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Category Archives for Breeds & Health

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd: Which Is The Best Family Dog?

The Belgian Malinois is a handsome dog that not all families are familiar with. The breeding, looks and purpose of this dog mean we end up comparing stats on Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd certainly ranks and the most popular of the two, at #2 in the American Kennel Club ratings of popularity compared to #51 for the Malinois.

However, this could simply be because we are all so much more familiar with GSDs as pets. If we knew more about the Malinois, would it be more popular?Continue reading

My Dogs Breath Smells Like Fish

My Dogs Breath Smells Like Fish: The True Causes And Solutions To This Odd Odour

Have you ever bent down to receive a sloppy kiss from your dog to find yourself saying “my dogs breath smells like fish”.

It is not an uncommon occurrence, but it can cause great concern for pet owners. Not only is this fishy smell incredibly unpleasant for anyone that has to come within close range of your dog’s mouth. It can be quite mysterious for anyone that can’t place the source of the stench.

You may think that it is just a sign that a little of the fish he ate for dinner is still lingering, but the pungent nature of the smell is enough to tell you that this isn’t the case.

So what is it that means that your dog has fish breath.Continue reading

DDR German Shepherd

The Rise And Fall Of The DDR German Shepherd

The DDR German Shepherd is a dog that has received a lot of attention in recent years.

On one side there are the dog owners that are curious as to the pros and cons of owning this sub-breed of GSD. On the other, there are the breeders that are keen to protect this dog before it is lost completely.

This guide to DDR shepherds will look at some of the important topics regarding the breed in order to offer more insight for GSD lovers that are less familiar with this type.

We will look at the history of the breed, its decline, the desire to keep breeding them and their current status in the GSD world.

There are some that would say that the Czech GSD is the more desirable linage but, as you will see, it is not as simple as all that.Continue reading

Doberman Colors

Doberman Colors: Which Color Variants Are There And Why Are Some More Acceptable Than Others?

There is a lot of debate regarding Doberman colors: which are the true color combinations, which should be accepted in show dogs and which colors should be avoided altogether?

Some dog owners believe that Dobermans are beautiful no matter their color and coat markings, while others stand by the rule that there are only four different colors of Dobermans that are acceptable.

What color do Dobermans come in and why does color matter so much to owners, breeders and associations?Continue reading

German Shepherd Life Span

Understanding The German Shepherd Life Span And How To Prolong It

Understanding the German Shepherd life span is important when caring for these dogs.

The tougher question to ask, however, is how long do German Shepherds live?

These dogs can’t stay with us forever, so it is important that we understand the perils of GSD old age and their average life expectancy.

The aim of this guide on the German Shepherd average life span is to look at the general life expectancy of this breed, the different stages of their life cycle and some factors that may influence a longer life or premature death.Continue reading

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