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rottweiler chow mix

All About The Rottweiler Chow Mix: Facts/Information

The Rottweiler and the Chow Chow may seem like pretty different dogs, but there are actually a number of similarities in their personalities.

This means that there shouldn’t be too many surprises from the personality of the rottweiler chow mix. But, what about their looks and other traits?

In this guide to the rot chow mix we will look at some difference factors, such as the rottweiler chow mix temperament, looks and health.

We will also look the best places to find chow and rottweiler mix puppies.

By the end, you should have a better idea of what to expect with these dogs.

What does this chow mixed with rottweiler look like?

There are plenty of rottweiler chow mix pictures online that highlight some strong traits in this mixed breed.

Many share the same coloration of the typical black and tan of the rottweiler. This appears to be more dominant than the red of the chow.

The build and face shape seems to vary a little more. Some have a more rounded face and the rounded ears of the chow.

Chow Chow Rottweiler MixImage Source

The chow rottweiler mix size is sure to be fairly consistent here too, as neither parent breed is particularly small.

The chow has a max height of 22 inch and a maximum weight of 70 lb while the Rottweiler can reach 27 inches and a weight between 70-130.

As for the coat of this chow chow and rottweiler mix, those online photos shows some clear differences.

There are many dogs that will have a short coat, like the rottie. This could be easier to brush, but more prone to shedding.

Others will be fluffier like the chow. Here owners may need to groom more often, but the shedding may be more seasonal.

It will be difficult to know until you have lived with the pup for a little while. Be prepared to chase after them with a brush or a vacuum.

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What about the health and other care needs of this rottie chow mix?

The chow rottweiler cross lifespan is around 10 years, but could be higher.

There aren’t too many major problems to watch out for, but diet is a big issue. There is a high weight gain potential because of the traits of both parents.

This means that you need to be careful with their diet and portion sizes, as well as their exercise regimen.

Also watch out for excess weight that may start putting pressure on the dog’s joints. There is the possibility of dysplasia and other joint issues here.

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What do new owners need to know about potential chow rottweiler mix behavior issues?

One of the key behavioral issues with this mixed breed is the risk of aggression.

Both parent dogs have the potential to be slightly aggressive because of their purpose.

There is a strong prey drive in the chow chow. This can be a problem if not controlled, especially around other animals. The rottweiler is often bred to be a tough fierce dog for military, security and police work.

However, there is a good chance that owners will find that they have a soft, sweet natured family dog with this mix. There is no reason why they can’t get along with the whole family pack, and enjoy playtime, but only with the right training from a young age.

Those that work carefully with this breed will also find they can be good guard dogs.

Training rottweiler chow mix puppies

These behavior traits mean that this chow chow rottweiler mix requires a strong training regimen from an early age.

The most important place to start is with socialization training.

Get the puppy used to the family and other dogs so that it acts appropriately in social situations as it grows up.

It is also important to work on other aspects of basic obedience, house breaking and separation issues.

eliminate dog problems

If these dogs get attached to new owners to much, they may get distressed when you leave.

It is possible that your new chow chow rottweiler mix pup will develop a bit of an independent streak. This is common in both parent dogs, so may become noticeable in their litter. This could make training a little more difficult, with a need for greater patience.

A great way to ensure success here is with an online guide – such as that from Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions that owners can use on even the most stubborn dogs. There are lots of options and tips to help new owners break through their problems.

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Finding a chow rottweiler mix for sale or through adoption

The first option for finding a rottie chow dog for the family home is via a breeder.

Look for reputable breeders with rottweiler chow mix puppies for sale.

This means breeders that understand the health care needs of the dogs, and provide a good home.

Always visit the parents and litter before committing to the sale. This means you can look for health or behavioral problems before picking a pup.

The best chow x rottweiler breeders will offer a fair price for their efforts. Avoid those that sell too high or too low.

chow rottweiler mix characteristicsImage Source

The alternative here is rottweiler chow adoptions.

There are a number of advantages to this approach.

To begin with, this is a great way of finding an adult dog in need of a second chance.

This is a rewarding process that also eliminates the need for puppy training.

The other benefit is the low costs of the fees, compared to the prices charged by breeders.

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Is this rottweiler and chow mix right for your family?

Hopefully all of this rottweiler chow mix info has offered an insight into the true character of these dogs.

There are some risk factors in their behavior, but there is also a strong chance of a loving family pet.

It all depends upon the care and attention you give to this rottweiler chow mix and its training.

Be prepared for some tough training, diet control and possible health issues. But, also be prepared for a protective, beautiful new member of the family.

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest

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