All About The Border Collie Dalmatian Mix (The Bodacion)

dalmatian border collie mix

The Border Collie Dalmatian Mix, also sometimes referred to as the Bodacion is a medium-sized dog that is a mix of the Border Collie and the Dalmatian.

This breed is unique and quite new and there might not be so much literature about them, which means you should count yourself lucky to be reading this.

For you to be able to fully get to know and understand the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix, a closer look at the respective parent breeds is crucial.

Few Facts About the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix

Other names:Bodacion
Weight:40 to 60 pounds
Height:18 -20 inches long
Lifespan:10 to 15 years
Apartment living:No
Coat:Medium to long fur coat
Level of shedding:Moderate to High
Temperament:Smart, dominant, can be quite aggressive and overprotective, energetic, playful
Exercise needs:High, Need around an hour or two of physical activity each day
Dog and Cat friendly:Early socialization and training is required
Kids friendly:Suitable for families with older kids, socialization is required
Price:$500 – $1000

Brief History of the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix

Border Collies were originally kept by pastoral communities because of their good natural instinct in herding livestock. This dog breed was also used in rescue missions and also hunting.

The Dalmatian dog on the other hand is popularly known for its spotted coat. These dogs make great pets and are known to be very gentle with kids.

The Dalmatian is also a very smart breed and energetic hence make excellent working dogs.

bodacoin puppyDalmatian Border Collie Mix Puppy – Image Source

The Border Collie is said to have originated from Great Britain, way back in the 18th Century. This breed was mainly kept because it was deemed to be a very good sheepdog.

The Border Collie was a good sheepdog and could look after sheep without barking at them

The Dalmatian came from Croatia and was used as a hound dog since time immemorial. The Dalmatian is a very talented breed, hence it used to have many functions like being a war dog, a shepherd, a circus dog and also a bird dog.

However, the Dalmatian was mainly known for its ability to be an effective coach dog for horse drawn fire engines during those times.

What is the Bodacion General Appearance?

The Bodacion is mainly known to have a medium to long fur coat.

Generally speaking, the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix is a medium sized dog whose coat can have a variety of colors.

The most common colors of the Bodacion include a mix of two colors like black and white, merle, liver, yellow or brown.

The Bodacion puppy has a small head and triangular ears that appear a bit floppy.

The Border Collie Dalmatian Mix has very muscular legs and big feet too. Their long and flurry coat may give them an appearance of a fuzzy Dalmatian, especially if they inherited the spots from their Dalmatian parent breed.

Border Collie Dalmatian Mix Size (Height & Weight)

Generally, the Bodacion will be a medium sized dog that reaches anywhere between 18 and 20 inches in height and has an average weight of around 40 to 60 pounds.

Lifespan of the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix

The life expectancy of the Bodacion is dependent on a number of variables.

Looking at the individual lifespan of each of the parent breed will help us know and be able to approximate the life expectancy period of the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix.

The Border Collie can live between 10-13 years and the Dalmatian can live between 12-15 years.

This essentially means that the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix is able to live anywhere between 10-15 years on average.

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Temperament of the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix

Before you make a decision on whether to adopt a Border Collie Dalmatian Mix or not, you need to know everything about the temperament of this dog mix.

If you are a laid back person, you need to maybe check out another breed because the Bodacion is quite aggressive and dominant.

Being a Bodacion, the aggressiveness may show itself when it comes to his possessions and even family members. This might be a good trait if you train your Bodacion puppy well from the day you bring him home.

Your Border Collie Dalmatian Mix puppy may be overly protective to your children. The dog may show some aggressive behavior like snarling at strangers and even other pets. So you need to be very careful of the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix.

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Obedience training

Obedience training begins as soon as you bring your Bodacion puppy home. You need to start training your puppy well after you settle him down.

One of the ways that you can deal with the aggressive temperament of the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix is through establishing yourself as the pack leader, as his alpha.

The Border Collie Dalmatian Mix is a very intelligent dog that is able to pick up your commands very fast. Being the alpha, you need to be very firm with your commands.

Remember this mix is very smart and they learn very quickly. Train your Bodacion when he is still a puppy in order to prevent bad behavior in future.

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Be persistence in your training and never let him walk scot free when he has done a mistake. Give him a stern warning using a firm tone of voice, because this dog is very intelligent and is able to pick up your facial expressions rather fast.

Never ever hit your dog, especially a Bodacion puppy because this will just make him even more aggressive. Use positive reinforcement as it will motivate him to always do the right thing.

Remember, dogs just like children like to be praised and applauded when they have done something good.

Give your Border Collie Dalmatian Mix puppy his favorite treat when he has done what is expected of him. This will motivate him to always obey your instructions because he knows that a treat is in the offing.

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Diet and Feeding Needs

A full grown Bodacion will need to eat 3 cups of high quality dog food per day divided into two meals. An automatic dog feeder will come in handy here as it will help you schedule meals and ensure your furry friend is fed on time.

You should also consider adding probiotics with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to your dog’s regular meals to help improve immune health, joint function and ensure a luxurious coat.

Last but not least, keep your Bodacoin happy and healthy by providing him with fresh water as it is an important part of a dog’s daily requirements and nutrition.

Health Problems

All dogs experience some health problems at some point. The Border Collie Dalmatian Mix is no different.

Generally, the Bodacion is a healthy breed, but some of the health issues that affect them include the following:

1. Hip Dysplasia: this is a malformation of the hip socket that causes bone wearing and can lead to conditions like arthritis.

2. Collie Eye Anomaly: a hereditary condition that affects the retina and parts of the eye of your Border Collie Dalmatian Mix dog. This is likely to cause impartial blindness even as your dog progresses in age.

3. Epilepsy: it causes seizures and may be hereditary too.

Other health problems that affect the Bodacion include conditions like progressive retinol atrophy, elbow dysplasia and hyperthyroidism.

When you intend to adopt a Border Collie Dalmatian Mix puppy, you need to find a reputable breeder that will be able to screen your dog for any of the above mentioned genetic diseases.

A breeder that uses the Embark Dog DNA test kit will give you detailed information if there is any hereditary condition that is likely to affect your dog.

This will enable you know how to take care of your Border Collie Dalmatian Mix puppy and mitigate the occurrence of such conditions.

The Embark Dog DNA test kit is very effective in screening your dog for any genetic conditions that they may have or may be present in your dog’s lineage.

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Physical Exercise

You need to give your Border Collie Dalmatian Mix the required amount of physical exercise.

Remember that the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix generally has an aggressive temperament and is quite obsessive. If they lack enough physical exercise, this causes them to be more aggressive.

Intense daily exercise is recommended as well as mental stimulation. A simple 15 minute walk is not enough for this kind of breed because they need much more engaging physical activities.

You can try something that is stimulating because they are very demanding. Play with them a game of fetch, or something that will have them run around and use a lot of energy. This will make them pretty worn out by the time you get home and they will also be less aggressive.

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Grooming Requirements

You need to maintain high standards of basic hygiene once you adopt a Border Collie Dalmatian Mix puppy

Depending on their genetic combination, most Border Collie Dalmatian mix puppies have a medium length coat.

You need to give your furry friend a good bath at least twice a week and brush his coat to make it smooth and shiny. This also helps to remove weak and damaged hair as well as reduce shedding.

Other essential grooming requirements include keeping their ears and mouth clean, especially to reduce plaque in the mouth that may be the cause of bad breath.

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How do you find Border collie Dalmatian mix puppies for sale?

Once you are ready to buy a Border Collie Mix puppy, you need to look around for a reputable breeder.

You can check online for customer reviews of the respective breeders around your locality. This will help you make an informed decision on where to buy your Border Collie Dalmatian Mix puppy.

Get referrals and recommendations from friends so that you end up buying from a breeder who is reputable and reliable.


If you’re considering rescuing a Bodacoin instead, you can visit your local rescue shelter to see if they have any pups available for adoption.

They may not have one available when you visit, but talk to the staff who may advise you and point you in the right direction.

If not, you can consider dedicated breed shelters or rescue organizations.

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In a nutshell, adopting a Dalmatian collie mix puppy is a great idea if you love energetic and playful dogs.

This breed is very athletic and requires plenty of physical exercise to keep him happy and healthy.

You need to also make sure that your Bodacion puppy eats a well-balanced diet in order to keep him healthy and strong.

Feed him high quality dog food in order to make sure that he grows healthy. This is also likely to reduce the chances of your puppy suffering from some of the health problems likely to affect the Border Collie Dalmatian Mix thus increase the life expectancy as well.



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