7 Things you should never do at the dog park

Dog parks are a great place to take your furry friend for a walk and allow him to socialize as well.

Taking your dog to a dog park is a brilliant idea because he will get to interact and play with other dogs.

However, there are dog park rules that you and your pet ought to follow while at the park.

Here’s a detailed list of 7 things that you should never do at a dog park.

1. Never feed your dog at a dog park

The number one rule of etiquette that you should never break is to feed your dog at a dog park.

Avoid giving your dog food at a dog park because this may cause aggression in other dogs who might want to eat as well.

Allowing another dog to feed with your dog might cause your dog to have food allergies or some other contagious disease. You should also not carry any dog biscuits to share with the other dogs either.

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2. Do NOT fail to clean up your dog’s poop

It is very annoying to get home and having to clean up other dogs’ waste stuck on your puppy’s paws. This therefore means that as a rule of the thumb, never fail to clean up after your dog’s waste at a dog park.

Carry a plastic bag and some disposable gloves that will help you clean up in case your dog poops at the park.

If you want to avoid all this stress, make sure your dog visits his potty before you put him on a leash.

Leaving dog poop at a dog park is not only considered rude, but also may cause or spread disease through the faecal waste.

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3. Do NOT ignore your dog’s fear

It is important not to ignore your dog’s fears. A dog is normally a social animal but there are some who are quite timid when it comes to interacting with other dogs.

Pay attention to your dog’s personality and do not force him to go to the park to play if he does not want.

You can choose to take him for a stroll and spend time just the two of you. A dog park may not be the best place to socialize a timid dog.

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4. Do NOT unleash your dog and lose track of him/her

This may seem pretty obvious, but do not unleash your dog and lose track of him/her while at a dog park.

It is very easy for you to get carried away talking to other dog owners that you can lose track of your own dog.

Always make sure that your dog is within your sight at all times because you might never know what your dog might get himself into.

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5. Do NOT bring a dog that is not vaccinated to the park

A dog park is a public recreational place. It is advised to wait until your puppy is at least 4 months old and has gone through all the necessary vaccinations before bringing him to the park.

You should also not bring unneutered male dogs because they tend to have high levels of testosterone. This might make them to be more aggressive hence a threat to other dogs at the park.

Female dogs in heat should also not be brought at a dog park unless you want to become a grandparent.

never feed your dog at park

6. Do NOT infest the park with parasites

One of the rules of etiquette is that you should not bring your dog at a dog park if they are sick or have fleas and other parasites.

Simply take your dog to the vet and stay home until the dog recovers. A sick or flea infested dog is likely to infect the other healthy dogs.

You also would not wish another unhealthy dog to come near your puppy. The best thing is to stay home until the dog is better.

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7. Do NOT fail to watch out for heat stroke

Your dog can easily get overheated from running around and playing at the park.

Make sure that you are on the look out to avoid a heat stroke. In case you see your dog panting and in distress, take him to a shade and pour out some water in the dog dish for him to cool off.

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In conclusion, most dogs love going to a dog park to have fun.

Make sure that you are familiar with the specific park that you are taking your dog to for safety reasons. Adhere to all the above and you shall surely have fun at the park.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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