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Category Archives for Dog Training

How to Train a Vizsla Puppy

Tips on How to Train a Vizsla Puppy

The Vizsla dog breed is believed to have originated from Hungary. The dog is popular around the world and is considered to be a loyal companion to man. In addition, the Hungarian Vizsla dog is an outstanding all-purpose dog that is elegantly built with a medium sized body.

Those who wish to own a Vizsla dog must learn how to train a Vizsla puppy at home. The dog is well known for its excellent nose with good retrieving and stable pointing.

When working in water, this dog is known to have positive enjoyment and is full of fun. It can work and play in all types of weather as it has great stamina as well as equable and lively temperament.Continue reading

How To Stop My Dog Running After Other Dogs

How To Stop My Dog Running After Other Dogs: The Complete Blueprint

Dogs are, by nature, very territorial and aggressive. They are brimming with a lot of energy and if not channelized in the proper direction, this energy can neither do them and nor their owner any good.
So while it should be considered normal to see your pet dog lunge and run after other dogs, it’s also essential that you nip this behavior in the bud as soon as you can. You must have often found yourself bogged down by the question: “how do i stop my dog running after other dogs?”Continue reading



If you choose a Boxer puppy as a new family addition, then expect to have a wonderful companion in your homestead.
Nonetheless, you need to train this curious, playful and extremely energetic pet on matters to do with being obedient to you and having the proper behavior to ensure you experience this wonderful companionship.
But then, the big question is, what is the best way to train a boxer puppy to achieve the said results?
This article aims to elaborate this, and much more, as far as your Boxer puppy is concerned.Continue reading

How to Train Your Pug Puppy

How to Train Your Pug Puppy

Many people keep Pugs in their homes. Due to their adorable appearance and small size, many people love these creatures. However, they tend to have a stubborn nature which poses a challenge for most trainers.
If you are wondering how to train your Pug puppy, then you are the right audience for this article.
This article will provide several methods of Pug puppy training and other things you need to know about Pug puppies.

In essence, understanding how to teach a Pug puppy is an issue of being aware of the Pug`s nature and character. Here are the techniques of Pug training you can apply.Continue reading

How to Train a Beagle Puppy

How to Train a Beagle Puppy: Everything You Need To Know


So you have finally gotten the Beagle puppy you always wanted.
What’s the next step? Training, right?
But do you really know how to train a beagle puppy?
Unfortunately, most owners begin training at the wrong time. Some start off too early when the puppy is not ready to hold his bladder yet and is far from ready to start understanding basic commands.
Also, beagles are usually classified as being very stubborn to train. This is because many people wait till they are in their adolescence to begin training them. This is far too late.Continue reading