Is The Brindle Pitbull Much Different From Its Cousins Of Different Colors?

brindle pitbull

Pitbull lovers will be aware that this popular pet dog comes in a vast range of colors and coat types.

This range is so broad that many animals can look incredibly distinctive from each other.

The brindle pitbull is a great example. It is a striking dog that looks very different to more common colors, so much so that some wonder if it is a sub or cross breed.

So is a brindle Pitbull puppy really any more desirable than its litter mates? Are there that many differences between the colors?

Here we will look at the meaning behind the coat, its origins and the true similarities and differences between the brindle and other colored Pitbulls.

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What is brindle Pitbull?

A brindle Pitbull is the type of Pitbull that has attractive bands of colors in its fur. There isn’t a deep blue or brown, or a pure white, but rather a mixture of tones that creates an interesting effect.

The banding on the individual hair follicles lead to some interesting variations between the animals.

We can see both light brindle Pitbulls, with paler bands, and those that look more like a black brindle Pitbull due to the darker pigments.

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The brindle pitbull history of the coat type

A big question for many prospective owners here is are brindle pitbulls full blooded?

What we mean by this is that there are some that assume that this brindle gene comes from another type of dog, and this isn’t a pure Pitbull at all.

This confusion comes from the origin of the brindle gene within the bulldog. However, this occurs in the creation of the first Pitbulls in the 19th century.

Therefore, the brindle gene has been with this dog as long as it has existed. Today, this is considered a recessive gene, but that doesn’t mean that it is rare or undesirable in any way.

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Important distinctions and questions about this pitbull’s brindle coat

The first question to consider is in the name. Is a tiger striped pit the same thing?

You are sure to come across references online to the tiger stripe Pitbull, but what does it mean?

A tiger Pitbull is essentially the same dog with a more attractive name. It simply refers to the pattern of stripes often found on a brindle coat.

It should also be noted that this brindle coat can occur in red and blue pits.

There are plenty of blue brindle Pitbull pups and red nose brindle Pitbull pups, each with their own unique look. Some will naturally turn to one over the other because of familiarity or availability. Others will wonder whether or not it is possible to get a brindle Pitbull with blue eyes.

There is a fad at the moment for dogs with blue eyes. People seem to warm to this bright color and find the dogs to be even cuter. It originates with the husky, but there are still those that chase rare blue eyed genes in all kinds of breeds. There is the possibility here, but it is not common.

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What else is different about these brindle dogs?

Most hopeful owners are keen to know about all the possible differences that separate these brindle animals from the other colors in the Pitbull spectrum.

There is a misconception that a brindle animal is different from a fawn or black one in some way.

The truth is that the coat color and this intriguing gene in the fur is the only definitive difference. There will be differences in look, size, personality and health between brindle dogs and other colors, as well as between brindle puppies from the same little. This is all environmental rather than genetic.

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The size of the dog will be pretty much the same

This brindle coat gene should have no bearing on a brindle Pitbull weight or general stature.

A blue brindle bully that is smaller than its black or mottled siblings may simply be the runt, or just naturally smaller. In other litters, the brindle pup may be the biggest. The size has more to do with gender and the size of the parents. A male brindle can reach 6 to 8 inches in height and 25 to 35 pounds in weight, while a female will be leaner and smaller.

It is important to remember that they are still muscular dogs with a lot of energy. This muscular build, and other key physical characteristics should be exactly the same as any other Pitbull. This means the same face shape, top line, tail, ears and everything else.

This idea of a muscular, energetic animal brings us to the care needs of a brindle pit

This is a dog that requires the right diet and exercise regime in order to stay fit and healthy and meet the brindle pitbull life expectancy of 10-15 years.

With the right approach, a healthy diet, a garden to run around in and regular health checks, they could easily reach the higher end of that range.

There aren’t too many brindle pit health issues here, although owners should always watch out for skin complaints, eye and joint problems and other allergies.

This similarity between variants also means that the brindle Pitbull temperament won’t change because of this odd gene in their coat. There is the same risk of dominance and aggression in this pups as any other Pitbull. At the same time, there is the same chance that they will easily learn to control their personality and become social, loving members of the family.

Don’t assume that any less work goes into raising these brindle Pitbulls. With the right effort in training, especially with early socialization, and the right loving environment, they are soft, loving bundles of joy.

Are these brindle Pitbull puppies still attractive options for your family with all this in mind?

Now that you have a better idea that this is a real pitbull, with all the same positive and negative issues as its cousins, it is time to consider the issues of purchasing one.

The first step here is to look for breeders that deliberately state that they have brindle pitbull puppies for sale – if you are keen on this particular color that is. Some will breed brindle animals to try and get a full litter of brindle dogs, while other will have some brindles in a mixed litter.

Whichever route you take, you have to make sure to see the animals and their parents first.

The first reason for this is to see the health of the animals and the environment that they live in. This showcases the reputation of the breeder. Don’t give money to those that don’t care about these animals.

The second reason is to check the linage of the dog. While brindle pure-bred Pitbulls aren’t uncommon, some breeders may be cross-breeding dogs to ensure this striking tiger stripe coat.

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Are brindle Pitbulls expensive?

The brindle Pitbull price is an important consideration here because different brindle Pitbull breeders have different ideas on the worth of an animal.

Also, some Pitbull lovers are prepared to pay more for some colors than others. The Moo Moo Pitbull is widely considered to be the more popular and common, with lower prices, while true whites and reds may fetch more.

The cost of the brindle will depend on local availability and the views of the breeder.

There will always be those that try and sell these variants as rare pups to earn some extra profit. As you have seen, while this gene is recessive, it is not that rare at all.

This issue of breeders leads us to an important point about adoption

While there are respectable breeders out there with healthy brindle pit pups for sale, there are also many Pibulls in rescue centers.

This is a breed that many owners struggle with because of the effort required to train them and keep them fit and happy.

A Pitbull rescue dog could be a great companion and you could end up saving a life. There is no guarantee of coat type. You could go to a shelter and find Pitbulls of any color because they all have the same needs and training issues.

If you have read the information above and feel that a brindle coat is a nice look, but not a must-have feature, this adoption process could be the best choice. The only caveat here is that adopting Pitbulls is best left to the experienced owners prepared to handle these dogs.

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Is the American brindle Pitbull the right choice for you?

As you can see from this brindle Pitbull information, there are not all that many differences between this variant and other Pitbull types.

It is understandable that some people will question the heritage of this dog. But, a beautiful brindle Pitbull is still a Pitbull, with the same temperament, quirks and needs as its cousins in other colors. You won’t get an easier ride with a brindle pup, but they won’t be harder to handle either.

In the end, the coat color shouldn’t be the main deal-breaker in choosing a Pitbull.

Find a sweet animal in need of a home and do what you can for them, regardless of color.

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