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Category Archives for Dog Training

German Shepherd Training Commands

German Shepherd Training Commands: Complete Step-By-Step Guide


German Shepherds are quick to learn tricks and commands. However, it’s also true that they were originally bred to protect herds and dwell in packs.

Therefore, these dogs are naturally dominant and love being the alpha-leader every where they go. This is one of the main reasons to instill training from a young age. Instead of whiling away this puppy years thinking he is too cute to dominate or create havoc in the house, starting training him for obedience.

This way, you will become the proud owner of a well-behaved, docile yet watchful GSD that embodies the best of his breed’s traits!

Here, we will walk you through all the aspects of training a German shepherd puppy, right from German shepherd training commands to important ways to implement them.Continue reading

How to Train a Beagle Not to Bark

How to Train a Beagle Not to Bark: The Ultimate Guide

Barking is to beagle as talking is to humans. This is a fierce, active and energetic dog breed, immensely protective of his territory and owner.

Beagles were originally bred to hunt game birds and hare. That explains their innate alertness.

As cheerful and lovable as beagles are, the excessively barking ones can pose quite a few problems for their owner, as well as the people who share their lives.

Here in this section, we’ll discuss about how to train a beagle not to bark.Continue reading

Beagle Aggression

Beagle Aggression: A Comprehensive Guide

Beagles are best known as chirpy and amicable dogs that get along with all kinds of animals as well as humans.

Being steady and even tempered, they are extremely amenable to training methods.

This is one breed that is wonderful as a family pet as it is perfect with children, and naturally adept at hunting. Simply put, there is nothing that a Beagle can’t do!

However, the Beagle personality is a bit of a paradox in some ways, with a whole gamut of seemingly contradictory character traits like beagle aggression. However, it all boils down to understanding his mindset, and once you do that, all seems logical!Continue reading

How To Potty Train A Boxer Puppy

How To Potty Train A Boxer Puppy: A Step-By-Step Guide

All About Your New Boxer Puppy

So you’ve just purchased/adopted a new boxer puppy! Now you’ve got to actually learn, and learn very fast, how to potty train a boxer puppy.

Otherwise, you’ll be in for quite the disaster around the household and for a longer time!

Your first priority as a new puppy owner, is to learn quickly about potty training for these little guys.

The great thing is that these little puppies are so cute and they make great family dogs once they have been house trained. These little guys also really need lots of love, care, attention, and exercise in order to help them to control their own rambunctious side whilst they are young.Continue reading

Fear Aggression in Dogs

Fear Aggression in Dogs: The Complete Blueprint to Manage, Monitor & Treat

Fear-based aggression is a common canine behavioral trait that has evolved through the years in order to equip a dog better for self-defense.

Many people believe that fearfully aggressive dogs have had a brutal past of some sort, or suffered a traumatic event that has caused them to be wary of every new experience.

While this logic is indeed reasonable, many a time fear-based aggression develops not because something happened, but because something did NOT happen. That something may be anything from socialization and proper training to timely treatment, and mitigation of daily stress triggers.

Here, in this very write-up, we attempt to dispel any confusion that you may have about your fearfully aggressive dog and enlighten you on training, exercising, calming and treating fear aggression in dogs.Continue reading