The Border Collie Husky Mix: Is This Smart, Active Dog Right For Your Family?
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The Border Collie Husky Mix: Is This Smart, Active Dog Right For Your Family?

The border collie husky mix is an animal beloved by dog owners for many reasons.

It is the offspring of two highly popular, intelligent breeds, it is almost guaranteed to be a good-natured dog with the right handling and it is undeniably attractive.

There is an instant appeal with this dog but is it really such a good idea to mix these active, smart working dogs together?

This guide to the husky border collie mix will look at some of the basic Husky Border Collie Mix information to help prospective owners decide if this is the best option for them.

We will start with a look at some of the basic stats on the breed, such as weight and size, before looking at key issues regarding behavior and training.

We will also look at grooming, exercise and healthcare before discussing the best place to get collie husky mix puppies.

Finally, we will determine the right kind of owner for this complex hybrid.

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What does a husky and border collie mix look like?

Let’s start with some basic stats on border collie husky mix size and appearance.

The basic border collie husky mix weight is around 35-40 lbs for bitches and a heavier 40-45 lbs for males. This reflects the more muscular genes of the husky.

The height is around 20 inches, although it varies depending on the genes.

They are lean dogs and have beautiful facial features due to the mix of husky and collie traits.

There is something about this dog where you cannot help but smile when you see it – perhaps because some look as though they are smiling back.

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What is the husky border collie mix temperament like?

Ask any owner of the border collie Siberian husky mix what their personality is like and they are sure to say the same thing.

Almost all dogs are described as being sweet, calm, loyal family dogs. They are great with kids because of their loyalty to the pack and soft nature.

Most are also pretty good with other dogs and cats once they learn their place. Let the cat teach them who is boss for a week and they will soon get the message.

siberian husky border collie mix temperamentBorder Collie Husky Mix – Image Source

Another common comment is that this is a comical, expressive breed that it just great fun to be around. Owners have as much fun playing games in the park as having cuddles on the sofa.

==> The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

An odd quirk with this expressive nature is that these pups share their husky parent’s talkative gene. They love to be part of the conversation.

Talk to them, even if it is just to ask what they want to do or tell them you love them, and they may mouth or vocalise in response.

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Are there any behavioral problems to expect when we have a collie mixed with husky?

With all the talk of such a loving, sweet-natured dog, it is easy to assume that there are no behavioral issues to contend with when dealing with this cross.

Unfortunately, this sweet, calm temperament require a lot of work. You are dealing with the offspring of two highly intelligent, active breeds. This can lead to a mischievous streak and some other issues.

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There are reports from owners that their collie husky mix pups are pretty good escape artists. A smart, bored dog will find a weak point in a fence.

Others have a tendency to chase after a target, like other dogs, cars and children. It is part of the instinct of these working dogs. This can be a big problem around livestock if the animal is not under control.

Other owners talk about separation anxiety. This mix loves being with its family and prolonged absence, mixed with boredom could be a big problem.

The important thing to remember here is that a tired, fulfilled dog is a calm, well-behaved one.

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Does the intelligence and temperament mean that these Siberian husky border collie mix dogs are easy to train?

The great thing about getting a husky and collie mix is that you can be sure of an intelligent dog.

Border collies are one of the smartest there is and huskies are not far behind, so their pups are sure to be fast learners.

This speed of learning and a need for mental stimulation mean that these cross breeds are pretty easy to train – as long as you follow the right methods and maintain their interest.

The only possible issue will come with leash training. This is something that these breeds struggle with and they do tend to pull.

This concern over leash training and the other behavioral issues mentioned means that you might want to turn to a professional.

Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is a world renowned internet resource that has helped a staggering number of owners with specific issues. His guide is sure to be able to offer guidance on leash pulling, separation anxiety, boundary issues, car chasing or hyperactivity.

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Taking care of your border collie husky,What sort of exercise, grooming and healthcare do they need?

Lets start with the activity levels of a collie and husky mix.

The idea of high activity levels and regular exercise were alluded to above when talking about behavioral issues. However, it is important to reiterate this point for the welfare of the dog.

This is a pet that needs daily activity for long periods. You really do need to tire them out, both physically and mentally.

This means long walks, runs, a long session playing fetch in the garden and whatever else he may enjoy.

Once he is tired out, he will have had enough exercise to maintain that lean, muscular figure and wont feel the need to act out in the house.

Try and plan activities and puzzles ahead of time so he isn’t caught out. Make sure there is always something to occupy him.

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Siberian Husky Collie CrossCollie Husky Cross – Image Source

The grooming needs of a border collie husky cross

The thick coats of huskies means that there are bound to be some concerns over border collie husky mix shedding.

It is true that these dogs can shed a lot and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. It is a natural part of husky ownership and it has continued into their offspring.

With a coat this beautiful, you can’t really hold it against them.

It is advisable to brush the coat once a day to stop them from shedding excessively and leaving lots of hair all over the sofa and carpet.

They will also like the attention so its a win-win situation.

Be aware that another husky trait can come through here. This dog breed can easily overheat, which can speed up the shedding process.

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Potential healthcare issues with a husky Border collie hybrid

One of the factors with this dog that owners always highlight as a bonus is their lifespan.

They tend to be long lived dogs, with some animals living as much as twenty years. This is impressive for a larger working dog.

Border collies are long lived but not always that long. As with all dogs, a long and happy life comes down to the amount of care they receive.

It is important that they get the right levels of exercise and right diet across their life time. Reduce activity around the age of 14, but don’t allow them to become sedentary.

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This need for regular exercise and activity is crucial because some of these husky collies crosses can develop issues with their bones. Some must deal with osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disorder, and chronic myelopathy.

A good exercise plan and diet should help to prevent against this.

There are some great tools available to help new owners provide the best healthcare.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets is a great resource for information on different topics.

dog health ultimate guide

The Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test provides a more detailed look at the genes and risk factors your border collie husky mix puppy may face.

Where should you get your border collie husky mix puppies?

The first thing to consider when choosing a dog for the family is buying husky collie mix puppies from a breeder.

As with all dog breeders, it is important to make sure that they are responsible and have happy, healthy dogs.

A visit to the home gives you a chance to see the collie and husky parents, so you can be sure of the pups linage, and you can ask questions about health issues or other concerns.

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Secrets to dog training solution

The alternative is the option of border collie husky mix adoption.

A border collie and husky mix isn’t exclusively found at a breeders and you don’t have to get a puppy. There are sure to be families that couldn’t handle the needs of this cross breed and gave theirs up for adoption.

Take the time to rescue this long-lived breed and give them the love they deserve.

Is the border collie husky mix the right choice for you?

There is no doubt that a husky collie dog is a beautiful dog – both in its looks and its demeanor.

When handled correctly, these animals are sweet, loyal dogs that can behave brilliantly and provide love for a family for a very long time.

However, it is that commitment to providing activity, training and attention that is the issue.

You really do need to have the time and patience to handle these dogs.

Give these pups the love they deserve and you won’t regret it.

Featured Image Credit: PINTEREST

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