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Best Teacup Dog Breeds

The 10 Best Teacup Dog Breeds

Breeds of teacup dogs are adorable and cute, and you don’t have to be a dog person to want to own them. Having said that, they do need responsible owners and loving homes. While they’re popularly known as toy dogs, they are real animals that require attention, care and a comfortable environment.


The one thing that you should know about teacup is that it doesn’t define a breed per se, instead, it is a term used to refer to miniature dogs. To be precise, a dog that weighs anywhere between 7-14 pounds even upon reaching adulthood is considered to be a small dog.

It is important to note that these miniature dog breeds are completely healthy, and if your take good care of them, they can live up to 12 years.

Here is a quick rundown of all the best teacup dog breeds to help you choose one that suits your nature, circumstances and schedule perfectly.Continue reading

Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome

Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome? A Comprehensive Overview on How to Monitor, Manage & Raise Your Special Dog


The idea of dogs being riddled with Down syndrome has baffled scientists and pet owners since ages.

While this is a controversial topic that raises many eyebrows, the fact is that the occurrence of this genetic disorder is not just limited to the human race.

This article will shed light on this subject in a respectful manner and attempt to discuss the condition, the chances of it afflicting dogs, and how to care for a dog with such a diagnosis.

Additionally, it will seek to answer the question: Can dogs have down syndrome ?Continue reading

Best Therapy Dogs For Depression

The Best Therapy Dogs For Depression Treatment Results

Pet therapy is an increasing trend nowadays as people veer away from pharmaceutical situations to look for more alternative and natural cures.

Depression is one of the most silent killers in our North American society today.

More than 80% of people have felt depression at some point in their lives with a certain percentage of that having felt deep depression that requires extra help and support.Continue reading

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