Chihuahua Shedding: How To Stay On Top Of It And Recognize Excessive Shedding

chihuahua shedding

Chihuahuas have to be one of the most spoiled little dogs in the world.

There are many dog lovers that accuse Chihuahua owners of babying their pets and forgetting that they are dogs, not some perfect little toy pet.

This is seen in a number of ways. The most common is the desire to carry them around in a handbag. Others freak out when the animals get aggressive because they aren’t trained properly, or when they shed fur – like a real dog.

The truth is that chihuahua shedding is something that all of these owners have to put up with to some degree.

Some chihuahua owners will appreciate this completely and know precisely how to handle the hair. Others will feel out of their depth and resort to extreme measure to try and stop shedding altogether. Then there are those that find their chihuahua shedding like crazy, and realize that there is a bigger issue going on.

In this guide we are going to take a closer look at the issue of do chihuahuas shed, with sections on some important questions and issues that all chihuahua owners need to consider.

To begin with, we will take some time to look at the ordinary shedding habits of both long and short haired chihuahuas. We will discuss what is “normal” in terms of seasons, amounts lost and general habits that owners should employ.

From there, we will look at some grooming tips in a little more detail, such as the best and worst ways to groom a chihuahua to control shedding.

Then we will move on to those dogs that appear to shed an excessive amount, or have issues of hair loss. Here we will consider some of the possible reasons for this abnormal shedding and the potential solutions.

We will end with a quick summary of all the important do’s and dont’s for chihuahua owners, to make sure you go down the right path.

Is there such a thing as a non shedding chihuahua, and how much do these dogs shed?

First things first, we have to do away with this idea of a non-shedding chihuahua because they simply don’t exist.

Every type of chihuahua will shed their coat to some degree as part of the natural process. The differences come in the amount that they have to shed, the environmental and biological factors controlling that hair loss, and the grooming techniques of owners.

Let’s break the problem down into common questions to get a better idea of what to expect with a chihuahua.

Do short haired chihuahuas shed as badly as long-haired dogs?

There are plenty of misconceptions about the shedding habits of long haired dogs versus short haired ones.

People assume that long haired chihuahuas shed more because there is more to lose. This isn’t necessarily true at all, as many simply have longer hair in a similar coat type.

The lost hairs are just a lot more noticeable when they come from a long coat, which might lead to this myth about their shedding habits.

There are also some that believe that one type of chihuahua has a double coat and the other doesn’t. There is a greater risk of shedding with a double coat, with more hairs pushing out.

However, there are just as many short-haired chihuahuas with double coats as long-haired ones. This means that there is no guarantee of an easier time if you go for a short-haired pup.

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chihuahua training tips and techniques

Do teacup chihuahuas shed?

There is a strange obsession with the teacup breed where dog owners are convinced that it is some wonderful new version of the original toy breed – only smaller, cuter and more convenient. This isn’t the case at all.

For starters, there is no such thing as a teacup chihuahua breed.

It is either a cross with another toy dog, such as a pug, or a runt of a chihuahua that just wont grow as much. These genetics and size issues will not create a non-shedding little stuffed-toy of an animal. In fact, the pug gene of some questionable crosses wont help matters at all.

Do chihuahuas moult seasonally?

This is another important factor to consider when it comes to the shedding habits of these dogs– the moult.

Many dogs shed their coats more freely in the spring and fall in response to changes in sunlight levels.

The shortening of the days triggers a hormonal response within the chihuahua to grow a thicker, warmer coat for winter. This means shedding the lighter summer coat.

the opposite is true when spring comes around, when the days lengthen and the biological clock of the dog realizes that it is time to get rid of the thick winter coat for something more manageable for the summer. This is the most annoying time for grooming a chihuahua, as this thicker coat can make quite a mess.

It is also important to remember that these dogs moult a little more at other times during their life cycle and breeding cycle.

First of all, there is the fact that chihuahua puppies need to loose their puppy coat as they reach maturity.

Then there are the unspayed female that goes through hormonal changes as they come into heat. This can also have an impact on the thickness and quality of the coat.

long haired chihuahua care

The right way to groom a chihuahua to keep shedding under control

Grooming is essential for all chihuahua owners that want to keep this problem under control.

Regular brushing will remove the dead hair with ease on a daily basis, this stops it from falling all around the home and becoming a problem.

The best approach here is a simple slicker brush or a gentle bristle brush that will go deep into the coat to handle all the shed hair.

If bathing the dog, remember to give the coat a good going over with a blow dryer to dislodge any remaining hair.

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The wrong way to deal with chihuahua hair shedding

There are lots of owners flooding the internet with anxious questions about their pet’s shedding problems. Some of these end with the following question – “how to stop my chihuahua from shedding”.

This is a concern for dog lovers, as we should never try and stop the shedding process from happening. It is a natural part of the dog’s life. They need to shed that old coat to grow a healthy new one.

Another alarming situation is the amount of owners asking about shaving a chihuahua. A clipped chihuahua is a good looking dog that can function and maintain its body temperature with ease.

A shaved chihuahua could have some problems. Shaving off all the fur will stop it from falling on the upholstery and carpet all the time, but it wont help the dog in any way.

These dogs need their warm coat to maintain their body temperature. Their small body size makes them vulnerable to temperature changes. It is also especially mean on long-haired breeds.

Another problematic factor here with grooming is the desire to turn to tough deshedding tools to rip out all the dead hair.

Many dog owners love tools like the Furminator deshedding tool. It receives many positive reviews because of the efficiency of the tool and the amount it strips in one go.

However, there are some breeds where you don’t want to start raking away at the coat like this. There are much better options out there for a gentle, small chihuahua.

The next issue to look is excess shedding and hair loss: why is my chihuahua shedding so much?

There are many concerned owners that will go on forums and say “my chihuahua is shedding a lot, what is wrong with them?

There could be a number of answers to that question. The amount of shedding often depends on the health of the coat and skin.

# Bad conditioning, lack of blood flow and a lack of nutrients can make the coat more brittle and prone to shedding.

# Illness and stress are also a big risk here. Stress is common in these neurotic little animals, especially if dealing with separation anxiety or new people within the home. They get vary possession of owners.

# Then there is the risk of parasites and flea bites where dogs scratch at the area and the hair comes out.

The good news for owners here is that there are solutions to all of these issues.

Every potential problem with coat health and skin issues has a potential solution that is easy and often fairly affordable for chihuahua owners.

As soon as you are able to diagnose the issue, you can work on implementing the best possible solution.

# Bad conditioning through a lack of blood flow can be countered by improving the circulation to the follicles via massage and deep brushing techniques.

# Bad conditioning through a lack of nutrients can be improved via improved diet and supplementation. Many turn to fish oils and fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 supplement to restore the quality of the coat and strengthen the follicles. Some prefer to use chewable supplements of Brewers Yeast because of their taste and efficiency.

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# Illness leading to skin conditions require a medical opinion. There may also be allergies that can be controlled with the right prescription.

# Stress can be reduced with the right care and attention at home, as well as appropriate separation training.

# Parasite bites can be controlled with a strong flea or tick treatment, either through a topical solution on a collar.

Take the time to learn more about good health care with these small dogs and contact a vet where necessary.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is a great tool for all those that want to learn more about the issues of good diets, skin care, parasites and other health issues that can plague all kinds of breeds.

Knowledge is power for any dog owner. The more you know, the easier it is to protect your pets. Of course, if you are really concerned about the health of your pet, and don’t know what to do about excessive shedding, go and see a vet. Your vet will be able to get to the root of the problem and provide solutions, such as flea treatments, lotions or dietary supplements.

Lets go over the Dos and Don’ts again to make sure that everything is clear here

# Do your best to control normal levels of shedding by making sure that the dog is brushed regularly and the coat is kept in good condition.

# Do be careful about the brushes and tools you use, so as not to harm the skin or coat.

# Do provide the right diet and skin care to keep the coat in the best condition.

# Do keep on top of parasites like fleas to make sure that the bites don’t affect shedding.

# Don’t neglect your grooming regime as the hair might get out of control.

# Don’t use any tools that are too tough on this type of coat, such as rough deshedder that are better suited for bigger dogs with thicker coats.

# Don’t forget to massage the skin regularly to improve circulation.

# Don’t ignore signs of poor nutrition or bites.

# Don’t be afraid to seek professional help whenever you are unsure over what to do.

chihuahua training guide

In summary, there is much more for chihuahua owners to worry about than the simple question of do long haired chihuahuas shed.

Chihuahua shedding has its problems for many owners, as there is no avoiding the issue of shedding, no matter which type of chihuahua you have.

The amount of hair lost will depend more on the coat type, season and sexual maturity of the animal than anything else.

Those that keep their chihuahua healthy, with good diet and grooming measures, should be able to keep this shedding under control. Those that experience excessive shedding need to get to the root of the problem and find a safe, effective solution.


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