Understanding The Possible Issues With The Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix

blue heeler pitbull mix

There are many variant of the pitbull where breeders have taken other dogs to create a dog that is a better worker, or easier to handle.

This is the case with the blue heeler pitbull mix. This dog, also known as the Australian cattle dog pitbull mix, is appealing in its reputation as a sweet, loyal family dog.

However, this isn’t the easiest dog to care for, especially for new owners.

In this guide we will look at key information on the traits and issues to consider.

What does pitbull blue heeler mix look like and how does the coat and size affect grooming and exercise needs? What is the personality like and are there any major behavior and training issues?

At the end we will also look at where to get a pitbull heeler mix puppy.

The first is the Australian blue heeler pitbull mix’s high energy level.

Blue Heeler dogs are an energetic breed to keep up with their work requirements. Pitbulls are muscular and fairly active themselves.

This means that they need plenty of exercise through walks and play.

How big will a pitbull blue heeler mix get?

They can reach between 17-24 inches in height with a weight of 30-60 lb.

New owners also need to watch out for the prey drive of these animals when taking them out on walks off the leash.

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The second is the potential for shedding and grooming

Pitbulls are usually easy to groom. However, the heeler has a thick double coat that sheds and needs regular grooming. This could come through in the offspring, so be prepared to spend some time and effort vacuuming and with a furminator.

The third is the risk of separation anxiety

The loyal, devoted nature of this family-friendly pitbull cattle dog mix means that they are also prone to separation anxiety.

This is a problem if both parents work long hours and the kids are off at school.

They crave companionship and do better in a home where they aren’t alone too long.

Training blue heeler pitbull mix puppies

The issues with separation anxiety, socialization and prey drive mean that they need a strong training regimen from an early age. The sooner you start, the better the chance of a sweet, obedient family dog.

Training shouldn’t be too difficult with these dogs because of their temperament and intellect. The Pitbull is smarter than some dog owners assume, and the Cattle Dog is pretty keen to please.

This should mean a dog that learn commands quickly and is keen to perform them well. They will respond well to consistent training approaches with positive reinforcement and appropriate treats.

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This step-by-step guide covers different areas of training, such as that important leash training and housebreaking, in a beginner-friendly manner.

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Looking after the health of a pitbull blue heeler mix

There aren’t too many health risks associated with these dogs. Some of the major and more common issues are hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, congenital heart defects and skin complaints.

They also have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

Some of these health issues can seem a little alarming to new owners. Then there is the added concern that comes from some of the more basic care needs with these dogs.

Portion size is important with this high energy breed, which means feeding them high protein dry dog food.

Grooming tools and skin care treatment options also come into the equation. This is where The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets can help.

This guide offers great information on different topics in a simple, accessible manner.

Breed heritage and different colors in a blue heeler pit mix

Another great tool to help determine any genetic health risks – such as those congenital heart defects – is a DNA test.

The Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test is a simple, at-home solution that any dog owner can try.

The results are easy to understand and highlight health issues and the breed heritage of the dog. The latter is important when dealing with mixed breed dogs of uncertain origin.

For example, there will be many new owners that find one of these dogs through an adoption shelter. This means that the parentage may not be 100% certain.

Despite this risk, adoption through rescue shelters is still a great idea. It is a chance to save the life of an animal that didn’t fit into their last home. As we have mentioned, this is a difficult dog for some families to handle.

Don’t be alarmed by the color choices here with different individual with true Pit Heeler mixes.

Some new owners may be concerned about parentage when dealing with breeders too. This is because the litters can vary greatly in look and color. There are two key reasons for this:

✔ Firstly one breeder could use a red nose pitbull and another a blue nose.

✔ The other is the wide selection of colors in the coat. There are some coats that are quite blue or tri-colored as they lean towards the color of the heeler parent.

Then there are reds and brindles from the pitbull parents. There is also the chance of black, white, chocolate and lots in between.

Finding pit heeler puppies for sale at the right price

Most people will turn to a breeder to find their new puppy.

It is important to find breeders with experience – both with the parent breeds and responsible breeding of their offspring.

The best breeder will choose the healthiest, calmest dogs and breed them in a safe manner. They will allow buyer to meet the puppies and parents with transparency over all issues.

These puppies won’t be cheap if bred well. But, you should avoid those asking a lot for rare colors or rare forms.

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Are you sure you can handle one of these blue heeler and pit mix cross breeds?

Don’t get drawn in too easily by the promises of a sweet nature and family friendly dog – or by all the cute puppy pictures online.

These dogs can be wonderful, devoted companions, but only with a lot of effort and care.

This is a dog for the dedicated dog owner. They need plenty of exercise, grooming and health checks. They also need that constant attention and a strong training regimen to handle socialization and prey drive issues.

If you can provide all of this, the blue heeler pitbull mix could still be a good choice.

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