How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Other Dogs (5 Tips)

5 tips to stop your dog barking at other dogs

Excessive dog barking can be a major problem for various reasons.

However, as a dog owner, it would be unrealistic to expect your dog not to bark. Dogs are naturally inclined to bark; it’s an important means of communication for them. 

Dogs bark for various reasons, including safeguarding their territory, seeking attention, playing, saying hello and alerting you of danger.

However, if your dog barks at other dogs, this could be a very frustrating problem.

Here, you’ll learn how to stop your dog from barking at other dogs.

But let’s first find out what we should never do when trying to get our dogs to stop barking and lunging at other dogs.

Things That Will Never Stop Your Dog from Barking at Other Dogs

1. Punishing your puppy by kicking, hitting or raising your hand at him, as this will frighten your dog and bring distrust.

2. Shouting at your dog is also a no-no, as this will make your dog think that you are also barking. Moreover, shouting at your dog will reinforce the behavior. More often than not, your dog will ignore you and continue barking at other dogs.

3. Using an anti-bark collar, as this will make your dog very uncomfortable and cause him a lot of pain. Using a bark collar is not a proven way to prevent dog barking.

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So you’re wondering: What should I do to stop my dog from barking at other dogs?

If your dog tends to bark at other dogs, it is highly recommended to train him using proven strategies to curb this annoying behavior.

Here are 5 tips to stop your dog from barking at other dogs once and for all:

1- Determine the actual reason for his barking

As earlier mentioned, dogs bark for various reasons, and you should know the exact cause of your dog’s barking.

For instance, if your pup is scared of other dogs, it is important to help him overcome his fear in order to reduce his barking behavior.

Or probably, your dog gets excited when he sees other dogs. A dog that is denied the chance to see other dogs can get overly excited once he meets one.

It is also advisable to increase your pup’s exercises in order to tire him out and reduce his barking or other emotional behavior.

how to teach your dog to respect you

2- Train your dog to bark on command

Barking or speaking on command is a strategy that can help reduce excessive barking.

At first, the goal is to only give him treats when you need him to speak or bark. That way, you’ll avoid reinforcing the barking behavior.

Give him a toy and run around while making barking sounds. The trick here is to get your dog overly excited. When your dog barks, open and close your arms to create a hand signal. And as you do that, utter the word “speak” or “bark”.

Reward your dog whenever he barks. Teach your dog to bark using hand signals and stop dog barking.

3- Ask a friend with a calm dog to help you

Ask a friend with a calm dog to meet you and your dog.

✔ Once you see your helper and his dog approaching, let them stop while your pup is still calm.
✔ Command your dog to stay/sit. Have your helper and his dog come nearer.
✔ Once your dog stands and starts barking, your helper and his dog should turn back and walk away.
✔ Once your pup is calm again, ask your helper and his dog to approach you again.

Repeat this several times each day to teach your dog that staying calm implies other dogs come nearer while barking means that other dogs go away.

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4- Use treats

If your dog sees another dog and doesn’t react or bark, offer him his favorite treat.

Give him small pieces of the treat every time he notices another dog and does not bark at him. The regular rewarding will also help keep your puppy distracted when another dog is nearby.

5- Block his access to another dog

If your dog stays in a fenced yard, the sound or sight of another dog might be causing his barking behavior.

You can prevent the barking by keeping him inside, thereby blocking your dog’s access to other dogs. If you’ve already kept him inside, you may want to close the curtains or blinds.

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Get Professional Help

If you’re struggling to train your dog not to bark at other dogs, it is strongly recommended to check out the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Program.

This program is an excellent resource to teach your dog every trick imaginable. You can use it to stop annoying dog behaviors, like barking at other dogs, in a gentle and humane manner.

Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer offers cutting-edge dog training tips and professional advice for your dog.

If done properly and with your puppy’s best interests in mind, you’ll find it easier to curb your dog barking. And your puppy will have mastered a new and helpful trick!



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