How to Stop Dog Aggression towards Cats (4 Tips)

How Stop Dog Aggression towards Cats

Contrary to common belief, dogs are not natural-born enemies of cats.

In homes with several pets, both dogs and cats, living with a dog that is aggressive towards cats can be a huge problem.

There is no quick fix solution that can transform your dog into a well-behaved pooch, particularly if they have a severe aggression issue. Nonetheless, you can learn how to stop a dog from being aggressive towards cats before the problem gets out of hand.

As is normally the case with all dog behavioral problems, it is important to stop it as soon as possible. By nipping the issue in the bud, you can prevent it before it becomes a major problem. Most aggressive dogs will show signs early on, which, when detected early, can be resolved.

There are some tried and proven tips that will help stop the development of dog aggression towards cats and other animals.

In this article, you’ll discover what encourages the development of aggression in canines and how to get cats and dogs to get along well. It will teach you how to get your dog behaving properly while at the same time learning how to train a dog to like cats and vice versa!

How to Stop Dog Aggression towards Cats

1. Determine the cause of the aggression:

It is highly recommended to understand your dog’s body language and the reason for their aggression.

There are quite a few reasons why canines may be aggressive towards felines:

✔ Firstly, your dog may have had a bad experience with felines in the past. Cats are sometimes aggressive towards dogs and your dog may be apprehensive of cats and will often try to defend themselves whenever they encounter one.

✔ Alpha or dominant dogs tend to be aggressive towards other pets. They consider cats to be a threat to their territorial authority.

✔ Dogs and cats may be competing for your attention, which can make them aggressive towards cats, particularly if you don’t give them the attention they crave.

It is important for pet parents to believe that they can solve the problem and stop feeling helpless.

No matter the reason for your dog’s aggression towards cats, you can quickly and easily solve the issue by using the proven methods suggested in Brain Training for Dogs program. This solution will teach you how to identify the root cause of your dog’s aggression and how to make your dog to like cats.

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2. Give each pet a safe place:

Give your cat access to a cat-tree or a high shelf to enhance her safety.

For your pooch, find a crate and place it in a different room. Make each place sacred for each pet.

how to stop a dog from being aggressive towards cats

3. Train your dog:

With proper training, your dog will learn to get along well with other animals, including cats. Untrained dogs may develop aggression and other behavior problems, even if you don’t have cats in your home.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to train your dog. You should try and establish yourself as the pack leader. Train the dog to follow your commands. Therefore, obedience training is a must. Use rewards to change the behavior.

Since you are dealing with an aggression issue, we strongly recommend using the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer program to correct the problem.

Seeing a professional dog trainer in action correcting the same problem while working with real dogs teaches you more than mere words could.

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4. Socialization:

Without a doubt, dogs and cats can learn to love each other when you socialize them.

If you own both canines and felines, you can have them take part in various activities together.

You can curb the problem by teaching your dog and cats to get used to each other through proven training methods suggested in the above programs.

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It is not easy to live with an aggressive dog, but the good news is that you can solve the problem with proper training and socialization.

With the right approach, any anxious or aggressive dog can change for the better.

Depending on the level of your pup’s aggression problem, the solution can be as easy as working with a professional dog training program.

Using the tried and proven training methods suggested in Brain Training for Dogs and the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer program, you can control your dog and also establish a strong bond between you and your pets.

Be consistent and patient and you’ll achieve the results you desire!

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