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Bichon Frise Poodle Mix

The Bichon Frise Poodle Mix (Poochon): Facts/Information

There are plenty of interesting Poodle hybrids out there due to the three different sizes of Poodles and their ability to bring new benefits to other breeds.

Some are more well-known than others. The Labradoodle is world famous, but there are probably much fewer dog lovers that have heard of the Bichon Frise Poodle mix.

This cute hybrid is one to keep an eye out for if you want a small poodle cross with a big personality.

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German Shepherd Poodle Mix

The German Shepherd Poodle Mix (Shepadoodle): Facts/Information

There are many doodle dogs out there that have been bred to ensure a strong blend of the very best gene of the hypoallergenic Standard or Miniature Poodle and another, perhaps more common dog.

The German Shepherd Poodle mix is a prime example of two very different dogs that should create an interesting hybrid.

There are high hopes over intelligence, athletic ability, loyalty and a gentle spirit. Also, as with pretty much every Poodle cross, there is the assumption that this will be a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic cross. As we know from other dogs, this perfect 50/50 split isn’t always a guarantee, so what can dog lovers expect here?Continue reading

Ausippoo Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Understanding The Confusion Of The Aussiepoo, Aussiedoodle and Miniature Aussie-Poodle

The Aussiepoo is an interesting, yet misunderstood little dog.

In this guide to the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix we will look at some of the confusing questions and factors that buyers face with Aussiepoo information. Not only are there good and bad breeders to contend with, they are not always breeding the same types of dogs.

This means we need to look at the difference between the Aussie Poo and the Miniature Aussiepoo. With this confusion sorted out, we can then look at the trait of this hybrid, such as the physical features, temperament, health care and more.

With all of this in mind, prospective owners can make a more informed choice about this dog.Continue reading

Miniature Poodle

Challenging Misconceptions About The Miniature Poodle

The Miniature Poodle is a pure bred dog that is not seen as often as a family pet as some other breeds, such as the more familiar, larger Labs, Collies and German Shepherds.

There are common conceptions about the nature of this little Poodle dog and its care needs that might put some people off.

There are common stereotypes about Poodles more generally that are off-putting to those with families and no interest in a show dog. However, a closer look a this mid-sized Poodle type shows that there is more to this breed than initially meets the eye.Continue reading


Is The Eskipoo The Ideal Cross That Breeders Hope For?

Some dogs are bred for their speed and agility, others for intelligence and compatibility as a working dog.

Others are favored for their unusual looks or the quality of their coat.

Hybrid dog breeding allows us to try and create a pet dog, or working dog, with the best qualities of two different breeds. The aims is to either accentuate the positives or tone down the negatives.

The Eskipoo is a great example. This is a hybrid that may not that well known, but it has the potential for some great traits when all the genes fall into the right place.Continue reading

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