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The teacup Pug is the holy grail for many dog lovers.

The Pug is beloved across the world for its cute features and sweet nature, and the rise of the miniature Pug dogs and designer dogs means that there is a demand for smaller versions.

Dogs that remain small in size are highly appealing to those that want a permanent puppy.

There are plenty of adverts for teacup Pug puppies for sale and pictures of teacup Pugs online – many actually sitting in teacups to hammer the point home.

However, there are still concerns over the legitimacy of these claims when it has been proved that other teacup breeds don’t exist.

So, are teacup Pugs real?

Unlike some of the other toy breeds sold as teacups online, there isn’t a simple yes or no answer here.

While it is true that the miniature Pug, as a smaller, sub-breed, does not exist, there are two very different types of dog for sale that fall under this “teacup” name.

In this guide to teacup Pugs we will look closer at the question of do miniature Pugs exist and examine the differences between these two different types of mini Pugs through teacup Pug information.

We will look at the pros and cons of owning each of these distinct types of tiny Pugs, such as the teacup Pug full grown size, miniature Pug dog health issues and miniature Pug physical characteristics. Then there are the different ways to deal with breeders in order to know precisely what is for sale.

By the end, we should have uncovered the truth to the mystery of these miniature Pugs and helped you to decide if you still want one.

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What is the difference between a miniature Pug dog and a teacup Pug?

It is important that all prospective owners know precisely what they are getting into with a miniature Pug. This term can mean two different things, and both have their pros and cons for owners – and the animals.

There are miniature dogs that happen to be smaller than average, perhaps because they are runts. Then there are the “teacup” dogs that are not really pure Pugs at all.

There are always teacup breeders that will try and sell a runt dog as something else, with adverts such as “dwarf Pugs for sale”.

There are lots of terms out there – toy Pugs, pocket Pug and mini Pug – but in the end they are all small Pugs or small Pug crosses.

These dogs are smaller, weaker and have the potential to be unhealthy. As a result, they are undesirable and not worth as much as the rest of the litter.

The immoral solution for some irreputable breeders is to pass the runt off as another type of dog. Here breeders will add on the popular miniature or teacup terms to their descriptions to suggest that this is a special, desirable type of dog. This is not the case at all.

Then there are those that will try and sell the other type of teacup Pug. There is a cross bred that has gained some popularity in recent years due to its size and nature – that is the cross between the Pug and the Chihuahua. In many circles, this is just another of the many hybrids on the market and it is commonly referred to as a Chugg.

The problem here is that this little half Chihuahua half Pug looks a lot like a tiny Pug when it is a puppy. It is therefore easy for breeders to sell these animals off as a pure miniature pug, rather than as a Chug. 

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There is no doubt that there are breeders out there that are looking to dupe buyers.

The desire for teacup pure breeds is so strong that many will pay a high teacup pug price for them.

Breeders can ramp up the price under false pretenses and leave the buyers with a dog that isn’t quite what they expected. When these dogs grow up, their features and development may give the game away, as they look less like Pugs and more like the Chihuahua Pug crosses that they really are.

It is crucial that buyers know precisely what they are looking at when buying a puppy. If it is a runt, they should be aware of the fact and the negative implications that come from getting one. Also, if the dogs are really Chihuahua Pug hybrids instead, they should be sold as such.

One solution for buyers is to make sure to research the breeders and conduct thorough visitation of the home.

Ask to see the rest of the litter and the parents. If they bring out two normal sized Pug parents and no siblings, this could well be a runt that didn’t sell.

If they show a mismatched group of puppies but refuse to let you see the parents, it is probably because they are not of the same breed. There is no shame in breeding Chugs if it is done in a responsible manner, the problem comes with those that lie about it.

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The pros and cons of getting a runt Pug as a teacup dog

If you want a pure bred Pug that is smaller than average, the only way to do so is to find the runt of the litter that won’t reach the same size and weight of a normal pup.

While you can be sure of having a true Pug with all the right Pug features and personality traits, there are problems in raising these animals and miniature Pug care.

The first concern is in the miniature Pug size when dealing with these runt dogs.

Understandably, both the miniature Pug height and miniature Pug weight with these little dogs is sure to be smaller than the normal dogs. They could struggle to grow to normal size and end up being lighter by quite a few pounds. That said, there are some cases where the runts are slow developers and end up getting nearly as big in the end. There is a gamble here in more ways than one.

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Health risks with this type of small Pug

The small size of these dogs also means that miniature Pug puppies are more susceptible to injury and illness.

Small Pugs struggle with extreme temperatures and can suffer in the biting cold and high heat.
The additional issues of the squashed up nasal passages and respiratory system mean that this is even more dangerous.

Pugs have a lot of trouble with their breathing at the best of times. Their squashed faces and shortened airways can lead to breathing issues, wheezing and snorting. This could be made worse in the cold and high heat where they struggle to pant and keep up on walks.

Therefore, tiny Pug dogs with even smaller airways and poor tolerance to temperature will also struggle.

Furthermore, their small size makes them more delicate than other Pugs and there are injury risks, this is especially true if the dogs were to get caught up under peoples feet in the home and stepped on. Add in the other potential health risks and genetics abnormalities of being a runt and you have to question whether or not it is really worth it.

With these issues aside, the other issues regarding their personalities, general care, grooming and intelligence remain the same. They should be the same loyal companion dogs with the same disposition of a typical Pug.

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The pros and cons of the Chug/teacup Pug

Then we come to the chug – that Chihuahua Pug mix sold as a teacup Pug. There are once again pros and cons here.

The biggest problem is that these dogs are not the Pugs that people expect, this means that they will have a different look, different personality traits and different needs regarding health and training.

How big do Pug dogs get and will a full grown teacup Pug reach that?

These dogs are smaller than the average Pug because they have that frame of the Chihuahua.

The average adult weight can be between 3 and 10 pounds, depending on their genetic make-up. This means that some will be absolutely tiny Pug-like dogs that will be close to the real thing.

However, there are many, much bigger dogs with Chihuahua features that don’t look much like dwarf Pugs at all.

On the subject of looks, there are sometimes issues in finding a miniature black Pug for sale. The prospect of a black mini Pug is highly appealing to many as lots of Pug lovers prefer the black color of the true Pug to the fawn.

The problem is that it may be difficult to find black teacup Pugs. Many pictures of Chugs show that many of these dogs inherit the typical fawn and brown of the Pug and Chihuahua, and the black gene seems to be less dominant. There are some darker dogs and some brindling with black and brown, but pure black is rare.

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pug chihuahua mix PuppyChug (Pug and Chihuahua Mix Puppy) – Image Source

What about the personality and healthcare of the Chug?

The personality of these dogs is generally gentle with an outgoing, sociable side. They also tend to be intelligent.

There is the concern with the Chihuahua that the stubborn, spotlight-loving side will lead to a strong case of small dog syndrome. They like to be the boss of the dog park and may struggle with their place in the pack if they get their way too often. This means that there are understandable concerns over the personality and training issues of the Chug.

Those that struggle to train these little dogs can turn to resources like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer. This simple online training program offers step-by-step guidance on all sorts of training issues for all sorts of breeds.

300 x 250

When it comes to the teacup Pug health problems of the Chug, there are usual concerns over raising such a small dog.

A teacup Pug full grown is still smaller than the average Pug. However, the breathing problems of the Pug are less likely to be so pronounced. This will depend on the size of the muzzle of the dog. Many Chug pups inherit the longer snout of the Chihuahua or a longer than average Pug muzzle, and this helps to reduce the pressure on the airways and the chance of breathing issues.

The miniature Pug life expectancy here is 12-15, just like the Pug.

Chugg puppy Chihuahua Pug MixChug Puppy – Image Source

There is a choice here between the miniature runt and the Chug, but where can you get a healthy, honest Chug?

As was mentioned above, there are many breeders claiming to offer a teacup Pug for sale when they really have Chugs.

Rather than spending money at these dishonest breeders, why not look for someone that is deliberately selling Chug dogs where you can see the parents and learn more about the hybrid. The prices may also be lower than the overblown teacup Pug prices.

Alternatively, there is the option of adoption.

There is no doubt that there will be many Chug pups given to shelters or put up for adoption when owners learn that they are not true Pugs. It is not the dog’s fault and they deserve to go to a home that will appreciate them.

By the way here is a lovely video showing 11 Weeks old Chug puppy (teacup pug) doing cool tricks:

So what have we learned about this teacup dog?

Do Pugs stay small? Only when they are runts or bred with smaller dogs like Chihuahuas.

Are teacup Pugs real? Yes, but they are not true Pugs. Anyone selling tiny teacup Pugs is either selling a runt or a dog that isn’t a true Pug.

Whatever you want to call these dogs – toy Pug dog, dwarf Pug dog, pocket Pug, micro Pugs – there are sure to be problems. On the one hand, we have the Chug with its improved health but undesirable traits for Pug lovers, then we have the unhealthier, fragile runt.

In the end, with all the miniature Pug facts, we are still looking at a dilemma here with the miniature Pug vs Pug.

The teacup Pug is a problematic subject. You are either getting a potentially unhealthy Pug or healthy dog that isn’t a Pug. If you really want Pugs that stay small or a black miniature Pug, runt Pugs are the only option, but this is a bad idea and never a guarantee.

In the end, the choice here is really between a real Pug and a teacup Pug that is actually a cross between the Chihuahua and Pug. Either go bigger and get all the characteristics you are after, or stay small and enjoy the odd little Chug for what it really is.

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