How To Handle Boston Terrier Shedding Problems

boston terrier shedding

Boston Terriers are great characters that are a joy to have around the home.

They are also one of the more attractive terriers of that size, with their cute faces, large erect ears and that smart black and white coat.

The coat is an important selling point for many owners, and breeders, that want the very best pure bred dogs.

However, there is some confusion and concern when it comes to Boston Terrier shedding. Do Boston Terriers shed and, if so, how badly?

There are some that deal with problematic episodes of hair loss and others that barely notice any shedding at all.

In this guide we will answer the question of how much do Boston Terriers shed and address some of the issues surrounding excessive shedding.

Is there a Boston Terrier shedding season?

Boston Terriers typically shed seasonally in the spring and fall as their coats change.

This is a natural process seen in many breeds that should not be restricted in any way.

Take note of when the hair starts to fall more freely, deal with the shed hair as best you can and keep the dog looking and feeling at its best.

Do Boston Terriers shed a lot during these periods?

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors.

As we mentioned above, there are some owners that will notice very little hair and others that experience problems.

There will always be much more hair lost in a seasonal moult, as this is when the old coat is replaced with a new one. However, there shouldn’t be massive patches of lost hair or excessive thinning of the coat.

Naturally, there will be Boston owners reading this with different experiences.

Some of you may be asking why you see your Boston Terrier shedding in winter or loosing so much hair at once. The answer may lie with a number of issues.

Why is my Boston Terrier shedding so much?

Unfortunately, there are problems that can occur where the shedding of Boston Terrier becomes more of a problem. The following issues can occur that will decrease the condition of the skin and coat, increasingly the likelihood that the hair will fall out.

Owners that take steps to avoid, or correct these issues should have an easier time with Boston shedding.

# Bad diet:

The diet of a dog can have a big impact on the quality of the coat.

This means that these dogs need a protein rich diet with plenty of omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids.

These oils are essential for maintaining a healthy coat, and they can control shedding.

It is also important that they stay hydrated throughout the day, so make sure to provide them with plenty of clean, fresh drinking water.

# Supplementation:

Dogs that struggle to obtain all the right nutrients from their diet may benefit from some supplements to readdress the balance.

One that is ideal for Bostons with shedding issues is NaturVet Brewers Yeast Formula.

These tasty chewable tablets contain Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as a natural source of B-complex vitamins. This could help to fix coat issues.

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# Ill health:

Any Boston with health issues may struggle to maintain a healthy, strong coat as they fight illness.

It is also important to remember that the hair can fall out around areas of fleas bites, tick bites and other issues of infection and infestation.

Regular parasite treatments are essential.

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# Poor skin condition:

Ill health and infestation can lead to problems with the condition of the skin.

Ideally, you need to ensure that there is a healthy flow of blood and oils in the skin to enrich and strengthen the hair. You can achieve this through massage and basic grooming methods.

# Stress:

it is not just humans that see their hair weaken and fall out during stressful situations. The same is true for our dogs too.

There are lots of events that may trigger this, such as moving to an unfamiliar location, staying with relatives and bouts of ill health.

The key to minimal shedding here is good grooming

Most owners agree that as long as you have a good brush, and use it every day, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

The best slicker brushes should help to remove dead hair often – especially during those seasonal moults – and massage the oils in the skin. This should reduce the risk of poor conditioning and improve the health of the dog.

A brush with rubber bristles is the best approach for a nice feeling and safe way to groom. Many dogs will enjoy the process and it is a great bonding activity.

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The only concern with grooming regimes is that you have to be careful with bathing these dogs.

Bathing is a good way to remove lots of hair, and to keep dogs clean, but frequent use of chemicals and products can effect the quality of the skin and coat, which in turn leads to bigger issues with hair loss.

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When to see a vet

This Boston Terrier shedding information is just the start, and anyone with major concerns about the health and grooming regime of their pet should seek help from their vet.

If you notice any excess hair loss, with no clear reason behind it, get the vet to perform some health checks to look for underlying conditions.

They may be able to diagnose problems and recommend some treatments or dietary changes to improve the condition.

The same is true if you spot patches of missing hair or if the dog is scratching their skin a lot. There could be issues with fleas or other parasites that require medical intervention.

Boston Terrier shedding doesn’t have to be a major issue with the right preparation

There are clearly two different experienceds with the Boston Terrier coat.

Some will have no issues at all and notice minimal shedding due to the health of their dog and their regular grooming habits. Others may notice excessive shedding due to issues with coat condition, ill health and other factors.

A good diet and grooming regime should be enough to control Boston Terrier hair loss. However, there are solutions for those whose dogs go through a bit of a rough patch.

Address the issues as they arise, pinpoint the causes and find a nice, natural solution. Before long, you should have a low-shedding Boston again.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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