’s disease, bloat and hip dysplasia, among others.

Still, they could be long lived, with an average life expectancy of 10-14 years.

Anyone with concerns over the health care of this dog should check out the Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. It offers great advice on a range of subjects, with accessible information for new owners.

Finding the right breeder for a healthy Portuguese Water Dog Poodle mix

So far in this guide we have highlighted the benefits of the cross between the Standard Poodle and the Portuguese Water Dog. This is because this is the safest, most viable Poodle cross around.

There are also those that offer Miniature Portuguese Water Dogs for sale, which are a Portuguese Water Dog Miniature Poodle mix. This appealing to all those that want to find a way to shrink a Portuguese Water Dog.

However, there are health implications and risks. For example there could be irresponsible breeders using Toy Poodle to get a “teacup” size. Others may not know that they shouldn’t use a miniature female and a larger male.

poodle water dog crossImage source

The solution here is to search for Portuguese Poodle breeders that know what they are doing – preferably with a Standard Poodle and Portuguese Water Dog.

They best way to be sure is to visit them at home. Take some time to meet the litter and parents to understand more about the pups.

There is also the option of Poodle Water Dog mix adoption.

Some shelters may have one of these animals in need of a good home. However, it can be difficult to know the precise parentage of some dogs.

These Poodle Portuguese Water Dog crosses are still a great pet for the right family

Whichever you end up with – a Portuguese Water Dog Poodle mix or a mini Portuguese Water Dog – there are some great traits to this dog.

They are smart, keen to learn and play and a joy to have in the home – with the right training.

They are also playful and hypoallergenic with minimal risks to family members.

As long as you are careful when searching for Portuguese Water Dog Poodle mix puppies for sale, and treat them well, this should be a great pet.

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