All About The Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix (Shibadox): With Pictures

Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix

Dachshunds and Shiba Inus are both popular dogs, so it makes perfect sense that the two breeds are combined to create a designer dog.

A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix, also known as the Shiba Dach or Shibadox, is a cute cross between a purebred Dachshund and a purebred Shiba Inu. In the best case situation, you end up with a hybrid dog with the best traits of a Dachshund and a Shiba Inu.

Of course, there’s no perfect dog breed, and there are several things you need to consider before getting a Shibadox. Although Shibadox dogs are intelligent, they can also be stubborn. They are also prone to obesity so you should take care when feeding them. However, with some patience and planning, a Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix can be a wonderful dog for you and your family.

In this complete guide for first-time dog owners and experienced dog owners alike, you’ll find everything you need to know about owning a Shibadox so you can determine if this is the right pet for you!

Quick Facts About the Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix

Breed Type: Mixed Breed/Crossbreed/Designer Dog/Hybrid (Shiba Inu and Dachshund)
Size: Small to Medium-sized dog
Other Names: Shibadox, Dach Shiba, Shiba Dach, Shiba Dachshund, Shiba Inu Doxie Mix
Good Guard Dog: Yes
Good Watch Dog: Yes
Average Weight: 11 to 14 pounds
Average Height: 15 to 30 inches tall
Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
Apartment Living: Yes, provided their exercise needs are met
Ideal for: Active individuals or families who enjoy outdoor activities, Families with older children, People looking for a watchdog or companion dog, Individuals or families with experience in dog training and socialization
Coat: Short and Dense
Coat colors: Black, White, Brown, Red, Sable, Fawn
Suitable for first time owners: No, they can be stubborn and resistant to training. They can be more challenging for first time owners who are not experienced with dog training
Training: Difficult
Hypoallergenic: No
Shedding: Moderate (They shed excessively in the spring and in the fall)
Grooming Needs: They’ll need brushing a few times each week. We suggest using a deshedding tool, particularly if they inherit the Shiba parent’s coat
Energy Levels: Moderate
Exercise Needs: At least 60 minutes of exercise every day is required to keep them physically and mentally stimulated
Tolerance to being left alone: Generally, with adequate training, an adult, healthy Shiba Dachshund mix can be left alone for 4 to 6 hours per day
Feeding and Diet: 1 to 1 1/3 cups of high quality dog food divided into 2 or 3 meals. Of course, this amount varies depending on the dog’s age, size, and activity level
Maintenance: Moderate, they will need regular grooming, including brushing a few times a week to manage shedding, as well as occasional baths and nail trims. Additionally, they may need regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy
Possible Health Issues: Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Allergies, Dental Issues, Obesity, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Eye Problems
Temperament: Alert, Protective, Independent, Playful, intelligent, Stubborn, Loyal
Cat Friendly: Moderate, Shiba Inu Doxie Mixes can have a dominant side and might not do as well in multi-pet households as other dog breeds. Shibadoxes can be trained to get along well with cats if introduced properly and from an early age, but their dominant personality and strong prey drive are likely to prove distressing for cats
Dog Friendly: The Shiba parent is dominant with other dogs and does not usually get along well with other ‘bossy’ dogs of the same sex. However, as long as your Dachshund Shiba Inu mix has been socialized well from a young age, they should get along fine with other dogs
Kid Friendly: Better suited to families with older children. As with any dog breed, you should always supervise your Shibadox when around children to make sure everyone stays safe and happy
Barking Tendencies: High
Prey Drive: High
Price: $800 to $2000 USD (this can vary significantly depending on factors such as breeder reputation, location, and the individual characteristics of the puppy)

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What is A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Called?

The Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix is called a Shibadox or Shiba Dach. This interesting hybrid dog combines the unique traits of the Dachshund and Shiba Inu breeds.

Unfortunately, there is little information available about the origin and history of the Shibadox as a designer dog. And the little information that is available about this hybrid dog is related to both parent breeds.

The Dachshund was bred in Germany for hunting burrowing animals. This small dog has a cylindrical shape that allows it to follow small creatures into the ground. It also has a strong body and muscles, which enabled them to fend off underground animals.

The Shiba Inu, on the other hand, is an ancient Japanese breed that was commonly used for hunting small game in brushwoods. It is widely believed that its name is related to these Japanese brushwoods. Over time, the Shiba Inu’s popularity rose, making it a major hunting dog and companion among Japanese families.

So what does a Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix look like?

The General Appearance of the Shibadox Hybrid Dog

The Shiba Inu Doxie Mix is a cute, little dog with a fox-like appearance. These small dogs have a low-built shape, expressive eyes, and a bushy tail. Your Shiba Dach might have erect ears like the Shiba Inu or floppy ears like the Dachshund parent.

How Big Will A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Get?

A full grown Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix is a small to medium-sized dog that stands between 15 and 30 inches tall. They weigh anywhere from 11 to 14 pounds at maturity.

Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Coat and Coat Colors

The Shiba Dachshund Mixes generally have a short and dense coat. However, this can vary if one of the parents was a long-haired or wire-haired Dachshund.

The Shibadox comes in a variety of colors, including red, black, white, sable, brown, and cream. Red is extremely common, which adds to their cute, fox-like looks.

The coat typically resembles the Shiba Inu parent, and they usually have white patches on their chest and face.


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Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Temperament & Personality Traits

Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes are known to be alert, intelligent, and independent. They can exhibit the playful nature of their Dachshund parent and the independent but super loving personality of the Shiba Inu parent.

The Shibadox dog is a lively and playful dog that is best suited to households with older children. Early training, socialization, and exercise can help transform a Shibadox dog into a wonderful companion, providing both the alert and independent nature of a Shiba Inu and the loyalty and playfulness of a Dachshund.

Although loving, affectionate, and loyal to their owners, Shiba Dach dogs may be reserved around strangers. Proper training and socialization are important to help them gain confidence and develop into well-rounded dogs.

The Shibadox is a happy dog with tons of energy for exercising and playing games. They need to play and run around every day to prevent them from gaining excess weight.

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Are Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Protective?

Yes. The Shibadox is wary of strangers and can make a good watchdog. They are alert, courageous, and protective of their people, so your Shibadox will alert you if they sense any threat.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inus Good With Kids?

The Shibadox gets along great with kids, especially if they have been properly socialized from a young age. However, you should avoid leaving your Shibadox dog with small kids to ensure both the children and the dog are safe.

Please note that Shibadox dogs inherit the Dachshund’s long backs, which can be easily injured if children play too rough. Therefore, make sure that kids are always gentle with these small dogs.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Good With Other Dogs?

The Shibadox also gets along great with other dogs, especially if they have been well socialized. However, it’s not a good idea to keep your Shibadox dog with other household pets because of their natural hunting instincts.

The Shiba Inu parent was originally developed for hunting, so we don’t recommend putting small pets like hamsters or gerbils together with a Shibadox.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Good For First Time Owners?

Yes. Shibadox dogs are ideal for both novice and experienced dog owners alike. They are low-maintenance dogs that adapt well to different living environments.

Do Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

Yes. The Shibadox is also suitable for apartment living. These adaptable dogs can do well in rural, suburban, and urban areas. However, apartment dwellers should prepare to meet their dogs’ exercise needs by playing with them and taking them on daily walks around the neighborhood.

How to Take Care of a Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix

You’ll need to exercise, train, and groom your dog to keep them happy and healthy. Feeding them a balanced diet is also important for their health and overall well-being.


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Training and socialization are crucial aspects of raising a well-rounded dog. Unfortunately, the Shibadox inherits a stubborn streak from both the Shiba Inu and the Dachshund. This makes early training extremely important for this dog.

Shibadoxes do best with positive reinforcement techniques. You should start both crate training and obedience training immediately when you bring them home.

The best dog crate for a Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix is the Midwest Folding Crate for Intermediate Dogs. This crate provides the ultimate safety and comfort that all dog owners want for their new buddies. It has strong construction for enhanced durability.

Give your Shibadox treats and other rewards when they get something right. They will learn more quickly when they sense that you’re happy with their behavior.

Socialization is also very important, so consider incorporating these activities into their regular routine:

  • Meeting different people
  • Playing with other canines
  • Exploring new environments
  • Taking your dog to a nearby dog park
  • These activities will allow your dog to develop trust, confidence, and tolerance.

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Just like the Dachshund parent, the Shibadox requires at least 40 to 60 minutes of exercise each day. This should include playtime and daily walks around the neighborhood.

Ensuring that your Shibadox is getting plenty of exercise is vital because it helps them live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Keeping your smart Shibadox healthy and happy also requires mental stimulation. So, make sure to provide them with a variety of interactive dog toys to boost their mental health.

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Do Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Shed a Lot?

The Shibadox is not hypoallergenic. Like both parents, Shibadox dogs shed a significant amount, so they are not ideal for people with allergies.


The Shibadox is a low-maintenance dog because they have a short coat that’s easy to manage. You only need to brush them 2 to 3 times every week.

Bathing should only be done when they get dirty to avoid stripping their skin off its natural oils. Natural oils are essential for keeping their coat shiny and healthy. Instead, use high-quality deodorizing wipes for dogs for cleaning different parts of your dog’s body.

Brush their teeth twice, or thrice each week to prevent dental issues.

Trim their nails as needed. Breaks or tears can be painful, so it’s recommended to trim their nails to prevent this.


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Feeding and Diet

The right dog food for a Shiba Doxie Mix is one that meets their nutritional requirements. Choose high-quality dog food depending on your age’s age, size, activity levels, and health.

We also recommend adding meat, fruits, and vegetables to their regular diet to ensure they receive their fair share of proteins, good fats, and vitamins.

Both parent dogs are vulnerable to obesity, so avoid overfeeding your Shibadox. Generally, Shibadox can do well eating one cup of dog food every day. You should split this amount into two meals per day to prevent gastrointestinal issues.

Since the parent breeds can gain weight quickly and become obese, you should give them treats in moderation.

To prevent joint issues, consider giving your Shibadox wild Alaskan salmon oil and probiotics. And to avoid dehydration, give your Shibadox access to plenty of fresh water every day.


So, how long does a Shibadox live? Well, the average lifespan of a Shibadox is approximately 12 to 16 years. This is the same as the life expectancy of both the Shiba Inu and the Dachshund.

Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Health Issues

Shiba Inu Dachshund Mixes can suffer from some of the conditions that affect both the Dachshund and the Shiba Inu. These may include:

A balanced diet and regular vet checkups are important aspects of raising a healthy Shibadox.

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Finding Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix for Adoption

It’s possible to find a Shibadox dog at an animal shelter or rescue center. Adopting a Shibadox is not only a great way to provide a dog in need with a loving home, but you’ll also end up paying less for this adorable designer dog.

Most dogs from shelters and rescues are fully vetted, sprayed, or neutered, and screened for various health problems.

Finding Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Breeders

When looking for Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix puppies for sale, it’s important that you work with reputable breeders near you. This will help increase your chances of getting a healthy Shibadox puppy with an appropriate temperament.

Reputable Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix breeders screen all their dogs for health issues and health check their puppies before releasing them to their new owners.

Check where the Shibadox puppies are being kept and ask for proof of various tests before making your decision. This should give you a good idea of whether the breeder is responsible or not.

How Much Does A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Cost?

The Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix price will vary depending on where you are and the prevailing demand of the puppy you’re interested in.

Generally, the price of a Shibadox puppy ranges from $800 to $2,000. Anyone that claims to offer Shibadox puppies at a price lower than this may not be a reputable breeder.

Of course, this price does not include vet bills and the cost of dog food. Owning a Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix is a huge responsibility since you also need to cater for training, grooming, and the cost of dog products such as a dog bed, dog crate, and dog toys.

The best dog bed for a Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix is the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed. This dog bed has an orthopedic (egg-crate) foam base that eases pressure and improves air circulation to ensure comfortable sleep after your dog’s daily adventures.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix A Good Family Dog?

Yes. Shiba Inu Dachshund Mixes make great family dogs because of their adaptable nature. They can do well in apartments and small homes provided they get plenty of exercise. They also get along well with children and can live harmoniously with other dogs as well, if well socialized.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

No. Shiba Inu Dachshund Mixes are easy to maintain when it comes to exercise and grooming. They require around 40 to 60 minutes of exercise daily and brushing a few times every week. Additionally, the Shabadox is a very healthy mix with a relatively long lifespan.

Can Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. You should not leave your Shibadox alone for a long period because these loyal dogs enjoy being around their owners.

How Long Can A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Be Left Alone?

While it’s not advisable to leave a Shibadox alone, they can stay alone for up to four hours. On the other hand, the AKCs guideline states that full grown dogs can generally be left alone for six to eight hours.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. The Shibadox is not a hypoallergenic dog breed and may be a moderate to a heavy shedder. This makes it unsuitable for people with allergies.

Do Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Bark A Lot?

Yes. Shibadox dogs tend to be vocal. While this breed is physically ideal for apartment living, they may not be a great choice if they bark a lot.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Hard To Train?

As highly intelligent dogs, Shibadoxes are quite easy to train. Nonetheless, their stubborn steak can make training a challenge.

Do Dachshund Shiba Inu Mixes Like To Cuddle?

While Dachshunds enjoy cuddling, Shiba Inus are not cuddly in nature. This means that while the Shibadox is naturally loving and affectionate, some Shibadox puppies may not enjoy cuddling, especially if they take more after the Shiba Inu parent.

Are Dachshund Shiba Inus Aggressive?

No. Shibadox dogs are not naturally aggressive. While they are protective in nature, this does not necessarily lead to aggression.

What Are Some Negatives About Dachshund Shiba Inus?

  • They can be quite stubborn.
  • They tend to bark a lot.
  • They are prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia, allergies, and Intervertebral disc disease.
  • They are not hypoallergenic.

Can Dachshund Shiba Inus Be Off-Leash?

We don’t recommend keeping a Shiba Inu Dachshund Mix off-leash because they can easily get in trouble. These dogs enjoy causing havoc and running around due to their hunting instincts, so keep a close eye on them at all times.


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Is A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix Right For You?

A Shibadox puppy is ideal for both novice and seasoned dog owners. Apartment dwellers should prepare to exercise their dogs regularly to keep their energy levels under control.

If you have small kids or cats at home, you need to consider this dog’s natural prey drive, as this can affect their interactions with both kids and other animals.

The Shibadox dog is ideal for people who live in homes with fenced yards, who can get time to exercise their dog regularly, and don’t have smaller pets at home.


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