Introducing The Borgi: An Adorable, Loving Border Collie Corgi Mix

border collie corgi mix

The border collie and the corgi are two much loved working British breeds that are known for their hard work, good nature and attractive looks.

While the corgi is now much more of a family pet than a working dog, the collie fills both needs.

There are many similarities and differences to these dogs, so much so that it is hard to imagine what a corgi crossed with a border collie would be like.

In this guide to the border collie corgi mix we will look at some of the most important similarities and differences with these dogs.

We will start with the physical traits on show in this hybrid borgi offspring – as it is commonly known. How big do border collie corgi mix get and what do they look like?

Then we will look at the care needs and health of the dog, before turning to their personalities. This means both the good and bad elements of living with these crosses.

Finally, we will look at ways of getting one, from border collie corgi mix breeders to adoption.

borgi dogBorder Collie Corgi Mix

What does the borgi look like?

The biggest question for many that have not seen one of these hybrids regards the size.

Does the border collie corgi mix size lean towards the leaner collie or the short legged corgi?

The answer is the latter, they are a stockier dog with those short legs. They generally reach 10 to 21 inches in height and around 30 to 40 pounds in weight. In fact, a number of physical features of the borgi tend to lean towards the corgi parent rather than the collie.

As you will see from a number of border collie corgi mix pictures, it is easy to mistake these pups as black and white corgis at first. They have the same shaped head with those big erect ears and long muzzle, they also have big brown eyes that add to their character. The differences come in the tail, which is much longer, like the collie, and the quality of the fur.

What can new owners expect with the coat of a corgi border collie mix, and what does this mean when it comes to shedding?

The coat of this dog really is a crucial difference for those more using to dealing with a corgi. The quality of the coat changes, often with a longer, thicker coat of wavy hair.

This means that there is a greater risk of shedding and a stronger grooming need – although nether are excessive.

Then there is also the fact that the color of these coats tends to lend towards the collie too. Many of these dogs share the black and white coloring of the collie, and sometimes brown tones too.

Border Collie and Corgi CrossBorgi Puppy – Image Source

Are there any health issues with this border collie x corgi?

One of the other reasons that people are drawn to this cross breed is their health record.

There are few health concerns here and they can be pretty long lived. It is not unusual to see these dogs live well into their teens, as much as 18, with few health complaints.

However, there are still issues to watch out for. The first is with the health of their ears, because of those large erect ears. Then there is the minor risk of skin complaints and allergies.

Finally, it is important to remember that the corgi is known as an overeater, which could have implications on the border collie corgi mix weight.

What else do we need to know about creating a good home for a corgi collie mix?

What is like bringing borgi puppies up in a family home? Are they a good family dog?

For the most part the border collie corgi mix temperament is pretty good. This is a dog that lives to give love to people and to receive it in return. If you can’t give as good as you get with this dog, you may not give them the attention they need.

They are as comical and playful as their corgi parents, with the energy of the collie thrown in. This means that they need the time to play plenty of games and have enough walks to tire them out and keep them trim.

They will remain devoted to the family and want to play as much as you will let them. However, when it is time to sleep then that is it, they don’t want to be disturbed.

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Even so, there are some undesirable corgi border collie mix traits that could lead to behavior issues

This loving, affectionate dog loves to be a part of the family, to the point where it could get a little overprotective and overly attached.

They are animals that love the company of their humans so much that they don’t want to be left out, or even left alone. This need to feel included can be a problem if they have to be left alone for periods while owners are at work.

The protective nature can also mean that they can get a little defensive around strangers. This tends to come in with barking, and some individuals can get quite vocal. Of course this all depends on parentage and individual animals. Some will be tricky to live with and others won’t show too many of these signs.

corgi collie mix dogCollie Corgi Mix

One of the biggest behavioral concerns, however, with this collie corgi mix is herding behavior.

Corgis have a tendency to herd their flock, steering humans – especially children – in the right direction. It is an assertive action used by the dog to keep everyone in the right place and avoid problems.

The trouble is that it can be a nuisance when the dog should know its place in the pack and follow along nicely. This problem only intensifies when they begin to nip at the ankles as a warning, or encouragement. This behavior cannot be tolerated and needs to be trained out of them.

In some cases, the introduction of a second parent gene can dilute this trait and make them calmer. Unfortunately, this mix is with another working dog bred for herding.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

This means that all new owners need to know how to train a border collie corgi mix puppy

Training one of these puppies is essential from an early age. Not only does it help them to break away from instinctive behaviors like herding and barking, it lets them learn the basics of house training and obedience from an early age.

Early socialization is also important in these family homes with children and other animals around.

The good news here is that this is a pretty smart dog, with the high intellect of the collie and the sharpness of the corgi. They should pick up commands quite quickly. Still, they also need a consistent trainer with the patience to get the right results.

Those that struggle can turn to Doggy Dan the online dog trainer. This online guide provides great step-by-step instructions on a range of behavior issues that any owner can use.

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How to find the best borgi breeders for a happy, healthy dog

The first place to look when searching for a new borgi pup as a family pet is a local breeder.

There will be breeders that specialize in these hybrids, but remember that some are better than others. It is important that breeders raise healthy dogs, in a good environment, from the best stock.

If they have a problematic corgi in the mix that they struggled to train, that doesn’t bode well for the offspring. It always pay to see the home, the litter and the parents and to ask plenty of questions before making a choice.

border collie corgi mix guideCollie/Corgi Mix – Image Source

How much can we expect to pay for borgi puppies for sale?

This all depends on the breeder, the linage and the accessibility of the animal. Watch out for those asking too high a price for a “rare breed”, and avoid those with “cheap puppies” for sale.

Then there is the alternative option of finding a border collie corgi mix for adoption

The thought of going to a breeder doesn’t sit well with a lot of hopeful dog owners, and this is where the local shelter comes in. Here you can find a dog in need of a good home and rescue an adult. There is a lot of satisfaction here, especially if the dog has had a bad start in life.

Just be aware that these abandoned adults could have behavior issues that are difficult to train out of them.

Is the border collie corgi mix right for you?

What we have aimed to show with all of this border collie corgi mix information is that while there are some great personality traits to this gorgeous dog, they are not necessarily the easiest of dogs to live with and could be a handful for first time owners.

A well trained dog with good socialization, one that can nip all the herding, barking and separation issues in the bud, is sure to become a great family pet with a lot of love to give for many years.

It just takes a lot of commitment to be the perfect owner they need for all that attention, training and exercise for potentially 18 years.

Take the time to really consider the pros and cons here before calling up the local breeder or animal shelter.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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