The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Is Cute, But Is It A Good Pet?

Australian shepherd husky mix

Most puppies will melt the heart of the coldest-hearted man. Yet, there are some bundles of fluff that have a look that many dog lovers will simply go crazy for.

One such designer dog is the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix. There is no doubt that they are beautiful dogs– both as pups and as adults – but the appeal of a hybrid has to go beyond their looks.

We have to look at the genes and personality of the two parents to see whether this is a good cross.

Is it a good idea to mix these Husky and Australian shepherd genes?

In this guide we will look at some of the most important Australian Shepherd Husky Mix info that prospective owners need to know about before buying a pup.

Australian shepherd husky

We will start with the Australian Husky personality for a better idea of their temperament and quirks. There are common issues with Huskies that may be bred out or exaggerated here, and owners need to know where they stand.

Then we will look at some important care information to help you provide the best home and support for their needs. This means a look at their place in a family home, exercise and other general health issues.

From there we will look at some of the physical traits of the dog – notably their build and coat.

Finally, there is a section on choosing between Australian Shepherd Husky Mix breeders and shelters.

Before that, let’s take a look at the name of this dog.

What should we call this dog?

There are a number of different names used for this dog by breeders and owners.

It often comes down to preference. Many stick with the idea of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix for clarity, but there are shorter versions.

The Australian Husky or Aussie Siberian are both good examples of easier names that aren’t too difficult to decipher. With a little more time and popularity, the name Ausski can’t be too far away.

At the moment, it doesn’t really matter which you choose, as long as you are consistent and know the breed you are dealing with.

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The problem of breeding a dog with a Husky

There are always going to be some concerns about the personality of these dogs because this seems like a strange mix.

The husky is a dog with some known behavioral issues that can be problematic for new owners. Many exhibit an independent streak that doesn’t work well with many working environments.

Furthermore, there a many cases of death and trauma in livestock as the result of huskies. These dogs have a stronger instinct to hunt and chase than some other breeds, with closer ties to their wild cousins.

Therefore, there are some queries over the choice to breed this dog with the Australian shepherd.

Will we see a husky that is calmer, easier to train and better suited to working life? Or, will we see a hybrid Aussie that loses some of the traits that owners love.

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The personality of this Husky Aussie cross

The best place to start with this guide is the Husky Australian Shepherd mix temperament and the risk of behavioral issues.

Right from the start, it is important that new owners understand that this is one of the more hyperactive dogs around due to their intelligence and energy levels.

When we add in the stubbornness of the Husky, we have a Shepherd-Husky mix breed that could be difficult to handle without the right training.

Then there are the added issues that they are pretty keen chewers that will take toy apart with ease, and escape artists that like to wander.

In other words, you don’t want to take your eyes of this pup for too long while training is still in progress.

Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Training

Training a Husky Aussie mix doesn’t have to be that difficult with the right approach and plenty of patience.

The good news here is that the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix intelligence is pretty good.

They are able to listen to commands and obey with ease, as they understand expectations with few repetitions. However, they will get bored and test inexperienced owners a little.

This means a strong, consistent training regimen from an early age.

Obedience and house breaking are obviously essential, but so are leash training and socialization. This is the best way to handle the problem of the prey drive, disobedience in public and any issues with strangers.

Those that struggle to train these dogs correctly on their own should turn to an online guide, such as Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

This step by step approach is ideal for this dog and new owners as you can try something new at your own pace. This guide also helps with socialization training in the early months – which is essential here.

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Does this mean that the Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky mix is better as working dog or a family dog?

It is clear that this pup needs an experienced owner and patient family to get the best out of them. Yet, there is still the potential for both a good working dog and family pet – in the right hands.

Many see this a great breed around kids that respect the animal’s boundaries, and meet its need. Their high energy translates into play and they can be highly affectionate and loyal too.

Some see this Australian Shepherd Husky dog as a great guard dog too. They have a love of barking and howling that works well when channeled in the right direction.

Taking care of these Siberian husky mix puppies in the right environment

These dogs need the right sort of home for a happy and healthy life with the family. Ideally this will be a large home with yard, but also good boundaries because of that Husky instinct to wander off.

They will hate being coped up in an apartment without a place to play. This is when the destructive nature may kick in, or sulking during meal times.

The high energy means high Exercise needs for this Australian Shepherd and Husky mix. They need long, regular walks and playtime in the park or yard.

Where possible, take them for a run to really burn off that pent up energy and keep them trim.

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Health care issues with this Husky Australian Shepard mix

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix lifespan is around 10 to 13 years, and this will vary depending on their health and inherited conditions.


Key health issues are found with the eyes, such as cataracts, collie eye anomaly, corneal dystrophy, and crystalline corneal opacities. There is also a risk of hip dysplasia due to their build and activity levels.

Those that are worried about the best way to look after these dogs could turn to a guide such as The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This is a great read for first timers that are wary of how to handle these dogs.

What do these dogs look like?

Moving on to the physical characteristics of this pup, there are plenty of cute Australian Shepherd Husky Mix pictures online that give an impression of the pup, but this doesn’t always tell us what to expect from the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix full grown.

These dogs are likely to have cute floppy ears like the Shepherd, rather than the erect ears of the Husky, but also an alert expression. This expression is made all the more attractive by the eye.

There are different eye colors to look out for here depending on the most dominant genes within the pup. Some will have dark eyes, others may inherit the piercing blues of a Husky parent.

There is also a condition in Aussies where some have multicolored irises, and this could also be passed on in some pups.

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husky australian shepherd

How big do Australian Shepherd Husky Mix get?

Unlike some other cross breeds, it isn’t too difficult to guess the likely Husky Aussie mix size.

This is a medium sized dog with a height of 24 inches – as both parents average around this height. As for the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix weight, they tend to weigh about 40 to 65 pounds depending on their leaning and gender.

husky australian shepherd mix weightImage Source

Important information about the coat and grooming

The genes of the Siberian Husky mean that there is a high chance of a big, thick double coat on these dogs. They tend to have a big fluffy coat with great insulation and weather resistance that highlights their linage as working and herding dogs.

This means high Aussie and Husky mix grooming needs, as they will shed quite heavily twice in a year. So Regular brushing is essential.

Also note that this medium length Aussie husky mix coat type is usually dominated by two colors.

A paler front and chest and darker back. This can come in wide range of colors from the blacks, whites and greys of the Husky to warmer browns and creams. Some have a wonderful mottled look that will be the envy of other dog owners.

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Finding an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix for sale

If you have weighed up the pros and cons with this hybrid dog, and are still keen to own one, you need to look into the best options for local breeders and shelters.

Breeders are probably the most accessible way to get an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix puppy. Many will work with these breeds because of the popularity of the cute fluffy pups. Yet, all buyers must be careful to find a responsible breeder.

The best breeders will let you into their homes and give you the time to meet the pups and parents, and to ask questions about the dogs and their future prospects.

This allows for valuable information about their health risks, recent health checks and other traits to watch out for.

The worst breeders won’t let you near the rest of the litter or the parents.

Perhaps because their parent Husky isn’t too friendly or because its mate isn’t really an Aussie. Take the time to carry out plenty of research and shop around.

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Australian HuskyImage Source

The alternative approach here is to look for a husky Australian shepherd mix for adoption

Adoption is a common choice for many dog lovers these days. Concerns over the health and well-being of dogs from breeder are a big issue.

There is something appealing about saving the life of a dog in the shelter and giving an older animals a second chance.

This is highly rewarding with many breeds, but there are risks with this Husky Aussie mix dog.

Adults that were abused or badly trained could be difficult to handle if you are inexperienced. There could also be health issues to deal with.

If you are up for the challenge and understand the dog’s needs then go for it.

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The price of these Aussie Siberian pups

Both options lead to different issues with the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix cost as there are pros and cons to both:

On one side you have an expensive puppy that has had all the right health checks and good breeding and should become a great family pet.

On the other, you have a cheaper dog in the shelter that may come with additional costs of health checks and training. This is especially true if they were badly treated in the past. This choice depends on your desire to rescue a dog.

It is also important to remember that many breeders will vary in their costs depending on location and reputation.

Some will try and charge more for those blue eyed pups or a better linage, others will go too cheap for pups they want to get rid off.

Is this Australian Shepherd Husky Mix right for you?

There is a lot to love about the Husky mixed with Australian shepherd, but also a lot to watch out for.

This is clearly not a dog for the inexperienced or those with limited time. These big, energetic fluffy animals needs lots of love and attention in order to get the best out of them.

Experienced, careful owners that train these dogs early and understand their needs will see a loving, family-friendly pet with a clear personality.

Inexperienced, careless owners will struggle with the issues of hyperactivity, destructive tendencies and stubbornness.

They are a lot of fun and joy in the right home, but remember that those cute little multi-colored pups grow into quite a handful.

Featured Image: Instagram/sadieegirl_26


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