Is The Red Nose Pitbull Really Any Different To The Blue Nose Pitbull?

red nose pitbull

Lovers of Pitbulls will often talk about the different types and varieties that are available, as well as the lines and stock that created their own pure-bred pup.

This information is important to breeders for a number of reasons, depending on their intentions with the animals and desire to raise and sell more pups. One of the main distinctions here is that of the red nose Pitbull.

So, is there really a difference between red nose and blue nose Pitbulls? If so, is this the more desirable option?

In this guide to this type of red Pitbull we will look into the most important red nose Pitbull information to help you learn more about this animal.

We will start with key questions regarding the legitimacy of this pup as a sub-breed and the red nose Pitbull history. Are they really that different to other American Pitbulls and, if so, how is this exhibited.

We will then look at the key differences more closely, before examining all the traits that make that red-nose dog familiar to Pitbull lovers. This includes information on looks, size, health care and temperament. For example, how long do red nose Pitbulls live, are they any bigger than the average and how difficult are they to train?

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What is a red nose Pitbull?

There are two important questions to consider here with this variant.

First of all, what do we mean by red nose?

This is answered quite easily with the many pictures of red nose Pitbulls that are available online. As the name suggests, this is a variant of the American Pitbull Terrier with a red nose. This means that the blue nose version is the same breed, just with a blue nose.

This adds some perspective for the next question that newcomers with ask in regard to the blue nose vs red nose. Is the red nose dog any better, worse or not different at all?

Other than the lines of breeding and heritage, there really isn’t all that much difference between the blue and red nose Pitbull puppies. Raising a blue nose Pitbull requires the same level of care as that of a red nose. They have different looks, origins, and prices, but the personality and other traits are pretty much the same.

Let’s start with that issue of the origin of this dog: where does the red nose pit come from?

While this is a variant of the common American Pitbull Terrier that we are all familiar with, there is an Irish ancestry to this animal. This Irish red nose Pitbull is responsible for Old Family Reds, a line of red terriers that came to America with Irish immigrants in the 19th century. This line, often abbreviated to OFRN, is about as red as you can get.

Modern day American red nose Pitbull dogs may not have quite as strong a look as the gene dilute with other lines. Still, many traits are still seen. This includes that red nose, the same copper-red color across the coat, red stretching right through to the lips and nails and a red tinge to the amber eyes.

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This red nose and red coat is the most obvious difference here

The looks of these dogs are important, as this is the key indicator of the genes and one of the main reasons that owners want a red over a blue animal.

The red nose is the factor that links all these animals together, when categorized against the blue nose. Yet, there is no guarantee of a red coat or other red features.

In fact, there are many red nose Pitbull colors, with the opportunity for a white red nose Pitbull. There is also no real difference in size between the blue and red nose Pitbull weight, the difference come when we have a female red nose pit vs a male one. Of course there are also those Pocket Pitbulls, that are smaller and may have red noses, but this is a whole other subject to deal with.

How much do red nose Pitbulls cost?

The red nose Pitbull price is the one other thing that is noticeably different between the blues and reds.

The general rule here is that the reds are more expensive due to their rarity and the work that may go into the breeding. This is especially true for those trying to breed with the OFRN lines.

However, prices will always vary between breeders and locations. There is no set price and any buyer must be careful to find that midway point between one that is overpriced and sold as a rarity, and one sold too cheaply.

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Otherwise, your red nose pup should be just like any other Pitbull puppy

The rest of the characteristics of this red puppy are pretty much as you would expect from the breed.

Naturally, there are some animals that differ from others in terms of their temperament, intelligence and ability to get along with the pack. But, this won’t have anything to do with that nose. This means that you shouldn’t go into the purchase of a red Pitbull assuming that they will be any calmer or easier to train than the blue nose animals.

There are always going to be concerns over the red nose Pitbull temperament because of the links between these dogs and aggression and dog fighting.

There are some animals bred from bad stock that will become aggressive and bad pets without the right handling. Then there are those from good stock that turn out to be the sweetest, softest animals a family could imagine with the right handling.


Many owners love these dogs for their nature towards the family, which extends to their protective loyalty.

In the right family, this is a positive trait with nothing more aggressive than barking. In fact, some may be a little too friendly with strangers to be any good as a guard dog. It all comes down to the red nose Pitbull training measures that owners use.

These dogs require a strong regime from an early age, with great emphasis on obedience and socialization. They need to understand how to act with other people and animals in a way that is beneficial to the family. The intelligence and keen nature of the breed means that they can learn fairly well.

However, they still require patience and a firm hand. This is not a breed for the first time, timid owner. Those that struggle can turn to training aids such as Doggy Dan the online dog trainer. This online guide provide simple step-by-step guidance for all kinds of issues.

Doggy Dan Program

Then there are the general care needs of these dogs – which again do not different between the colors

Whatever color Pitbull you have, you need to make sure that get the right amount of exercise and a strong red nose Pitbull diet to keep them in good shape.

This is energetic, muscular dog that deserves the chance to run around and have a garden to play in. A cramped apartment will be no good for them and may lead to destructive behavior.

It is also important to keep on top of their healthcare needs, with checks for joint and eye problems, as well as allergy issues. This can be long lived dog up to 15 years with the right love and care.

Some owners like to keep this hardy breed out in a kennel in the garden, or within a crate in the home to keep them under control.

Owners that have to leave these dogs unattended with find that a safe, secure doggy den like this provides the animal with a comforting space of their own. Of course these areas need to be large enough to handle the dog’s need, and tough enough that they wont break out.

A couple of good examples of this are the 42″ Heavy Duty Pet Crate With Wheels and the Walcut Heavy Duty Foldable Strong Metal Pet Dog Cage Crate Cannel Playpen w/Wheels.

Both are heavy duty metal options that should resist any breakouts. These wheeled models are also ideal as they can be easily transported out into the garden or another room in the house.

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Finding red nose Pitbull puppies for sale

As you can see, there are some clear similarities and differences between the red and blue nose pits – mostly similarities.

Still, there are breeders that are keen to focus on this distinction when selling these pups.

There are two reasons for this. On the positive side, there are those that understand the desirability for certain colors and lines, and want buyers to understand precisely what they are getting. If they have spent their efforts on maintaining lines from the Old Family Red Nose lines, they will want to advertise that fact.

The potential problem is that there will be those that try and take advantage of interest in this sub-variety. Less reputable breeder will talk about this rare breed and exclusive dog, with aims of conning buyers.

Never forget that both types of breeder are still working with the same breed of dog.

There is another issues for red nose Pitbull breeders to contend with, and that is the likelihood of the red nose. The potential for this trait can depend on the genetic lines of the parents and the previous generations.

Some will find it easy to continue with this recessive gene from the right stock. Others with mixed colors of American Pitbulls will find that there isn’t a guarantee to get a red nose when breeding them.

Therefore, few can make promises on the looks of the animals before the litter is born. They can only sell the pups as the color they come out as.

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The alternative of adoption for these red nose Pitbull puppies

There are concerns when it comes to buying these dogs from breeders. We need to be sure that they come from a good home and healthy stock, but this is easier said than done with some breeders. There is also that risk of overbreeding and genetic issues with inbreeding depending on the practices.

Therefore, it is much more appealing for new owners to turn to adoption. Here we can find dogs at a cheaper rate that are in dire need of a loving home.

The reputation and issues of Pitbull dogs means that many end up in shelters, regardless of the color of their nose. This is a great way to provide a second chance for an animal in need.

With the right love and attention these dogs can thrive. Still, a Pitbull rescue requires determination and experience, especially if they are behind on their training or abused.

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What have we learned about these red nose Pitbulls?

The red nose Pitbull facts in this guide should hopefully provide a better understanding of what it is like to own one of these animals and the implications of the red nose sub-type.

Deep down there are many elements to this dog that are recognizable for any owner familiar with the Pitbull and its reputation.

There are those three key differences in the origin, looks and cost. Still, neither are that significant when comparing this to the blue nose Pit. The Irish genes are important for those that still maintain these strains as much as possible, but there is such a mix of colors that the red nose really is just that now.

Underneath, they have the same personalities and quirks, the same care needs and the same issues as other American Pitbulls.

female red nose pitFemale red nose pit – Image Source

Should we chose a red nose Pitbull, a blue nose Pitbull or doesn’t it really matter?

In the end, the choice of colors really doesn’t matter at all for the average pet owner looking for a loving, friendly family dog.

Those that put in the right effort and provide the right care, training and home life should get the same results from either variety. The choice of color only really makes a difference if you are looking to breed and continue certain lines.

Don’t put too much emphasis on this small physical feature. Instead, focus on providing the best home for a Pitbull pup that needs it – red nose or blue nose.

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