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Stylish Dog Beds For Small Dogs

Choosing The Ideal Comfortable, Stylish Dog Beds For Small Dogs


Every dog needs a good bed. We all want something comfortable, inviting and warm to curl up in at the end of a hard day, and there is no reason why our dogs shouldn’t have something comfortable, inviting and warm to curl up in at the end of a long walk or a busy day of playtime.

The problem is that there are so many different brands offering stylish dog beds for small dogs, and so many different types, that it is difficult for many owners to know where to start.

In this guide to the best dog beds for small dogs, we will compare these different options and styles to highlight their pros and cons.

This means everything from the most elaborate dog houses and dog couches for small dogs to the more basic beds and cushions. We will take all kinds of factors into account from the materials used to the shapes, capacity and potential issues. We will also look at other considerations in the designs and features. From there you should be better equipped to find the best dog bed for your needs.

Beds for those that just want a typical dog bed

There are many dog beds for small breeds and they come in different shapes and sizes with different support options. It is understandable if owners simply want a soft cushion for the dog to lie on and little more, but you do need to think about their preferred sleeping positions. Do they like to lie flat out or curled up against the side of something for comfort and security. This makes a difference when choosing a flat bed or one with walls. You also need to be sure of getting the right size. You want a bed that is big enough to take the animal comfortably, but not so big that they don’t feel secure.

It is important to look a the capacity of the beds on offer and understand the requirements of your own dog. There are some models that are smaller or bigger than they initially appear.

Consider the choice of materials

When we think of a dog bed, we tend to immediately think of the plush, well-stuffed cushion that our dogs sink into. In some cases, this may be all that a pup is after. However, there are different types of beds from different materials. The more common are either a soft, plush bed or metallic, decorative one with space to put the cushion. There are pros and cons to both.

Metal dog beds for small dogs are ornate, but there are some that don’t like the cold feel or the risk of sharp points and edges on the metalwork. Plush beds are soft and easy to throw around a room, or in the back of a car, but they may not have as much style to them.

Metal small dog beds:

There are some interesting designs out there for those that want a lavish look. Crowns are particularly popular for those that want to make their pups feel like a king or queen.

A great first example here is Intelligent Design’s French Iron White Scroll Dog Bed. It has a Victorian antique Fleur de Lis design in hand-forged white metal work with four posts with balls. It measures at 25x19x20.5 inches and takes a standard cushion, which is not included.

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The Royal Splendor Metal Canopy Bed for small dogs and puppies again has a crown shaped canopy, with a matte black finish and jewelled crown.

It is a little larger at 25.25x18x27.5 inches and comes with a fabric cushion in an animal-print design. There are problems with the cushion though, as it is a little flat and hard for many.

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Then there is the Luxury Iron Royal Gold Crown Dog Bed that measures at 23x20x32 inches. It is a good looking, more so than the others, but expensive.

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Plush small dog beds:

The alternative here to to go for a plush model. There are many plush dog beds with great comfort features and other helpful elements for both dog and owner.

The PLS Paradise Bolster Dog Bed with Pillow measures at 24Wx30, making it suitable for pets up to 50 lbs. The cover can be removed for washing in a machine and comes in a range of fun designs, such as the autumnal scene and the paw prints. There is a durable feel to the materials, a non-slip bottom for security and the padding is overfilled for comfort. This is one of those models that seems to have covered all the bases.

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Others focus more on a luxury feel, like The Dogs Bed Premium Plush. This model is again fully washable with its removable pillow, but it is also hyper-allergenic and prides itself on the quality of the materials and cushioning.

The Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

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This cushion inside the bed is another important consideration.

When you are buying a dog bed for your small dog, the main purchase here is that bed that hold the cushions in place and offers that ideal shape and capacity. This means that some will come with a cushion and some won’t, as you can see with the metal dog beds above. This is therefore a separate consideration. You need a cushion that will suit the needs of the dog and fit the space. It is important here to think about the materials used, the shape of the cushion and whether it fits, the way that the design fits with the bed and other convenience issues, like the waterproofing and ease of cleaning.

It may be best to get a bed without one and use a cushion to your own preferences. Also remember that there are orthopedic and memory foam beds out there for dogs with joint problems and elderly animals.

Then there is the options of the dog sofa

The dog sofa essentially takes the idea of the dog bed with the raised sides to a new level. There are many pets that are quite used to snuggling up against the backrest of a sofa, but it would be better for many to have their own space where they can enjoy the cushion and have a place of their own.

The appropriate capacity of these miniature sofa shapes provides the perfect place for dogs to feel as though they own a sofa, without actually being the boss of the real sofa. Some designers have gone all out with the design to make them really look like miniature sofas. The added benefit here is that they can fit in the style and décor of a room in a way that other, scruffier dog beds cannot.

Sofa beds for small dogs:

The first example here is the Aspen Pet 20×16 Sofa Bed With Pillow. Like many of the plush options, it has a non skid bottom and soft materials like fleece and suede.

It measures 20×16 inches, but the sleep area is actually 13×12. This size is important as it is much smaller than some had expected from sales photos. There is also a range of colors, such as black, taupe, espresso and burnished red.

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The Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Sofa Bed is a little bigger, as it fits pets up to 12 lbs with a size of 26.5x16x16. The appeal here is that it is raised off the ground on little legs, like a real sofa, and has a nice grey upholstery.

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Another option is to go for enclosed beds for dogs that like to make a den

A den space is ideal for those dogs that have that primal instinct to shut themselves away and create their own space. This is why some dog owners like to crate their dogs during the day with a blanket over the top. The den is their sanctuary away from people when they can sleep and be with items of comfort, like blankets and toys.

Enclosed options provide a great alternative where owners can have the ideal capacity of a small dog’s bed with a cover of some form over the top. These beds come in different shapes and sizes, such as teepees, houses and cave dog beds for small dogs,

Teepee beds for small dogs:

Teepees are an attractive way to create that den while adding to the look of a room.

The Little dove Pet Teepee Dog Bed is a beautiful example with its Teepee material: 100% cotton canvas and pine poles. It is built to last but is also machine washable for convenience.

The teepee has a capacity inside of 24×20 and is said to be fine for any little dog up to 15lbs. There is also the option of an additional cushion if buyers are prepared to pay a little more.

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Then there is the Etna Portable Lightweight Teepee Pet, with the zebra stripe design. This collapsible model can be transported from home to home and comes with a fleece pad that attaches to the teepee through hook and loop fasteners.

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Alternatively, there is the HapiGo 2-in-1 Premier Mongolia Yurt for Small Breed Dogs. This enclosure holds dogs up to 25 pounds and uses a detachable design where the top can be removed on hot days.

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Dog house beds for small dogs:

Fancy puppy beds don’t come more extravagant than some of these houses. There are areas where the animal can go inside to sleep, but the design and additional features go much further than a teepee or yurt.

At the lower end of the scale is the SKL Luxury High-end Double Pet House, which comes in either coffee or black. It is quite a large house, with dimensions of 55x40x42cm, so there is plenty of room to horde toys. The house is a mini house in plush form and pretty cute. There is a soft feel and the use of high-density foam.

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At the other end of the scale is the Merry Pet Wood “Room with a View” Pet House. It is made from kiln-dried cedar and treated with natural stains. There is a balcony area and steps above the house. There is also some nice woodwork on the sides and the promise of 20 minute assembly. Also the roof is removable for easy cleaning.

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Other weird designs and interesting features for small dog beds

There are plenty of unique dog beds for small dogs out there with some quirky designs are unusual features that may suit you or your pet. At their heart, these homes, tents, sofas and other beds need to be a secure a comfortable, but there is no reason why they can’t also be a bit quirky and fun if they meet all the other criteria.

The Kojima Design Deluxe Cozy Black Car is a great example of an odd novelty for small dogs. This cute car design offers little more than a soft bed, with no structural support and a machine washable cushion, but it is a definite talking point.

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Another interesting option for consideration in the K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper. This 16×20 bed uses self-warming tech with the choice of materials. There is metalised insulation beneath the cotton and fleece, along with a premium polyfil-filling from recycled plastic bottle. This warming effect is ideal for breeds that struggle to maintain their body temperature, such as really small breeds and skinny dogs like Italian Greyhounds.

unique dog beds for small dogs

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Finding the best small dog beds for your pup

As you can see, the range of different stylish dog beds for small dogs really is quite impressive. There is a shape and size out there for all types of small breeds and all sleep preferences. This ranges from the basics of the plush and metal beds with their optional cushions to the more complex homes and igloo dog beds for small dogs.

The final choice depends on the needs of the dog. How much space do they require, would they be happier in an enclosed area and what special features would make them more comfortable?

At the same time, you also have to be aware of the size of the bed and the space it is going into within the home, the look and longevity of the item and the cost. There is a lot to research and many items to compare, but the ideal small breed dog bed is out there.

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